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by. Thomas, Gilbert Oliver, 1891-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Oliver Wendell Holmes Library.

by. Masefield, John, 1878-1967.

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Home Browse Books Book details, John Masefield. By Gilbert Oliver Thomas. There are various ways of undertaking a critical study of this kind. In the case of a writer so prolific as Mr. Masefield, that method would allow little space for the examination of each book. Moreover, through all his many forms and moods, Mr. Masefield displays a fundamental unity of vision and purpose which makes such treatment unnecessary.

John Edward Masefield OM (/ˈmeɪsˌfiːld, ˈmeɪz-/; 1 June 1878 – 12 May 1967) was an English poet and writer, and the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1930 until 1967. Among his best known works are the children's novels The Midnight Folk. Among his best known works are the children's novels The Midnight Folk and The Box of Delights, and the poems "The Everlasting Mercy" and "Sea-Fever". Masefield was born in Ledbury in Herefordshire, to George Masefield, a solicitor, and his wife Caroline

Author of John Masefield, Autobiography, 1891-1941, Sparks from the fire, William Cowper and the eighteenth century, The voice of peace. Autobiography, 1891-1941.

Author of John Masefield, Autobiography, 1891-1941, Sparks from the fire, William Cowper and the eighteenth century, The voice of peace. How to enjoy detective fiction. Sparks from the fire. William Cowper and the eighteenth century.

John Masefield Hardcover – 25 Jul 2007. by Gilbert Thomas (Author). I was hoping that this book would relate Masefield's life story, instead it examines his poetry/prose which is fine for those who appreciate analysis and criticism.

John Masefield: A Life, Constance Babington Smith. Penguin Books, 1985). Associated Univ Press, 1971). John Masefield, Gilbert Oliver Thomas. John Masefield, Sanford V. Sternlicht. John Masefield: A Critical Study, .

Author Gilbert Oliver Thomas. Categories: Fiction Poetry, Nonfiction. Agent Running in the Field. 10 3. Books by Gilbert Oliver Thomas: Birds of Passage And Other Verses. Birds of Passage And Other Verses.

Biography, literary works and style of John Masefield as a poet. Masefield was born on 1st June, 1878 in Ledbury, Herefordshire, England. Masefield was not happy with his education at King’s School in Warwick, where he lived as a boarder and left to join the British naval ship HMS Conway to be trained at sea. He spent many years on the ship and spent a lot of time in reading and writing. During his time on HMS Conway, Masefield developed a passion for storytelling. In 1894, on his first voyage, he went to Chile and experienced sea sickness. He recorded all his experiences about sailing and extreme weather conditions in his notebooks. The beauty of nature inspired him greatly.

Secure in a high place in the ranks of English writers, John Masefield has attained that enviable position through various means. He is distinguished not alone as a poet, but also as dramatist, historian, novelist, and writer of short stories. But it is as a poet, and particularly as a narrative poet, that he gained his first and perhaps most lasting fame.

I had read this book as a young boy and was reminded of it by an old friend. I purchased it to read with my youngest son and he has enjoyed our shared experience. It is a great book for fathers and sons.
I was hoping that this book would relate Masefield's life story, instead it examines his poetry/prose which is fine for those who appreciate analysis and criticism. Very disappointing.
Kay is an imaginative boy, often left alone by his governess to work through lessons (the nightmarish Latin conjugations as another reviewer recalled). He finds time to wander off and converse with his friend Nibbins the black cat. Nibbins keeps an eye on the estate, Kay's governess, and the gamekeeper, and has observed strange things. When the clock strikes midnight, people and animals change and Kay himself becomes a key element.

It's a perfect book for children with big imaginations and it has just an edge of darkness that makes it ultra satisfying (similar to Wolves of Willoughby chase in tone). With plenty of hair-raising midnight outings and traitors around every corner. The witches are both evil and beguiling and Kay's great, great granddaddy, the pirate, is a wicked yet entertaining man. Thoroughly enjoyable.

E. Nesbit wrote at the same time as Masefield, and you can see some similarities in themes. Both are wonderful children's authors and if you like one, chances are you will enjoy the other. Midnight Folk in many ways seems like a precursor to the writings of Roald Dahl's The Witches. One might find similarities in today's Lemony Snicket or Harry Potter series, though I find both of those series much easier to read and a bit glossy in an ADD quick-read fashion.

**Beware of abridged copies--language changes and "updates" that mess with the original language
This is definitly one of my favorite books of all time. It's one the most imaginative and original books I've ever read and I'm surprised that it's out of print, especially with interest in children's fantasy at an all time high. It's as good as Harry Potter, if not better! It has everything you'd want in a book. Wicked governesses, pirates, witches, wizards, highway men, talking animals, king arthur, lost treasure. It's an exciting, wonderful, magical book which I totally recommend to all those out there looking for some good, original fantasy. It's a children's book but grownups will love it too. Unfortuntly The Midnight Folk isn't in print in the United States, but I ordered my copy from amazon.co.uk for a pretty cheap price, which is what I recommend anyone who wants a copy of it to do. There's also an equally wonderful sequel called The Box of Delights: When the Wolves Were Running, which I also recommend and which you an also obtain from amazon.co.uk.
I had this book as a child. By age nine I was a prolific reader; I also felt like an outsider among the kids at school, so went deeper into my books. The Midnight Folk was a favorite; I must've read it at least four times, cover to cover, identifying with the loneliness of the book's main character, Kay. This book and At the Back of the North Wind, saw me through.
Now one going to my six-year-old grandson.
The pre-cursor to John Masefield's children's classic "The Box of Delights", "The Midnight Folk" presents the excting and sometimes frightening story of young Kay Harker, who discovers his governess is actually a witch. In a time when quality children's literarure is at a low ebb, "The Midnight Folk" is wonderful work to capture the imagination of a child and instill in him or her a love of reading. I highly recommend this book and its sequel "The Box of Delights", which is also a faithful and enchanting BBC mini-series.
John Masefield perfectly combines fantasy, suspense, piracy, thievery, witchcraft, talking animals, and a little boy who does not enjoy conjugating Latin verbs into one of the most delightful children's books I have ever read. Some editions include a very nice afterward by Madeleine L'Engle. The main character is a young boy who is aided by Nibbins, the cat, in finding a treasure that was entrusted to an ancestor and lost. One of the great charms of the story is the boy pitting himself against a group of witches who want to find the treasure for themselves. Young Kay Harker wants to find the treasure and return it to the church that entrusted it to his ancestor. Anyway, it is a book worth finding and reading as an adult or a child.
This book is apparently going to re-printed in the US in fall 2008, for those who want a copy - they have pre-orders on the Random House webpage, so more than likely it will be available on Amazon as well in a few months. Not sure why the second book (Box of Delights) was released first - better known, I guess.