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by Ann Kring
Download Abnormal Psychology Eleventh Edition Binder Ready Version fb2
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    Ann Kring
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    Wiley; 11 Lslf edition (2009)
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Read instantly in your browser. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. by Ann M. Kring (Author), Sheri L. Johnson (Author), Gerald C. Davison (Author), John M. Neale (Author) & 1 more. ISBN-13: 978-1118640883.

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ISBN 13: 9780470418369. Publisher: Wiley, 2009.

This is an unbound, binder-ready version. Автор: Kratt Chris, Kratt Martin Название: 5 Wild Creature Adventures! (Wild Kratts) ISBN: 1101939001 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781101939000 Издательство: Random House (USA) Рейтинг

Abnormal Psychology book.

Abnormal Psychology book. This text is an unbound, three hole punched version.

View copies of Abnormal Psychology, Binder Ready Version by Ann M. Kring, Sheri L. .Ann M. Johnson, Gerald C. Davison, John M. Neale. 36 with free shipping Save 10%. Johnson, Gerald . ISBN 978-1-118-95398-3. Sell your copy of this textbook.

All Documents from Abnormal Psychology, Binder Ready Version: DSM-5 Update. clp3143 exam 1 2013-05-24. Top Questions from Abnormal Psychology, Binder Ready Version: DSM-5 Update.


This is the most comprehensive textbook on psychopathology in the market. It describes the biopsychosocial etiologies of the disorders in the DSM, with sample cases. The format is reader-friendly, good-sized print, very visual with high quality, coloured drawings, and in not too many pages. Each chapter has a self-evaluation part at the end. Although I studied Medicine, I'm specializing in clinical neuropsychology and I can say that this book is written for postgraduate psychology students. Instead, Massey's compulsory text for Clinical psychopathology is Sadock&sadock, way beyond the league of lecturers and students as it's designed for psychiatrists, which means that the book presupposes things that do not and have never happened in the history of the Bachelor or Masters Degree in Psychology, mostly biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, pathophysiology and pharmacology. If any clinical psychology lecturer I've ever had, had demonstrated a good command of this Abnormal Psychology the ψ students would be at the level of Medical students in terms of psychiatric pathology. I have used this book in several postgraduate assignments and in my thesis and only one lecturer with an isoelectric EEG gave me the lowest mark I've got in my academic life. The reason given was that in the 10 pages of references, I had used one undergraduate textbook. The rest of the times I've used this book I got A's. So, my advice for what it's worth, is use the book but reference whatever you have extracted from it as it had come from a higher level textbook if you suspect your lecturer may be oligophrenic or more commonly a narcissist ignoramus. Really, this is the best book you'll find for width, depth, clarity, format, and contents. Just as I suggest 3rd & 4th year medical students to get a book written by 2 nurses called simply Pathophysiology to really understand organ-system pathophysiology in a clear, complete, concise, elegant, and visually attractive manner at a great price. In brief: Yes, buy Abnormal Psychology (there's a Kindle version, I've got it), it produces great returns for investment, and it's all you'll ever need to explain psychopathology theories and treatment (medical & psychologically).
Actually, I was politely surprised about how well written this book is! I enjoy reading it. It is written more like an interesting reading book than a boring old text book. I purchased this item as a digital book on the Kindle App. This is where I am not as happy. As I have Windows 8 (oh yea....not), I was only allowed to download this book to my tablet. I cannot view the book in the cloud on my phone or laptop computer, and not at my work desktop computer either. All it says is that it cannot be viewed in Windows 8. So for this, I am really disappointed as my plan was to be able to use whatever means of computer I had available at the time to read when I wanted to, not lug my tablet everywhere everyday. In addition, the Kindle app does not have a lot of qualities I would like to see. I cannot copy and past text into my papers for research. I can only highlight information. What a pain in the butt. Overall, Great Book! Crappy App.
Annoyed this was a "loose leaf" version book. Bought a 1" binder and just added it myself. Book itself has no issues, and there are no binding rings included in the packaging.
I'm not giving this a low rating because of the content. I'm giving this a low rating due to the horrible design of this binder edition. This is the worst text book I have ever had to purchase. The pages are so thin they rip and do not stay secure in the binder. It's so hard to study from and doesn't transport well back and fourth to classes. If you can find a bound version I would highly suggest getting that instead. I wish I could give a negative rating.
Very, very cool. It is much more in depth than the initial abnormal psych book of 10 years ago. Even reference current information on how our health system impacts mental health care. Looking forward to using it for my Psychopathology Class.
On the back of this text it states "1,000,000 can't be wrong!" And after using this text for the past month I can see why, among the myriad of Abnormal Psych. texts available, this one is considered heads above all the others.
The authors write in a way that is accessable to undergraduates and/or graduate students (like myself)who are studying this subject matter for the first time. They go in depth on etiology, assessment, treatment, and prognosis on a myriad of DSM-IV-TR disorders.
Don't let the price scare you away. Text books are like anything else; you get what you pay for. Purchases such as this one are an investment in your career. Don't short-change yourself. Buy the best!
This text was required for a college course I am currently taking and I found the best price for it here on Amazon. The book arrived quickly and even though it was used, the cover, binding and inside are in great shape. The book is well-written and anyone with interest in abnormal psychology would most likely find it very informative. I would definitely do business with the seller again since they offered the book in better condition than I expected and at an attractive price. Thanks!
Not much different than the newer edition and much cheaper. Purchased this edition instead and saved about $200. My professor was fine with purchasing the cheaper version. The main difference is that this version discusses projected changes in the DSM-V whereas the new version (13th ed) was published after the DSM-V so the actual confirmed changes are in there.