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by Steve Martin
Download Pure Drivel fb2
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    Steve Martin
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    Penguin Books Ltd; New Ed edition (2000)
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    144 pages
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Steve Martin's talent has always defied definition: a seasoned actor, a razor-sharp screenwriter, an acclaimed playwright.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

STEVE MARTIN’S talent has always defied definition: an actor who’s kept us riveted for over 25 years, a razor-sharp screenwriter, an acclaimed playwright. In this ingeniously funny collection of humorous riffs, those who thought Martin’s gifts were confined to the screen will discover what readers of The New Yorker magazine already know: that Martin is a master of the written word.

Behind the clownish make-up, Steve Martin gives a sweet and serious performance as a latter-day Cyrano de Bergerac in Roxanne.

Unfold your own myth. Behind the clownish make-up, Steve Martin gives a sweet and serious performance as a latter-day Cyrano de Bergerac in Roxanne. Martin's screenplay is bighearted a. Cruel Shoes.

Who else but Steve Martin could combine irrefutable evidence that Mars is populated by kittens with a treatise on sledgehammers?

A mix of urbane wit and surreal extrapolations - Douglas Adams meets Flann O'Brien' Independent. Who else but Steve Martin could combine irrefutable evidence that Mars is populated by kittens with a treatise on sledgehammers? In this brilliantly witty collection of pieces Steve Martin takes a subversive glimpse at the world and a sideways swipe at the conventional

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Steve Martin's talent has always defied definition: a seasoned actor, a razor-sharp screenwriter, an acclaimed playwright, and, of course, the ingenious comedian who turned King Tut into a national craze. In this widely praised collection of humourous riffs, Martin shows he is also a master of the written word.

Steve Martin has always been one of the most intelligent of comedians.

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A collection of literary pieces in which Steve Martin subverts language and genre for comical effect. The book includes Martin's pastiches of the confessional, the film script, the self-help book and the diary, many of which first appeared in the "New Yorker" magazine.

One of the funniest books I've ever read. Steve Martin at his best. The copy I got had some printing errors (miscut-pages) but as I bought it as a gift for someone who works in printing, it was an ironic bonus. I had bought two copies previously as I had loaned one out and wanted to read it again.
Here's the quick and dirty on Steve Martin's Pure Drivel:

About 90% of the pieces are clever;

About 60% of the pieces are witty;

About 40% of the pieces are funny (funny enough to cause an audible chortle, guffaw or even a wry smile).

Steve Martin is a very crisp and smart writer. His mastery of the written word and imagination are on full display here and show why he often writes successful movie scripts.

Pure Drivel is a thin collection of short essays Martin wrote for The New Yorker (whose readership I've always thought feels it must support the clever even if it is not concurrently the witty). The topics are as wide ranging as you could imagine: a report on the shortage of an important article of punctuation; a Lucy and Desi script, Lolita (yes, that Lolita) at age fifty (this is a gem), a future report on the devastation caused by the Y3K bug, and assorted other topics not joined by any relation other than birth from the wellspring of Martin's mind.

I read this in three sittings, which I think was a mistake. Sometimes for me, humor collections fall off if taken in too large a bite. I usually laugh out loud at Dave Barry's weekly columns but found his essay collections repetitive. Same for Letterman Top Ten Lists. I would advise the reader to place this book at a convenient location in the bathroom when the five or ten minute literary piece is required for maximum enjoyment.
I LOVE Steve. I was a member of his Official Fan Club back in the 70s when I was probably too young to be listening to his albums (thanks, Mom!). I have already made a point of sharing those classic albums--now CDs--with my kids and find that we can crack each other up with "I'm so mad at my Mother...". But I digress. Note: If you're not clear on what digress means, don't buy this book.

When my 9th grader entered high school this year, he decided to join the speech and debate team and compete in the humorous interpretation events. We searched high and low for almost a month to find pieces that could be done at the high school level (not profane) and were not too topical to be outdated. This book fulfilled the need and then some. He has done two separate pieces from Pure Drivel (Side Effects and How I Joined MENSA) to rave reviews.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone longing for educated humor from the master.
Golden freddi
In his book Pure Drivel, Steve Martin has some very humorous moments. While some parts of the book fall a little flat because they lack a little direction, I enjoyed most of the book.
Some of the chapters which are about writing in itself are humorous to anybody who can see how badly some people write. These chapters include "Writing is Easy!", "Times Roman Announces Shortage of Periods", and a favorite of mine " A Word from the Words." "Side Effects" and "The Hundred Greatest Books I've Read" are also among my favorites. While the stories are short in length, most of them have some sense of closure. Other stories, such as "The Paparazzi of Plato" and "Mars Probe Finds Kittens" show Martin trying too hard to demonstrate intelligent humor. As a result, the joke is more cute than laugh out loud funny.
As a whole, I did enjoy this book. lists Jon Stewart's Naked Pictures ... as a book also enjoyed by readers of this book. However, I think this book is significantly better than Stewart's book.
It is amazing the number of topics that Mr. Martin can discuss with great clarity in a mere 100+ pages. These are brilliant essays on such varied subjects as human nature, science, medicine, and literary criticism. SM has managed to succinctly present difficult, esoteric knowledge to us average laymen. I hope this slender volume will have a sequel, perhaps discussing his opinions on global warming, the inflation theory of the universe, and his views on punctuated equilibrium. I wish I could think of more adjectives to describe this learned work. Hmmm. How about silly, inane, absurd, preposterous, farcical, risible, and perhaps even jejune. I guess that about sums it up.
energy breath
WARNING:You may not want to listen to it while driving, due to the danger of prolonged laughter causing you to pass out. You may not want to quote this book, due to the danger that you will want to continuing speaking brilliantly, until you find you have infact recited the entire book.
Once you begin listening, it almost too much. Every essay is brilliant. Every short story is sublime. When you are done, one is left in awe of America's foremost comic philosopher.
Thank you Steve Martin, for writing this book.
It strikes me that this book provided Jack Handey (of Saturday Night Live's "Deep Thoughts" fame) with a great deal of inspiration.
This book is very cute. The essays are fun to read if you're sitting around with loved ones and passing time.
In my family we like to gather and read an essay out loud - laugh, and then pass the book on to the next family member to read.
We do the same thing with Dave Barry's material.
Short essays, this is why Steve Martin has stood the test of time. How to operate a sledgehammer and Side Effects will make you lol.