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by Roy Russell,Carol Styles Carvajal,Jane Horwood,Beatriz Galimberti Jarman
Download Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Book & CD-ROM) fb2
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    Roy Russell,Carol Styles Carvajal,Jane Horwood,Beatriz Galimberti Jarman
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    Oxford University Press; 3 edition (December 16, 2004)
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    1954 pages
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Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Carvajal Carol Styles, Roy Russell.

Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Carvajal Carol Styles, Roy Russell. The Oxford Spanish Dictionary comes with the ultimate pronunciation guide: a FREE, state-of-the-art CD-ROM (UK and Europe only) that enables you to type in a word or phrase, or paste in text from the web, and hear it spoken back to you in perfect Spanish.

Contained Items Statement. Contains Hardback and CD-Rom. Country of Publication. Jane Horwood, Carvajal Carol Styles, Roy Russell, Carol Styles Carvajal, Beatriz Galimberti Jarman.

Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Jane Horwood. Carol Styles Carvajal. This special combined book and CD-ROM set allows you to obtain the maximum benefits from the text.

Jane Horwood’s most popular book is Oxford Spanish Dictionary. Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Jane Horwood.

Oxford Spanish Dictionary (bilingual). Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Roy Russell, Carol Styles Carvajal, and Jane Horwood. Spanish-Spanish: "El Nuevo Diccionario De La Lengua Espanola" by Academia Española.

Most recently he has been project manager for the Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Academic, 2003)

ISBN-13: 978-0198610724. Most recently he has been project manager for the Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Academic, 2003).

The book covers the Spanish used in Spain and Latin America and, when applicable .

The book covers the Spanish used in Spain and Latin America and, when applicable, differentiates clearly between them. From the Introduction to the Grammar section: "As far as possible the examples given in this book avoid regional forms and reflect the sort of Spanish used in the media and by educated people when talking to people from other Spanish-speaking countries. GREAT GRAMMAR SECTION (page-for-page this entire book: Spanish Grammar): In addition to being a good dictionary, the grammar section (by John Butt) is 350 pages long! But wait! DO NOT dismiss the grammar section as just dry reading.

Читать бесплатно книгу The Oxford Spanish dictionary. Spanish-English, English-Spanish () и другие произведения в разделе Каталог. Доступны электронные, печатные и аудиокниги, музыкальные произведения, фильмы. На сайте вы можете найти издание, заказать доставку или забронировать. Возможна доставка в удобную библиотеку.

More than just a dictionary, this handy reference book also includes extensive sections on grammar, culture, and communication, giving you the tools you need t. .

More than just a dictionary, this handy reference book also includes extensive sections on grammar, culture, and communication, giving you the tools you need to communicate effectively and understand aspects of another culture. The grammar supplement provides full information on key points of Spanish grammar, including verb tables for quick reference.

Providing the richest coverage of Spanish from around the world, this major edition of the Oxford Spanish Dictionary now covers over 300,000 words and phrases, and more than 500,000 translations. This special combined book and CD-ROM set allows you to obtain the maximum benefits from the text. Oxford's expert teams of lexicographers have used the latest technology to search millions of words of web-based text and identify all the most recent additions to both Spanish and English. Over 20,000 new entries have been added to the dictionary from all aspects of life today - business, IT, science, the media, the environment, the Internet, and social life. Hundreds of special entries now give information on life and culture in the Spanish-speaking world, and in-text notes give extra help with grammar and usage. The dictionary also includes an extended guide to effective communication, including a wealth of example letters, offering help with a wide range of topics, from writing a job application or a CV to booking a hotel room. With a new, easy-access color design to make consultation even quicker, this is the most complete and up-to-date reference tool for anyone studying Spanish in senior school or at university, or for translators and other language professionals. In addition, the CD-ROM is packed full of great features which help you to find the information you need in seconds, plus the cutting edge technology of the new text to speech facility allows you to hear the text you have typed or cut and pasted spoken back to you in either European or Mexican Spanish. System requirements: Windows only PC with minimum Pentium-class processor; 64 MB of RAM; 16-speed CD-ROM or DVD drive; Windows 98, Me, NT4, XP or 2000; Minimum 100 MB free hard disk space (150 MB recommended);SVGA monitor, set to display high color (64K or 16-bit color); Windows compatible 16-bit sound card

