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by David Stuart Davies,Joseph Jacobs
Download Celtic Fairy Tales (Collector's Library Classics) fb2
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    David Stuart Davies,Joseph Jacobs
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    Collector's Library; Main Market edition (March 1, 2011)
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    245 pages
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Three times, with your eyes shut. Mothuighim boladh an Éireannaigh bhinn bhreugaighfaoi m’fhóidín dúthaigh. And you will see. What you will see. CELTIC.

Three times, with your eyes shut. ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN D. BATTEN. DAVID NUTT, 270 STRAND.

Irish Ghost Stories (Macmillan Collector's Library).

Only 9 left in stock (more on the way). He contributed illustrations to a number of Joseph Jacobs’s fairy tale collections, including English Fairy Tales, Indian Fairy Tales, and European Folk and Fairy Tales. Irish Ghost Stories (Macmillan Collector's Library).

Joseph Jacobs (29 August 1854 – 30 January 1916) was an Australian folklorist, translator, literary critic, social scientist, historian and writer of English literature who became a notable collector and publisher of English folklore. Jacobs was born in Sydney to a Jewish family.

Collector's Library Classics. Joseph Jacobs (1854-1916) was a noted literary and folklorist. By (author) Joseph Jacobs. It includes the famous stories Conal Hammerclaw, The Story of Deirdre, Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree, The Wooing of Olwen, Jack and His Comrades, The Sea Maiden, Fairm Brown and Trembling, The Battle of the Birds, Brewery of Eggshells and many others.

Twenty-six enchanting tales of Celtic Magic and Legend collected by Joseph Jacobs. Over 50 illustrations. A must have treasury for those interested in Celtic Mythology. Please Note: This book is in easy to read true text, not scanned images that can sometimes be difficult to decipher. This eBook has bookmarks at chapter headings and is printable.

Celtic Fairy Tales book. Purely by chance I then I discovered this rather dusty copy hiding in the spare bedroom, spotted that it had all those end-notes and also contained Jacob’s follow-up More Celtic Fairy Tales, and did a bit of a book swap.

Authors: Joseph Jacobs.

You can read book Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs in our library for absolutely free. Authors: Joseph Jacobs.

British Library Classics. Celtic Fairy Tales - Dover Children's Classics (Paperback). This book can be found in: Children's & Teenage Fiction Traditional stories Children's & Teenage Ages 9-12.

Author Joseph Jacobs presents a comprehensive collection of stories, tales, and legends from the region

Author Joseph Jacobs presents a comprehensive collection of stories, tales, and legends from the region. A must-read for fans of fairy tales, or for anyone with Irish heritage who is interested in learning more about the folk beliefs of their forefathers. One fee. Stacks of books.

Joseph Jacobs (1854-1916) was a noted literary and folklorist.

These stories are engaging brief episodes of fancy and fantasy from the oral tradition, which were designed to engage and fascinate the young mind, and readers are encouraged to pause awhile to savor such delights from a simpler and less pressured age.

I have owned this book for years and read the stories to my son growing up. This collection is superior to a lot of others in that it presents a wide variety of stories - from silly fairy stories to more dramatic folk tales. It also gives a broader variety of countries, including genuine Welsh, Irish, and Scottish tales. It is an excellent sampler of the folklore of the Celts, and just plain fun to read.
This is a solid book of Celtic fairy tales compiled and edited by Joseph Jacobs. Some of the stories are related to bronze-age epics, which means they have more parts in verse, and more named characters than typical fairy tales. Other stories are just what you'd expect in a book of fairy tales.

While probably appropriate for all audiences, most older fairy tale books should be read over once before being shared with children--though I don't think this volume had anything much worse than that guy who married a second wife while looking for his first (and had a kid with her). And many the venomous shoe, if your kids are scared of shoes (I know I find them terrifying). Also, grammar takes a vacation in at least one of the stories.

There are no illustrations, and the table of contents is of low quality. Also, the first letter of each story was dropped (probably they were illuminated, and the scanner couldn't recognize them).

Contains the following stories:

The Fate of the Children of Lir
Jack the Cunning Thief
Powel, Prince of Dyfed
Paddy O'Kelly and the Weasel
The Black Horse
The Vision of MacConglinney
Dream of Owen O'Mulready
The Story of the MacAndrew Family
The Farmer of Liddesdale
The Greek Princess and the Young Gardner
The Russet Dog
Smallhead and the King's Sons
The Legend of Knockgrafton
The Leeching of Kayn's Leg
How Fin Went to the Kingdom of the Big Men
How Cormac Mac Art Went to Faery
The Ridere of Riddles
The Tail
Tyler Is Not Here
Because the author chose to include old Irish words, some of this book becomes a little difficult. My guess is that it is meant for Gaelic scholars. I am not one, although I am a fan of all things Faerie. The notes and commentary at the end of the book are wonderful and it would be lovely if this could be formatted to allow for links to the notes.

Excellent resource book.
I like this book for some easy reading, and fun. The Fairy Tales are written pretty much as they would have been spoken from generation to generation. The language and words sometimes used helps to authenticate the Fairy Tales and in my opinion gives even more enjoyment to the stories.

Unfortunately, that same aspect can sometimes slow the story down as there is not a Celtic to English dictionary included. But I would definitely buy this again.
I found this very entertaining and highly enjoyable. It's nice to read about fairy-tales (especially ones that may have been largely forgotten over time) in these so-called "modern times", with all these electronic gadgets (IPhones, IPods, tablets, and even movies and video games) making fairy-tales a bit of a thing of the past (save for the most popular ones such as Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and even the Little Mermaid).
-SPOILER ALERT (sort of)-
The story of Fair, Brown, and Trembling reminds me so much of the story of Cinderella that it makes me wonder which one came out first =0)
A wonderful read and fantastic story! Book received in reasonable amount of time and in new condition as expected. Very pleased customer.
I discovered the free books section on the kindle app and kind of went on an ebook bender. This, I think, might be one of my favorites of the ~20 books I picked up. I have always been a fan of myths, legends, and tall tales, and this is some solid material. I will definitely be stealing ideas from some of these tales to pass them off as my own (like any good writer would).
The editor is meticulous in listing his sources (thus giving us even more tales to look up) and there are a lot of 'new' tales for us Fairy Tale fanatics.