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by Vince Flynn
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    Vince Flynn
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    Pocket Books (2010)
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The political thriller of our time.

The political thriller of our time. In the secretive world where fearless men and women wage a daily covert war, the CIA has intercepted two terrorist cells-but a third, led by a dangerous mastermind, is feared to be on the loose. VINCE FLYNN is the New York Times and national bestselling author of the political thrillers Term Limits, Transfer of Power, The Third Option, Separation of Power, Executive Power, Memorial Day, Consent to Kill, Act of Treason, Protect and Defend, Extreme Measures, Pursuit of Honor, and American Assassin.

Vince Flynn's thrillers, featuring counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp, have dominated the imagination of readers everywhere

Vince Flynn's thrillers, featuring counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp, have dominated the imagination of readers everywhere. Now, Rapp and his protege, Mike Nash, may have met their match. The CIA has detected and intercepted two terrorist cells, but a third is feared to be on the loose

Extreme Measures book. Vince Flynn just keeps getting better with every book he writes. His character, Mitch Rapp, continues to make the reader want a man like him in our covert operations.

Extreme Measures book. Mitch again breaks all the rules, and you know you love him for it. He is attempting to get vital information from high ranking members of the Taliban. They have been apprehended by the United States and are being held on a United States Air Force Base.

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In the newest devastatingly intense thriller by New York Times bestselling phenomenon Vince Flynn, his deadly and charismatic hero Mitch Rapp wages a war against a new enemy with the help of a fellow soldier as dedicated – and as lethal – as they come. Vince Flynn’s thrillers, featuring counter-terrorism operative Mitch Rapp, dominate the imagination of readers everywhere.

Extreme Measures is a thriller novel by Vince Flynn. The novel was a New York Times best seller. The book is the ninth in a series featuring counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp

Extreme Measures is a thriller novel by Vince Flynn. The book is the ninth in a series featuring counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp. In this story, Rapp works with CIA agent Mike Nash to battle a Taliban jihadist.

Vince Flynn Extreme Measures The ninth book in the Mitch Rapp series To Robert Richer and the men and women of the National Clandestine Service and National Counterterrorism Center We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. WINSTON CHURCHILL CHAPTER 1 BAGRAM AIR BASE, AFGHANISTAN MIKE Nash glanced anxiously at his watch and then eyed the twin flat-screen monitors. Both prisoners were sleepin. The ninth book in the Mitch Rapp series. To Robert Richer and. the men and women of the.

Extreme Measures: A Thriller. New York Times bestselling author of American Assassin-now a major motion picture. The pulse-pounding thriller by New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn features counterterrorism hero Mitch Rapp as he wages a war against a new enemy with the help of a fellow soldier.

When it comes to Vince Flynn and his Mitch Rapp series...all I can say is that I feel cheated from the powers that be in regards to Mr. Flynn being taken from this world way too early. The Mitch Rapp series is like a da Vinci painting, so incredibly addicting that when you discover the artist (in this case, author) no longer can produce you just want to say, "This sucks!".
Although the Mitch Rapp series will be continued by Mr. Flynn's collegue, I just don't think it will compare. I highly recommend this series to any reader that enjoys action, intrigue, and just a butt-kickin' character!
Mr. Flynn and all of his imagination are truly missed.
Vince Flynn is an imaginative and prolific writer who exhibits a true genius for research. His knowledge of the inner-workings of our government and its weak-points is impressive. Equally impressive is his ability, willingness, and courage to "tell it like it is".

In his series of Mitch Rapp novels, Vince Flynn grabs your attention and his face-paced story-telling style holds it in a vice-like grip. I found myself unable to put any of his novels down once I started them. Considering the fact that most of these novels run somewhere between 500 and 700 pages, this is no small feat for any author.

I have read every one of the Mitch Rapp novels and believe me when I say that there is not a bad apple on that tree. Each of these novels may be read as a stand-alone but you may find yourself with a better grasp of the overall flow of characters and events if you read them in proper sequence. By the way, the proper reading sequence cannot be determined by publication date alone as a couple of the Mitch Rapp novels were written (more or less) as prequels. I recommend that you read these novels in the following sequence:

(1) "American Assassin"
(2) "Kill Shot"
(3) "Transfer of Power"
(4) "The Third Option"
(5) "Separation of Power"
(6) "Executive Power"
(7) "Memorial Day"
(8) "Consent to Kill"
(9) "Act of Treason"
(10) "Protect and Defend"
(11) "Extreme Measures"
(12) "Pursuit of Honor"

There is another novel ("The Survivor") in the Mitch Rapp series scheduled to begin shipping in hardback around October 8, 2013 by Simon & Schuster and it can be pre-purchased via Amazon.com.
Another great and thrilling tale from Mr. Vince Flynn himself staring Mitch Rapp and his usual band of characters who are trying to keep peace in a land that is full of terrorists. Rapp has his hands full in this one when he hits an Air Force officer who won't let the altercation rest. Rapp ends up getting brought before Fed. court with some of his crew trying to explain the situation, while a terrorist cell is streaming towards D.C. But they want Rapp's head on a platter for his tactics. Can Rapp stop the terrorist plot and the bombs. Check out the book it is excellent a real page turner, I had trouble putting it down at night.
Vince Flynn is a local author who inspired me to continue to write. I am not a cloak and dagger genre kind of reader, so take that into account with this review. For the most part, I really enjoy Vince's novels. Aside from his first one, "Term Limits," they are all Mitch Rapp books. However, as I continue to read through this series, there are some things about Vince's writing style that I find frustrating. He is a good story teller, and his inside knowledge of the workings of the CIA, Secret Service, etc., makes for great stories. But it gets four stars only because as a writer, there are some tings I would do different.

Buy the book, its a fun read.
I binge read all the books over the past 3 weeks in the order they were written. Loved them. Compelling storyline. Good descriptions that bring you right into the story. I read them on kindle. If you are just starting out, read the 2 prequels first. The new author did just as well with the story line. I hope more books get written.
Not one of my favorites. The story is intriguing and it pulls you in but the pace of the book is slow. Chapter after chapter the plot slowly develops. The terrorists storyline, Nash's storyline, Rapp's storyline, Senator Lonsdale's storyline. It drags on and on. Finally toward the end the terrorists strike. Some of the terrorists are killed. But key guys escape... To be continued?
I have been enjoying these books since I read the first in this on going storyline these books do not disappoint. Mitch Rapp is exactly what America needs to make it safer place to live .
I have been reading this series for a few years now and I find it to be one of the best series written in the past several years. It never lets me down in the action and I always find myself ready to purchase the next book about half way through the one I'm reading so that it's available as soon as I finish the book I'm reading. I can hardly wait to begin the next one! Please keep them comming!