The more I use this dictionary the better I like it. I use two screens on my computer and the ability to highlite a word on one screen in any program and see the definition come up on the other is great. The options to turn this on and off are a simple mouse click because it hogs the clipboard if you want to use the clipboard for something else. It has much more than simple search for the headword. You can click on a word in the example phrases that demonstrate usage if you don't know THAT word. You can search two words in a definition like por + allí to search for that adverb phrase. One click changes the language search direction. It comes with speech software so by pushing two keys it will pronounce the whole phrase the cursor is over and it has a pretty good pronunciation (not a toy) in both mexican and spanish voices. You can change the speed of the voices and you can type anything you want to pronounce what you type. Downside is the cd has to be in the drive. You can't cut and paste from the definition but you can print it to a pdf printer then do what you want with it. Google oxford dictionaries and download a powerpoint presentation that shows you all the features and how to use this dictionary-it is well done. I thought I knew how to use a dictionary but there are a lot of features to this one especially for words with many uses like por. It does not provide morphology but with every verb with one click the appropriate verb table pops up and you can make the conjugation you want. The cd and book combo is a great value.
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary, Third Edition is wonderfully bound, and the presentation is beautiful. The system of bold, color, and italicized fonts helps the user locate information quickly even though the font size is quite small. The dictionary also contextualizes most definitions so that you have the meanings in different situations and grammatical constructions. Some may find this annoying if they only want a definition of a word. The problem is that in translation, context matters much more than set definitions. I applaud Oxford for realizing the importance of context and phrasing in the formation of word meaning.

The second half of the dictionary translates English into Spanish with the same degree of care for context. The version I purchased (just the hardcover dictionary) comes with pronunciation software but no electronic dictionary. You'll have to pay extra for that.
I am a native speaker of English, fluent in Spanish. I have several dictionaries, including that of the Real Academia (Spanish only). I find this Oxford to be the best bilingual dictionary I have used. It is precisely by context and examples that one learns to avoid mis-use of words. It is not always possible to just translate them. Take the word "free"--in Spanish it can be "libre" (political) or "gratis" (no charge). This is also the best at specifying Latin American usages--it does not just say "Latin America," lumping all countries together--it specifies which countries say what. The Larousse, on the other hand, lumps all together, favors Spanish over Lat. Am. usage, and is oriented toward British English. I have not had trouble with the cover, as some others have mentioned. If I did, I'd complain directly to Oxford.
After using La Rousse for a long time i recommend Oxford without hesitation.
Almost all words I could not find in Larousse I found here. Plus the arrangement is far superior.
Also the absence of stupid letter cut-offs in Oxford is pleasing and choice of the type of paper is excellent.
Unlike in Larousse the rendering of vulgarisms is much more tasteful without causing nausea with the preserved accuracy. Who knows LaRousse knows what I am talking about.
Like in La Rousse I wonder why the editors do not separate English and Spanish part into two separate volumes
and so make the usage of this large dictionary more convenient.
Sermak Light
This dictionary is worth buying just for the CD. It is not entirely clear from the description that the CD you receive IS the entire dictionary. So for about $50, you get the book -- and the book on CD. It works well with Windows. You can highlight and then double click on any text, and it will automatically pull it up in the dictionary, which makes it really nice for looking up difficult-to-spell/type words.

Atajo has a better layout, but the Oxford software processes faster -- and it's about $40 less than Atajo. For the money, this is a better value than Atajo.
I bought this for my wife who is an ESL assistant at an elementary school. She is constantly studying Spanish grammar and words to improve her vocabulary and to perform translations for the school principal and teachers. Also she hears a lot of Spanish words from the children from Mexico and central America that are not commonly taught in classes (idioms, slang expressions, etc.).

The Oxford Spanish Dictionary is the most complete one we could find and my wife is very happy with it.
I bought this dictionary because my little Spanish ones just didn't cut it; I often could not find the word I needed. However, not only does this gargantuan reference tool have just about any word you could feasibly want in general communication and beyond, it presents them in an easy to follow format with many example of different ways the words can be used that is thorough and ever so helpful.
I purchased this dictionary to use with a Spanish class I was taking in college. It was set up well, easy to use and quite an invaluable asset to have.