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by Da'Neen Hale,Kia Dupree
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    Da'Neen Hale,Kia Dupree
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    Shannon Holmes Communications Media; 1st edition (July 17, 2008)
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    227 pages
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What is Possession about? Yaassa s ex-boyfriend Chee has her twisted. Even though their relationship has been over for a while now, somehow Chee still has access to her apartment. He even shows up in the middle of the night, unannounced and uninvited, just to wrap his arms around her in bed as if they re still a couple. For Chee, a man who s used to having everything he wants in the streets, Yaassa better not even think about uttering another man s name, let alone date one. Chee s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Yaassa all to himself, even if it means hurting her. When Chee takes his obsession too far, Yaassa turns to Domino, a friend whose never ran away from a fight, and whose been laying in the cut, for just the right moment to be with Yaassa.

This novel was 227 pages of another well-used tree!!

This is the first novel that I have read by Da'Neen Hale, and I am ready to read another one.

She had me hooked from the very first words, which for me (an avid book reader) is hard to do!!!

[ALERT!!!...No Spoiler Alert!! This review will not ruin it for those who haven't read it yet!!!]


RECOMMENDATION: Get the book!!! GET THE BOOK!!! Get the book!!!

I was able to connect to the characters and the raw emotions they felt on this journey through life, not because I have been thru it but because Hale did an excellent job penning the story. I could see the characters' faces in my mind and the places they were in, in the book. I was not inundated with pointless, trashy sex-scenes reflective of promiscuous and self-destructive behavior. Actually, the only scenes in the book were a bit raw and gut-wrenching. There weren't any real sex scenes (although there is a scene I wished I could've read regarding 2 particular characters), which is a rarity in today's literary world. Don't get me wrong, I love a great sex does a reader good, but Hale didn't need that in this title. Surprisingly, Hale penned such an excellent piece of work, without great sex scenes. I even found myself, to some degree, understanding the plight of the 'bad guy' in the story and actually feeling sympathy for him. I formed a connection to the characters. It was amazing! I felt like I was watching a movie, but I was just reading it instead of looking at it on a screen.

It was realistic and encouraging...relevant and catching...necessary and deeply appreciated!!

Da'Neen Hale touched on a very real topic that is too seldom discussed. People are hospitalized and lose their lives daily because people don't talk about it. She touched on some of the real issues connected to abuse: shame; embarrassment; and feelings of "what's the point?" As a person on the outside, looking in, often times it is hard to see the internal conflicts of both the abused and the abuser. Hale gives you a peek into those worlds. It was so real and detailed and clear, I am inclined to believe that this fictional story was actually birthed from something real to Da'Neen Hale-saddening but none-the-less appreciated. There was nothing fake or over-exaggerated. Even the slang ("street talk") used was sheer perfection. I never said, "now that is unrealistic." Hale was even on some CSI stuff. Also, she penned a novel that tells the readers, "a man can be A MAN and love, too,"...FOR REAL!..not fantasy "only in the movies" stuff.

The action packed twists and turns added the "page-tuner" effect that I so thoroughly enjoy when I read a novel. I kept turning and turning....before I knew it I was reading the words "THE END". I had to keep my eyes from wandering to the next page before I finished reading the one I was on. And the fact that it wasn't totally predictable was FABULOUS!!!



5 Stars From Me!! [...and Da'Neen Hale should know they don't come from me easily.]

Prior to this, I read a novel that was a disappointment...kinda! Da'Neen Hale reminded me why I LOVE TO READ!!!

Now...I need her to hurry up and write another book. Don't rush it (really). I need it to be a good one!!

Da' pressure, but girl you have set a high standard for yourself. "Write On"...wit' yo'bad self!!

Keep'em coming & I will keep reading!!

Peace & Writers Blessings!

--Blessed Book Critic
I was so happy that amazon finally had this book back in stock since it is very hard to find.I heard nothing but great things about this book and couldnt wait to read it.But to be honest,it didnt live up to the hype at all and I was very disappointed.The plot was good but had no depth and little to no character development making it hard to form a connection.The only character who had some background info was Chee.

Another thing that I didnt like about this book was that it was very redundant! The characters kept having the same conversations over and over again,making this story so long and drawn out. And if Yassa called off from work one more time,I just knew I was going to scream!

The ending was ok but nothing that I couldnt have predicted.Overall the book was just average and I give it 3 stars.
That's what I did and that's what the main charcter Yaassa found hard to do with a maniac like Chee lurking around every corner.As a victim of domestic violence I could feel everything the main charcter was going threw.While you may want to help the bf/gf in the end you can not and its survive or be ate up.Chee was like so may abuser's beliving he loved yaassa but how can you love the one you keep hurting.I loved the real love I felt between Cammy and Yaassa.And Cammy showed her real love when she wouldnt just sit back and watch her friend get hurt she told somebody.I was happy when Yaassa gave Domino who was named after a five pound bag of sugar and just as sweet lmao I had to throw that in one of my favorite lines from the book lmao.Anyway she gave him a chance.I had started feeling like Yaassa was someone I really knew and I wanted her to be happy and to me thats the sign of a good writer to make us fall in love with the charcter's they create.This was a great book and I am looking forward to the next DA'NEEN HALE'S next book.DON'T SLEEP ON THIS ONE
I enjoyed this novel. I've never been n a situation like it, but I know some1 who has dealt with a man that was abusive towards her. This story is sad...the guy refused 2 accept that the relationship was over due to his flippin out abusive hot tempered ways. U can only hide so many scars from those who love U. Yaassa was scared of love Chejuan wanted it so badly. It must be hard for a victim 2 get out of a situation like this when you have been beaten and told your life would be over if they chose to take it. I've been blessed, this story is one that every young girl and boy should read, and know that help is there if only they take it.
This is really a good book. Chee is so torn. He wants to be loved and wants to return love, but he is his own worst enemy. At times you love him and feel sorry for the heartache that he have endured, and the you hate him for all of the stress that he is causing Yassa. Domino is a good strong man that every woman need to have in their live. He is gentle and strong, but not pushy. Women that find themselves in situation like theses need to read this book to know that this type of thing can happen easliy and before yoy know it you are trapped. You can not change and person and you have to put yourself first above all else.
First off this book was really really good. Well worth the 5 stars I'm giving it. Plus more. There was not a part of the book where the story didnt hold all of my Attention. I jus didn't understand how Yaassa let Chee do those things to her. I would have been moved out of that apartment the first time I changed the locks and woke up to him being in my bed. I would have been sent him to jail the first time he laid his hands on me . Like she said I guess you have to be in that situation before you can say what u wouldn't do. But Chee was way to crazy for me, he deserved what happen to him.