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by Christopher Paul Curtis
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    Christopher Paul Curtis
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    Scholastic; 2 edition (June 30, 2002)
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    245 pages
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Christopher paul curtis.

Christopher paul curtis. Thank you to my agent extraordinaire, Charlotte Sheedy, and Neeti Madan and David Forrer; to the people who preread Bud, Not Buddy, for their insights: Pauletta Bracy, Joanne Portalupi, Joan Kettle, Manjuli Kodagoda, Ashly Flannery, Melanie Morrison, Jordan MacNevin and Rose Matte; and to the many teachers and librarians I’ve met who are on the front lines every day, giving so much.

Christopher Paul Curtis is the author of the Newbery Honor–winning The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963. Bud, not Buddy follows a ten-year-old boy during the Great Depression in his journey to find a father he's never met. As the Grandmother of a newly adopted young boy who is like Bud in nearly every way, this book deeply touched my heart.

Bud, Not Buddy is the second children's novel written by Christopher Paul Curtis. The first book to receive both the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature, and the Coretta Scott King Award, which is given to outstanding African-American authors, Bud, Not Buddy was also recognized with the William Allen White Children's Book Award for grades 6-8.

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by. Christopher paul curtis. English, award winning children's book.

67 quotes from Christopher Paul Curtis: . .Christopher Paul Curtis quotes Showing 1-30 of 67.If a Adult Tells You Not to Worry, and You Weren't Worried Before, You Better Hurry Up and Start 'Cause You're Already Running Late. 'Rules and Things Number 63: Never, Ever Say Something Bad About Someone You Don't Know-Especially When You're Around a Bunch of Strangers.

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The Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King Award-winning classic about a boy who decides to hit the road to find his father-from Christopher Paul Curtis, author of The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963, a Newbery and Coretta Scott King Honoree. It’s 1936, in Flint Michigan. Times may be hard, and ten-year-old Bud may be a motherless boy on the run, but Bud’s got a few things going for him: 1. He has his own suitcase full of special things. 2. He’s the author of Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself. Random House Children's Books, 13 нояб The story Bud Not Buddy begins with a motherless boy living in flint . Random House Children's Books, 13 нояб. The story Bud Not Buddy begins with a motherless boy living in flint,Michigan in 1936. Bud Not Buddy (the main characters name)sets out to find his dad and his band(the dusky devastators of the. Christopher Paul Curtis is the author of The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963, one of the most highly acclaimed first novels for young readers in recent years. It was singled out for many awards, among them a Newbery Honor and a Coretta Scott King Honor, and has been a bestseller in hardcover and paperback.

Scholastic Trade Paperback with 243 pages.

What a treat! We read this together as a family and laughed and cried while I tried to recall stories of my grandparents too. We bought it to read as preparation for the performance of the show-- but only have one ticket...so my daughter is going. Still, it's such a good read, don't miss it! I'm fairly conservative home schooling mom but this gets dialog going and lets kids think about life in new ways- and be grateful for the smallest blessings we take for granted.
Following 10 year-old Bud around during the Great Depression as he navigates his way from Flint, Michigan to Grand Rapids, Michigan in search of his father, is an adventure the reader will not soon forget. Bud has never known his father, and his mother died when Bud was six. Having spent time in an orphanage and different foster homes, Bud has developed survival skills that he outlines for the reader in his “Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things to Have a Funner Life and Make a Better Liar Out of Yourself”. In his travels he meets several people who help him on his journey. Bud’s account of each meeting leaves the reader rallying in support of Bud in his quest to find his father. The story takes a somewhat surprising turn when Bud finally reaches Grand Rapids. The story is a great read and a page turner. It is difficult to put down because with each chapter the reader wants to find out what happens to Bud. This book can be enjoyed as an entertaining read for ages 9-12, or it can be incorporated into a 4th or 5th grade Social Studies lesson on the Great Depression. I give the story 4 out 5 stars only because I personally felt the ending left the reader wanting to know a bit more about the rest of Bud’s life in Grand Rapids; there should be an epilogue at the end.
Actually I read this book a while ago, and I read a lot, so when I got this request, the first test was passed for writing the review. I remembered the book and the story. In a lot of ways, this was a "sad" story but it was told from the eyes of a child, with all their sense of adventure, belief in changing things. The story was told very well. I read it from cover to cover and over time will probably read it again. My family shares my Kindle, and I know for a fact that the book is being read by another person now. I think you'll enjoy it too!
Bud, not Buddy follows a ten-year-old boy during the Great Depression in his journey to find a father he's never met. As the Grandmother of a newly adopted young boy who is like Bud in nearly every way, this book deeply touched my heart. Bud, at least, had a mother who adored him and did everything in her power to care for him. That gave Bud a huge dose of "Hope" not available to so many of today's children who find themselves in a system that can't or doesn't protect them. I wept, laughed, and cheered for Bud as he exhibited so many of the same qualities as our newest family member. If you ever wondered what it's like to be a kid who simply wants to be loved and cared for, this book is a "must-read."

Author Christopher Paul Curtis captures the heart and mind of a ten-year-old boy with courage and compassion. I did listen to my grandmother, and his research about the feelings of the day in the upper Midwest are 'spot-on' to the point you believe you are on the road with Bud. I urge parents everywhere to consider this book for their 8-12 year-olds. As I parent, I have only one word of caution. This book makes running away into a huge adventure. I would love to share this inspiration with my grandson, but it's far too early. His pain is still too raw from the neglect and abuse, and I would fear he would conjure up visions of a wonderful man waiting to take him in and love him.
You gotta love "Bud, Not Buddy"...or at least I did. It's a fun-loving tale. Just to follow Bud around in his adventures in Michigan feels real. I'm not saying I could actually relate given the time period but being from Michigan myself gave me something extra to think about. Not to give an spoilers but there's a certain amount of suspense to see if Bud's instincts, which leads him on his quest, pays off in the end. As with so many things in life and in this stories as well, the ending is not quite what we would expect, but no less gratifying.

I didn't give it five stars because although I thought it was a good story and I liked it a lot, I didn't think it earth-shattering or even groundbreaking...just a nice story from Mr. Christopher Paul Curtis. He came to the school that I was teaching at, Schulze Elementary School, shortly after he wrote "Bud, Not Buddy" and gave a cool presentation to the kids...nice guy and an inspiration to any aspiring author.

John Darryl Winston
I read Bud, Not Buddy back in fifth grade and I clearly remember it being one of the first books other than Harry Potter that I read ahead in. I wanted to know what happened next and couldn't be discouraged from doing so. Who needs recess when you have a brilliant short novel about an African American child trying to find his father during the Great Depression. He has many adventures along the way, obviously, and the book has stuck with me ever since then, even though I haven't read it in ten years or so. The one scene in particular that sticks with me (even though it isn't one of the beautiful scenes of the novel) is the one involving Bud locked in the shed and disturbing a nest of hornets. That one scared me as a kid and must have appealed to my as yet unrealized love for horror. All in all, this is a great book and I am glad that I was forced to read it in school. Most of the books the school forced us to read I enjoyed, but I think that this was my favorite of them.