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by Paul Eddy
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Investigative reporter Eddy brings back Grace Flint, undercover cop and international op par excellence, in this sequel to his debut novel, Flint

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Critics everywhere fell in love with undercover cop Grace Flint. Said the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Investigative reporter Eddy brings back Grace Flint, undercover cop and international op par excellence, in this sequel to his debut novel, Flint. Flint is now married and has the run of a Connecticut estate, but hasn't given up her day job working for salty FBI vet Aldus Cutter and his Financial Strike Force, an international team of cops and intelligence officers out to shut down the money laundering operations of the world.

3 primary works, 3 total works. Undercover cop Grace Flint is cool, quick-thinki. ore.

Paul Eddy's debut novel, Flint is a page turner. Other books in the series. Grace Flint (3 books). Mor. rivia About Flint. Paul Eddy brought years of investigative reporting into creating the world of Grace Flint, shattered ex-Detective Inspector in this world spanning tale of intrigue and revenge. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Grace Flint: Die 3. Mission – Ebook written by Paul Eddy. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Grace Flint: Die 3. Mission. Special Agent Grace Flint ermittelt undercover gegen den Geldwäscher Karl Gröber, der auf der Liste der zehn meistgesuchten Verbrecher des FBI steht. Grace hat noch eine persönliche Rechnung mit ihm offen und übernimmt den Job einer Steuerexpertin in einer seiner Tarnfirmen. Doch die Agentin hat ihre Spuren nicht so gut verwischt, wie sie dachte. Eine Profi-Killerin nimmt Grace Flint ins Visier – und ihren zehn Monate alten Sohn.

Слушайте Flint (автор: Paul Eddy, Fiacre Douglas) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. An exceptionally talented undercover policewoman, Grace Flint nearly dies in a botched sting operation

Слушайте Flint (автор: Paul Eddy, Fiacre Douglas) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Слушайте аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. An exceptionally talented undercover policewoman, Grace Flint nearly dies in a botched sting operation. Months later, physically healed but psychologically scarred, she gets an unexpected clue about her attacker, and disappears on a mission of revenge - unaware that she is about to pull the first string that will unravel a vastly complex web of international treachery, extortion, and murder.

Before Lisbeth Salander, there was Grace Flint. Undercover cop Grace Flint is the best in the business: ice-cool under pressure, seemingly fearless, driven by a need to put herself into the most dangerous situations. Until an operation to trap big-time money-launderer Frank Harling goes wrong and for the first time Grace is completely at the mercy of a violent criminal. And mercy is not a word in his vocabulary. After months of surgery, Grace is physically restored to an icy beauty. But her superiors fear that her mind, her personality, must have been irreversibly damaged.

German fiction

Thus might Grace Flint, possibly one of the most intriguing heroes of recent thriller fiction, be characterized.
Grace is Detective Inspector Flint of Scotland Yard, assigned to the Major Crimes unit as an undercover operative. Three years previous, she got caught in a sting gone awry, during which her partner was killed and her face stomped to a pulp. Now, after extensive reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, she's back on the job. While on assignment to America, she stumbles across the trail of the man, Frank Harling, who ordered her beating. It's becomes evident that Frank is now involved in an international blackmail and money laundering scheme masterminded by highly placed individuals in the West's intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Not knowing whom to trust, even within her own service, Flint goes underground to track Harling down.
There's actually a second protagonist in this plot, Harry Cohen, who's on an almost equal footing with Flint. Harry, a solicitor by profession, was once MI5's chief legal counsel, but was sacked after recommending against too many operations of dubious legality. Now, Grace's friends bring Cohen back to find Flint before she runs afoul of either Harling again or the criminal schemers within the Establishment that want her investigation stopped. But, are Grace's "friends" really her friends, or are they the Bad Guys?
Flint is fascinating because of the heavy load of emotional and psychological baggage she carries. There are, obviously, the aftereffects of her physical trauma manifested by her obsession with Harling. But also, as the storyline reveals, Grace's mother vanished one day when her daughter was but a young girl, apparently to foul play since the family dog was severely and deliberately injured in the same event. The woman was never found, not even her body. For a period during her adolescence, Grace actually thought that her veterinarian father had committed the murder, and had him investigated by the police - an investigation that discovered nothing. Because of all this, Flint is extremely vulnerable. Yet she remains smart, highly motivated, and terribly good at what she does for the London Metropolitan Police, i.e. being an undercover agent that can completely take on whatever role of the moment she needs to play. In that sense, she's a chameleon, both to her quarry and the reader.
As much as I enjoyed FLINT, I'm only awarding 4 stars because of a major loose end not tidied up at the conclusion - the question of her mother's disappearance. Perhaps the author means to return to the mystery in a sequel. Perhaps not. It seems too curious a thread to leave hanging, and I shall be sorely vexed if a following volume doesn't revisit the incident.
I little too graphic for me.....couldn't finish it....

Grace Flint used be the best undercover agent that her department had. If you needed a tough street walker she was there. If you needed a high class woman of intrigue to plant a bug on a wheeling and dealing international business man she was who you called in. All that came to end one night on a case that should have been by the book, except somebody changed the rules and Grace Flint was caught on the receiving end of a takedown gone terribly wrong.

She survives, but the attack shatters more than just her face. The doctors put her back together but everyone knows that she has lost that instinct that made her the best at what she did. Finally after being shuffled from assignment to assignment she is sent to the U.S. to be a consulting agent on a money laundering case being run by her new boss, Paul Cutter. In a bold move Cutter assigns Flint to go undercover in the upcoming takedown of the man leading the money laundering operation.

Here in the most unrelated of cases Grace will find a lead on the man who shattered her life. Here she will start a journey of revenge that will take her from the banking havens of the wealthy to one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Here is where she will leave behind family, friends, and associates to find out if she still has what it takes to bring the guilty to justice.


This is one of the better thriller books that I have read in a long time. The action starts off a little slow but that doesn't last long once Grace finds out that she has a chance to find the man that derailed her life. If I have any complaint it's that sometimes the book bounces around a little too much and there is a certain side plot involving Harry Cohen and one of the main bad guys that seemed.... kinda stretched. I guess it was just used to illustrate the bag of worms that Grace opens when she starts to unravel the conspiracy. Other than that the plot moves fast and so do the pages. If you looking for a thriller that keeps you guessing and hero that doesn't quite fit the mold, then pick this book up for a entertaining read. I would recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries, thrillers and action books that don't rely on explosions to carry the story. M.a.c