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by Richard E. Behrman MD,Robert M. Kliegman MD,Hal B. Jenson MD
Download Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics: 16th Edition fb2
Medicine & Health Sciences
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    Richard E. Behrman MD,Robert M. Kliegman MD,Hal B. Jenson MD
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    Saunders; 16 edition (January 15, 2000)
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    2414 pages
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    Medicine & Health Sciences
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This textbook is one of the main physician-level educational sources for pediatrics, and I highly recommend it for the personal libraries of all medical professionals as well as those in training.

Uses highly structured full-color page layouts inside the printed book to make reference effortless. Delivers regular updates online, overseen by the authors, to keep you continually apprised of important new clinical developments.

Full recovery of all data can take up to 2 weeks! So we came to the decision at this time to double the download limits for all users until the problem is completely resolved. Thanks for your understanding! Progress: 8. % restored. Richard E. Behrman MD, Robert M. Kliegman MD, Hal B. Jenson MD. Год: 2003.

Behrman MD, Richard . Kliegman MD, Robert . Jenson MD, Hal B. Published by Saunders

ISBN 13: 9780721677675. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Behrman MD, Richard . Published by Saunders. ISBN 10: 0721677673 ISBN 13: 9780721677675.

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All Documents from Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 18e. pa 2013 session 3 study guide (2012-13 tsai) 2013-06-30.

Robert M. Kliegman, MD, Hal B. Jenson, MD, Richard E. Behrman, MD, and Bonita F. Stanton, MD. ISBN 978-1-4160-2450-7. Philadelphia, Saunders, 2007, 3147 p., author {Shibani Kanungo}, year {2009} }.

One or the other and frequently both of these volumes are the ready source of reference for nearly every pediatrician in the country.

39-60 Behrman, Richard . . Kliegman, Robert . Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2004 - Nelson, Robert . Fost, Norman. Ethics in Pediatric Care. Chapter 2. Pgs. 6-10 - Toreson, Kristine; Olness, Karen. Child Health in the Developing World. Chapter 4. 12- 14 -Sectish, Theodore C. Preventive Pediatrics.

For nearly three quarters of a century, Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics has been the world's most trusted .

For nearly three quarters of a century, Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics has been the world's most trusted resource for best approaches to pediatric care.

The best-selling classic is back in its 16th Edition, updated to keep pace with the state-of-the-art in pediatrics. Provides complete, authoritative information on etiology, epidemiology, pathology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and prognosis for all medical and surgical disorders in children. Covers both general and specialty disorders, so readers can find all the material they need in one source. This edition features a revamped and updated genetics section and new coverage in endocrinology.

This is THE textbook of pediatrics. I own Rudolphs and Oski's as well. This is the book to buy (or read if you have MDconsult). It has the best diagrams, graphs and is the easiest to read. Don't waste your time with the minibooks such as currents or the mini Nelson book, as most of the information in those books is available for free online on websites such as eMedicine etc... One think i must stress however is that we all need to read the classic core texts. So much emphasis is placed on "Evidence Based Medicine" and advanced diagnostic testing and the latest treatments that we often forget the core pathophysiology of the disease. And that is why core texts like this and Harrison's are still relevant today. We still need our building blocks.
Rose Of Winds
I had hoped to start building an electronic medical library but so far my hopes are dashed. Nelsons electronic is not at all user friendly. I don't know if this is due to the electronic design of the data or the e-reader itself. This e-book is designed as any recreational e-book, to be read from page one to the end, not designed as a reference.

You can't go directly to the index, instead you must first go to the table of contents click that then go to the A of the index then page by page thumb through the index to get to your key word. The index is not bookmarked by letter so you have to spend an evening leafing through the index and creating your own bookmarks for each letter of the alphabet.

You can't search only the index, the e-reader will search the entire book (a lengthly procedure) then you are expected to look at multiple irrelevant citations before you find the one important one. Once you go to a citation via the find function, the chapter or subsection is not listed at the top so you have to page forward or back to see where you are in the book to determine the relevance of that citation.

Looks like we have to wait a bit longer to get an e-library for reference books.
When I was on my PA Peds rotation, I often consulted this great reference in the medical library. Now, that I have my own book, I know its value. There is no other Pediatrics book out there that is better than this one. Don't waste your money on less expensive books like Current Pediatrics which doesn't cover half as many topics as Nelson. Also, for a great little pocket books, try Harriet Lane and Current Clinical Strategies Pediatrics 5 Minute Review.
Awesome source of any pediatric literature! Need to have one if you are seeing pediatric patients!
The Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics covers just about
every possible subfield in childrens medicin. As
a lot of different authors have contributed, the style
tends to differ a lot between different sections and
Some of the chapters, such as the one describing the
immune system, are very technical and only aimed at
the well-versed in microbiology, whereas others, like
the acutely ill child, are very descriptive and make
a compelling read.
NToP is a particularly useful reference work for
those who want to read a good description on a
particular pathology or disorder. It is not written
or intended as a diagnostic aid, but rather as
a starter to bring the reader up to speed in a
particular subject after the diagnosis has been made.
It is also not intended as "the last word" on anything.
For instance, although the pediatric cardiology section is
extensive, you will need rather more to discuss a complicated
case with the pediatric cardiologist at the local university
Sadly, some topics are barely touched. Look for sliding
hernia or oesophagitis, for example, and you will be
This book is a useful investment both for medical
practicioners and the loving parents to which it is
No medical text can ever be comprehensive, or completely up to date. The science of medicine advances so quickly that books are outdated the day they are published.
Nonetheless, "Nelson's Textbook of Pediatrics" comes as close as possible. Along with another other classic pediatric text, "Rudolph's Pediatrics," Nelson's represents the best of pediatric medicine in America. Every pediatrician has a favorite, but Nelson's is the gold standard.
Nelson's is particularly strong in pediatric cardiology and immunology. For the latest in infectious disease, see the "Red Book" published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For neonatology, developmental pediatrics, and the surgical sub-specialties, consult specialty books in those fields. For congenital malformations and syndromes, "Smiths's" (by Jones!) is a good place to start. For the latest in oncology, your best bet (after your local trusted oncologist) is to search Medline or the Web, but watch out for quackery.
The 17th edition of the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics is available now. I have seen it on the publisher's website. This textbook is one of the main physician-level educational sources for pediatrics, and I highly recommend it for the personal libraries of all medical professionals as well as those in training. No matter what your field, there will always be the potential that you will become responsible for caring for a child. However, it is usually best to find the latest edition for any textbook.
This textbook is the gold standard of pediatric books. I used mine all through medical school and still use it in my practice. I highly recommend this text to students, residents and physcians. The thought provoking text and excellent illustrations make this a must have book. I couldn't practice without mine.