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by Alan H. Greenblatt,Michele Mariani Vaughn,Kevin B. Smith
Download Governing States and Localities fb2
Social Sciences
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    Alan H. Greenblatt,Michele Mariani Vaughn,Kevin B. Smith
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    CQ Press; Third edition (July 28, 2010)
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    768 pages
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    Social Sciences
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Kevin B. Smith is professor and chair of the political science department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been studying and teaching state politics and policy for more than twenty years. Prior to becoming an academic he covered state and local politics as a newspaper reporter.

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Governing States and Localities book. Kevin B. Smith, Alan H Greenblatt.

Are you sure you want to remove Governing States and Localities from your list? Governing States and Localities. 3rd ed. by Kevin B. Smith, Alan Greenblatt, Michele Mariani. Published 2010 by CQ Press in Washington, .

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Governing States and Localities. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 10 years ago. In pretty good shape. Great for a textbook. com User, 11 years ago. Less dry and harsh than most texts books. Not a bad read, full of good, unbiased info, and presents imporatant info well. Smith‏ Alan Greenblatt‏۱۳ دی ۱۳۹۷. The trusted and proven Governing States and Localities guides you through the contentious environment of state and local politics and focuses on the role that economic and budget pressures play on issues facing state and local governments. With their engaging journalistic writing and crisp storytelling, Kevin B. Smith and Alan Greenblatt employ a comparative approach to explain how and why states and localities are both similar and different.

The first goal of this book is to make the case that everyonenot just college studentshas a vested interest in knowing more about state and local government. The Impact of State and Local Politics on Daily Life Regardless of who you are and what you do or want to do, if you reside in the United States, state and local governments play a large role in your life.

Despite reports of the recession nearing an end, states will have to struggle to make ends meet well into the foreseeable future. The choices are sometimes stark: trade-offs between roads and schools, public safety and health care. The new edition of Governing States and Localities responds to this reality with a new, sharper focus on economic and budget pressures. The chapter on finances comes earlier in the book, helping to frame each of the subsequent issues, and a new feature called "States under Stress" helps students see how fiscal and budgetary policy affects all areas of state and local governance.

A brand-new chapter on the environment highlights the leadership role the states have taken in fighting climate change, creating green jobs, and combating pollution. Still a great blend of engaging journalistic writing, high-quality academic analysis, and the latest scholarship, the third edition has been thoroughly updated to account for such major developments as the recentralization of federalism under the Obama administration and the further politicization and rising costs of judicial elections. The authors have expanded coverage of referendums and direct democracy, as well as the increased role states play in homeland security.

A series of well-designed features asks students to apply the comparative method ("A Difference that Makes a Difference"), to see how intergovernmental relations impact localities ("Local Focus"), and to see examples of how policies are actually implemented ("Policy in Practice"). An engaging full-color design, more than thirty maps, a vivid selection of photographs, updated tables and figures, and a marginal glossary all combine to keep your students focused and learning.

There are many texts that are sufficient for state & local. Not only does this particular text provide for a top notch intro course, but you will undoubtedly revisit it again and again in you higher-level classes. I know I did.
- M.S. in political science
anyone who wants to know the structure of the United States government at all levels are definitely recommended to read this book
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