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But it’d only make us giggle now, right? Is that it? He gives a modest shrug. What you forget is that I am not something in a book. She looks down at the carpet, and speaks in a lower voice.

But it’d only make us giggle now, right? Is that it? He gives a modest shrug. It did always seem a touch absurd. Now you mention it. She nods at him, several times, then speaks between her teeth. As well as being a goddess. I’ve never denied it. Oh yes you have. Every time you open your stupid mouth. She puts the lyre down on the bed, and folds her arms, avoiding his eyes. I think I’d better warn you that I’m seriously thinking of bringing all this up at our next quarterly meeting.

John Fowles’s Mantissa derives its dramatic situation and its narrative from the writer/muse relationship. The action of this work consists of the interactions and conversations between an author and a series of women, all of whom finally appear to be his muse in different guises and roles. Fowles reminds the reader at one point of the meaning of the word mantissa : an addition of comparatively small importance, especially to a literary effort or discourse.

Thank you for your support of the author’s rights. Then, carefully examining what I was, and seeing that I could pretend that I had no body, that no outer world existed, and no place where I was; but that despite this I could not pretend that I did not exist; that, on the contrary, from the very fact that I was able to doubt the reality of the other things, it very.

French Lieutenant s Mistress Lyubovnitsa frantsuzskogo leytenanta. Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Dzhon Faulz - edinstvennym anglijskij avtor, obladajuschij moschju, shirotoj diapazona i mudrostju Tolstogo i Dzhejmsa. Kritiki nazvali ikh "igroj uma, prichem neverojatno uvlekatelnoj" . Suschestvujut li oni voobsche? Kak otvetit na etot vopros geroj Faulza?

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Male authors - Sexual behavior - Fiction, Men - Sexual behavior - Fiction.

Mantissa is a novel by British author John Fowles published in 1982. The New York Times called it "a surprisingly tedious novel," asserting that it was little more than Fowles' response to critics that he felt misunderstood his work

Джон Фаулз - величайший прозаик нашего времени. У него удивительное чувство слова, мастерское владение литературным языком и поразительный дар создавать поистине волшебные строки. В романе "Мантисса" обнажается сама суть творческого созидания, противоречивости искусства, эволюции литературного процесса, отношений мужчины и женщины и многое-многое другое... John Fowles is the greatest prose writer of our time. He has an amazing sense of the word, a masterful knowledge of literary language and an amazing gift to create truly magical lines. In the novel "Mantissa", the very essence of creative creation, the contradictory nature of art, the evolution of the literary process, the relationship between a man and a woman, and much more is revealed ...