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by Institute for Scripture Research
Download The Scriptures (Deluxe Leather Edition) fb2
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    Institute for Scripture Research
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    Institute for Scripture Research; 2nd edition (1998)
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This bible is a blessing, other bibles replaced, and wrongly translate many scriptures within the Most High word, this bible basically restores and keeps the original text in place, which gives the reader a better feel and understanding of YHWH word. I highly recommends this bible to anyone who wants to feel closer to YHWH through his word.

The Names of all the books in the Tenakh are now restored to the original Hebrew, including th An exciting new literal translation of the Bible in English.

The Scriptures Deluxe. The Names of all the books in the Tenakh are now restored to the original Hebrew, including th An exciting new literal translation of the Bible in English.

Leather Bound, 1250 pages.

This new English translation includes Genesis through Revelation. Restores the Name of our Creator to the Text in each place it occurs in Modern Hebrew letters. This new version in English is a literal translation. Leather Bound, 1250 pages.

Nonprofit Organization.

The Scriptures, Leather Cover.

Purchase any of the ISR publication at the ISR Webshop. The Scriptures, Soft Cover. The Scriptures, Leather Cover.

The Scriptures (Online version). During the Feast of Tabernacles in 1999, we read through the entire book of Deuteronomy as a group. Others in the group were reading from this translation and I was following along on a laptop computer, with the King James Version. They agreed and also asked if I could create the same on CD.

Mobile version (beta).

If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: G.

If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. . Download (PDF). Читать.

The Scriptures is a literal translation of the Bible. Title: The Scriptures. There are many stylistic features that set it apart from other Bible translations. Original Hebrew is used for the name of the Father and Son and other Hebrew names and places are transliterated. The footnotes and explanatory notes bring further clarity to the text. Publication Date: 2009.

The copy sent was not the 1998 edition. It was the 2003 edition. The reprints are not of the same book in all aspects since there are changed in translations of some verses in different years of the release of The Scriptures, probably from the Scripture Research Institute being pressured by the harlot churches to conform with their commandments of men theology instead of the doctrine of Yahovah. Mark 7:7 warns that it is vain worship to teach the commandments of men instead of the doctrine of Yahovah. Hebrews chapter 4 in the 1998 edition is quite clear that the Sabbath of Yahovah is the seventh day and only those who observe it enter Yahovah's rest. The 2003 version does not give that information that clearly. There are horrific pressures put on Scripture publishing houses to depart from the truth. 50,000 changes were made in the New King James and other newer versions from the Authorized King James Version Scriptures to get a copyright. Most of the Scriptures publishing houses in the USA are owned by atheists.
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Well, I actually don't use this one very often because its not that clear when it pertains to Fathers REAL name and when it should appear. Some things didn't add up and I'm wondering if Kenites had their hands on the interpretation. Anyway, it was a complete waste of money
I highly encourage this translation. It is a bit different from the KJV, the books are in a different order. The names are true to the Hebrew. Some of the critical words in verses are also more correct. Phrasing has also been adjust to give a more genuine understanding of what the authors had intended-as true as a translation to English can be anyway. For any person questioning why Christianity doesn't have more evidence of its Jewish origins, this book will absolutely help you in understanding your curiosity. Blessings in the name of our Saviour, Yahushuah ha Mashiach

This book's English is much easier to understand than any other Scripture translation. Because of that, you won't have to stop and think to yourself, " What did I just read?". Instead you'll be much more relaxed and able to read much more through an evening and you won't feel so mentally tired when you are done.
You may even find yourself done with the book before you know it!

Yah bless!
So wonderful this Bible with all the Hebrew names of our Messiah and our YHVH. Just really like the translation, it makes things much clearer, no paraphrasing. Makes one so aware that these wonderful people that wrote this were Hebrew speaking people that lived in a Hebrew culture. Really can't understand the word of YHVH until we see this.
Although the this was released by same company, far inferior to the much larger size. This has the same errors a person gets when walking into any store in USA to buy king jimmy version. Total repulsed!
I love this product. However, the inability to find TS1998 on their own website is very discouraging.
This is an amazing translation of the scriptures. I am in awe everytime I see the names of the Almighty and of the Messiah written as they always should have been. I have been blessed by reading the Word in the closest translation to the original language as is available today.
I really like this bible. It has the Hebrew and English names of the books on opposing pages. This version also has a foreward which thoroughly explains the differences between it and other versions. It also uses the Names in Hebrew script. I bought it because I had seen a friend's and liked the format. There are some maps and charts in the back, but they are not especially thorough. I wish there was a version out there that had the Paleo script in it, but until there is, this one will have to do!!