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by Eelco F. M. Wijdicks
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Medicine & Health Sciences
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    Eelco F. M. Wijdicks
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    Oxford University Press (February 20, 2008)
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Coma is a direct consequence of our efforts to fight death.

This comprehensive text includes principles of neurologic examination of comatose patients as well as instruction of the FOUR Score coma scale, and also discusses landmark legal cases and ethical problems. As the Chair of Division of Critical Care Neurology at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Wijdicks uses his extensive knowledge to discuss a new practical multistep approach to the diagnosis of the comatose patient.

In The Comatose Patient Dr. Wijdicks does an excellent job in bringing new concepts to the longstanding knowledge base of this patient . This book discusses the issues surrounding coma due to at least 50 underlying etilogies. Wijdicks does an excellent job in bringing new concepts to the longstanding knowledge base of this patient population. The Comatose Patient is an excellent reference for the many different types of coma one encounters, even esoteric ones, and belongs in every intensive care unit that cares for patients with neurologic disease. -Anesthesiology a tour de force. -Anesthesiology an exceptionally helpful text.

Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9780195326260.

Prolonged trarily but sensibly defined as an undrugged comatose patient for at least 4 weeks after brain injury-is very. By this time, it is likely there have been conversations between clinicians and families regarding the degree of further life-sustaining treatment, and when appropriate and certain, care would have been witdrawn. How to go about that it difficult and requires expertise.

Sectionsfor Eelco F. Wijdicks, . Commendable Book AwardBritish Medical Association. Doctors & Medical Staff. Wijdicks, Eelco F. . Excellence in Teaching RecognitionMayo Medical School, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, Department of Education Administration.

The comatose patient. Dr. Wijdicks’ book provides a tour de force on impaired consciousness for neurologists, neurosurgeons, and others who see comatose patients. The book is divided into two principal sections. The first is concerned with the evolution of basic concepts of consciousness and unconsciousness from historical, basic science, clinical, and neuroimaging perspectives.

For a patient to maintain consciousness, the components of wakefulness and awareness . Wijdicks, MD; Coen A. Wijdicks, BS (2006). The portrayal of coma in contemporary motion pictures".

For a patient to maintain consciousness, the components of wakefulness and awareness must be maintained. Make sure the patient is in an actual comatose state and is not in locked-in state or experiencing psychogenic unresponsiveness.

The Comatose Patient is a single authored entirely new work written by a practicing critical care neurologist. It includes a critical historical overview of the concepts of consciousness and unconsciousness, principles of neurologic examination of the comatose patients including instruction of a new coma scale, the 'FOUR Score', a new practical multistep approach to the diagnosis of the comatose patient, extensive coverage of interpretation of neuroimaging and its role in daily practice and decision making, management in the emergency room and ICU and long-term supportive care and approach to communication with family members and end-of-life decision. It also discusses landmark legal cases and ethical problems and a chapter on the public perception of coma. The book is lavishly illustrated with 200 illustrations throughout the book. Unprecedented, this book includes 75 comprehensive case vignettes covering the entire spectrum of causes leading to coma. In each case a specific cause is presented. Every example is fully discussed and explained with an emphasis on the mechanism of coma in that particular case and followed by a section on management and expected outcome.A companion website www.oup.com/us/thecomatosepatient (http://www.oup.com/us/thecomatosepatient) presents 5 narrated chapters, including 40 patient examples showing the instructions of the FOUR score Coma Scale, common neurological findings in coma, breathing patterns in coma, different types of prolonged comatose states including a persistent vegetative state and a minimally conscious state. Using 3D animation, the videos includes a comprehensive description of the determination of Brain Death and how to safely do the apnea test. There is an emphasis on pitfalls and common concerns. The companion website also includes a PDF of the FOUR Score Instruction Guide for easy reference.

Simply stated, there are no other books that deal with the subject of coma in as an in-depth manner as Dr. Wijdicks's book. First,at the time of this review, there are really no other books on the subject of coma per se that deal with it from a clinically practicing physician's standpoint. Do a search on Amazon and see for yourself. The only one that comes close is a prior manuscript "Coma and Impaired Conciousness" published in 1997 - which has a section authored by Dr. Wijdicks. Plum and Posner's book is a classic on the diagnosis of altered conscioiusness but really doesn't go into the therapeutics as does Wijdicks's book. This book discusses the issues surrounding coma due to at least 50 underlying etilogies. It has an excellent section on the history of coma. And as most interested in this subject already know, the author is a world authority on brain death - which is discussed in this book as well. Most neurology books fall far short of the mark in their discussion of coma as they have devolved into chapter upon chapter of laboratory evaluation (markers, chemistries, etc..) for neurodegenerative diseases in an effort to keep their field relevant in an era of ubiquitous MRI scanning which yields the diagnosis the majority of the time even for the most inept at neurological exams. This book (and Plum and Posner's book) are all one needs to understand coma (its clinical manifestation, underlying etiology, potential treatment if any) which occurs as the end result of many diseases. It is well worth the money when compared to the exorbitant prices charged for other medical textbooks.
A must book for phase one Master of Neurology,Neurosurgery and critical care medicine,anaethesiology of the University Sains Malaysia courses.All residents must read this!Understanding Coma makes prevention better than cure!!!
TOO tECHICAl for me. I was in a medical induved coma for a month. I dreamt the whole time.