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by MaryRose Occhino
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New Age & Spirituality
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    MaryRose Occhino
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    Berkley Hardcover; 1st Edition. edition (January 3, 2006)
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    240 pages
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    New Age & Spirituality
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MaryRose Occhino, a lifelong New York resident, is a world-renowned psychic

MaryRose Occhino, a lifelong New York resident, is a world-renowned psychic. The author of Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium-a book that recounted the development of her psychic abilities and her battle with multiple sclerosis-she gives seminars and conducts private readings across the country, as well as on national radio and television. Библиографические данные. The Sign of the Dove.

The Sign of the Dove. The book is basically like most other Mary Occhino is a psychic along the lines of John Edward, able to communicate with the dead and, as such, she gives readings

The Sign of the Dove. The book is basically like most other Mary Occhino is a psychic along the lines of John Edward, able to communicate with the dead and, as such, she gives readings. She also has MS, which flares up from time to time. This would lead one to think that the majority of the book would be some form of communication from the dead, but that actually is only a very minor part of the book, and not it's main focus at all.

by. Occhino, MaryRose. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

In this illuminating book, psychic MaryRose Occhino offers insights into deciphering psychic signs

MaryRose has exceeded my expectations with her new book "The Sign of the Dove" She has helped me become more aware of the validations I have been receiving for sometime now and also has helped resolve many unanswered issues in my life. It has been many years since I have sat down and began reading a book and could not put it down until I was finished. The years of experience and the amount of knowledge that she brought into her book is yet one more validation of her gift.

MaryRose Occhino, aka Mary O, is a self-proclaimed psychic medium, author, and Sirius Satellite Radio talk show host o. .Posts About MaryRose Occhino. lt;p

Mary’s three books explain her background and her philosophies on intuition and spiritual development. A revealing book that offers readers new insights into recognizing, accepting, deciphering, and surrendering to the psychic signs and symbols in their own lives. Be first in line! Awakened Instincts

The Sign of the Dove. Be first in line! Awakened Instincts.

Occhino, MaryRose; The Sign of the Dove Penguin Group (USA) (January 2006, September 2006) ISBN . World Heritage Encyclopedia is a registered trademark of the World Public Library Association, a non-profit organization.

Occhino, MaryRose; The Sign of the Dove Penguin Group (USA) (January 2006, September 2006) ISBN 978-0-425-20544-0. Occhino, MaryRose; Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium Penguin Group (USA) (February 2004, February 2005) ISBN 978-0-425-20021-6.

The author of Beyond These Four Walls Furnishes helpful insight into how to recognize, accept, interpret, and surrender to the psychic signs and symbols in one's own life, revealing the significance of dream messages and explaining how to incorporate them to accomplish one's true life purpose.

After reading Mary Occhio's book I feel that I have learned more about myself. I've always said that my cousin and I were identical twins separated by birth. We've always been best friends and really know how each other feel. She is definitely a soul mate-not a romantic soul mate, but a soul that travels with me. Read her book and you will understand what I mean about soul mates.

For the reviewer that said she got so many signs, but she didn't get the job. Mary O says, "Don't be a chihuahua!" You have to surrender to the universe.

I loved reading all three of her books, and look forward to reading the two she is presently writing. In the meantime I will listen every morning to "the best freaking show on radio." Love you more!
I've only discovered Mary in the last few months. I can't tell you how she has changed my morning comute to work, I love listening and learning from her. This is the first book I ordered by her and I just love it!! If you are a fan of Mary then you will LOVE this book! While I'm reading it I can actually hear Mary's voice and her phrasing. She makes me laugh and cry and also realize that we are in control of the energy around us. It is a very positive book with beautiful messages about life! I only have a few chapters left and I find myself savoring them, because I don't want this book to end!
Its my first book from Ms Occhino although I often listen to her morning show on Sirius radio. In the book like on radio she expresses herself in a very fluid and heartfeld, direct way, making everyone feel as if (s)he is already a personal friend.
Her gift is sometimes awe inspiring. I found her very touching and interesting as she describes her exit from the terrible illness MS that plagues her.
This sort of book is so needed in a materialistic world. Like the best spiritual books, she helps you see the urgency of personal change toward growth, and gives practical direction for the everyday person. You end up feeling like you could also, develop some of those gifts.
Her writing style is not literary. It is not her purpose. You are given access to a unique life experience, and the writing is direct, spontaneous, every day language almost as if she were speaking, and she often uses the New York expressions she was raised with. Personally I found this enjoyable and sometimes amusing. My first language is not english. Her focus is clearly expressed this way. Also, because her show is on satellite radio, her listeners are often truck drivers and people on the go, so the writing here will be resonant to her audience. Bravo Mary, and be your health ever better
Mary's book was just like I expected, witty, intelligent and caring. I can almost hear her Italian accent while I'm reading. It was a good story, not much for "how to" but some good advice and her personal story and strength reminds me that there are those that have it much worse than me. Sometimes I need that reminder. Gratitude is another lesson I took from the book, an essential aid for healing.
All in all, Mary's book was wonderful, I enjoyed it and learned some lessons.
This is a must-read if you are a fan of Mary's Sirius program or anyone interested in an easy to read, enlightening autobiography.
She writes in a manner that sounds like she is telling a story directly to the reader.
I will read this book again and recommend it to anyone that is interested in the read-life stories of a psychic.
Couldn't help but stop every few chapters and say out loud to anyone in ear shot- this book is really good! Packed full of many words of wisdom that I hope to live by.
This book will answer some questions you may have regarding what is in store for each of us after life lifetime.
I admire this woman who has struggled with her "gift" along with being diagnosed
with MS and spending years confined to her home before she found medical help.
Whether or not you believe it was a great read.