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by Joel E. Finn
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    Joel E. Finn
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    Newport Press (1979)
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Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12. Collection +Wish List. Non-Fiction, Reference. Author(s): Joel E. Finn. Publishing Date: 1979. ISBN-13 978-0930880033.

Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12. English Title: Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12.

Discover all the specifications of the Ferrari Testarossa, 1984: dimensions, wheel and tyres, suspension, and .

Discover all the specifications of the Ferrari Testarossa, 1984: dimensions, wheel and tyres, suspension, and performance.

Ferrari Testarossa in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, 2005. Ferrari Testarossa in Choro Q Advance 2 (Road Trip: Shifting Gears/Gadget Racers), 2002. Ferrari Testarossa in Micro Machines V3 (Micro Machines 64 Turbo), 1998. Ferrari Testarossa in Mad Gear, 1989. Ferrari Testarossa in Rave Racer, 1995.

The 250 Testa Rossa was designed to offer customers already racing with the 500 TRC a much more powerful engine .

The 250 Testa Rossa was designed to offer customers already racing with the 500 TRC a much more powerful engine on a similar chassis to help retain the former model’s great handling. Rumour also had it that the FIA would place a three-litre limit on prototypes and this indeed proved to be the case. As a result the reliable V12 from the 250 Gran Turismo was used albeit with a radically tuned with six twin-choke carburettors. Compared with the 500 TRC, only the valve covers were painted red, but the car still kept the Testa Rossa name and won the Manufacturers’ World Championship in 1958

ISBN 10: 0850453690 ISBN 13: 9780850453690.

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Blog Personal jdm-sv on DRIVE2. В 1986 году на заводе Феррари была выпущена в единственном экземпляре модель Тестаросса Спайдер, по заказу Джанни Альерри, будущего руководителя Фиат. Больше известного под именем L Avvocato, владеющий . процентом промышленности Италии, и влияющий на ВВП страны. Под капотом расположился 12 ц.

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Ferrari named the 1984-1991 Testarossa road car as a homage to the 500 . Finn, Joel E. (2003).

Ferrari named the 1984-1991 Testarossa road car as a homage to the 500 TR and 250 TR. In contrast to the front-engine V12-powered 250 TR, the Testarossa is a mid-engine design using a flat-12 engine and was designed as a road-going sports car, rather than a racer. The 250 Testa Rossa is one of the most valuable vintage Ferraris (and therefore one of the most valuable cars of any type), due to their low production (33 total including all 250 TR variants), racing success and historical influence. Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12. St. Paul, Minnesota: Motorbooks International.

In 1958 Enzo Ferrari revolutionized sports-car racing with the unveiling of the pontoon-bodied V-12 Testa Rossa. The car's 3-liter engine featured red cam covers-thus the name testa rossa, which is Italian for "red head." The new Ferrari quickly made its presence known, winning the 1958 World Championship and following that with three consecutive titles in 1960 to 1962. Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12 is a highly detailed, living tribute to these exciting and beautiful cars. In addition to chassis-by-chassis specifications, the book provides detailed race results and is peppered with fascinating anecdotes from the people who were there, making history. Outstanding photos of the famous car in action complete this comprehensive work.Original

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The 57'/58' Ferrari Testa Rossas were the sportracer prototypes that gave rise to the 'mystique' that envelopes this marque. The pontoon-fendered 250 Testa Rossa with the body by Scagilette was the most lustful of the T.R.'s. Joel's book will captivate even the most jaded 'afficianatto' that lusts for the Ferrari 'mytique'! A must read.
The story of one of the most interesting race cars is perfectly described in this book
Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12,Motorbooks,Motorbooks Classics softcover version with #46 Pontoon fendered car on cover and #9 on bottom,and on rear cover # 9,ISBN 0760317356, from 2003)

I am not the biggest Fan of The Prancing Horse cars,only a few and the new ones for me don't really do it for me styling wise.The Last one I liked was the F430/430 cars not the new 458.I have always loved the Testarossa the unrelated one from the 80s and This for me was even better getting into the genesis of the Real and Original Testa Rossa.This book is very in-depth and informative sometimes to the point of ridiculous,I have another book (Caribbean Capers)by the author and signed by him along with some of the Racers on The Cuban Grand Prix and there's some Cuban GP in here as well as a mention of a Dr.Lane and Racing the Testa Rossa Here in Miami(Well Opa-Locka,Fl,Masters Field now the Airport)and on Great Cuban Driver Gomez-Mena going to Le Mans.The Pontoon Fendered Cars are covered,I wanted this book a while now and found it for under $40 for the softbound,I had read Randy Cook's Bowtie Ferraris Book(Chevy/Corvette Engined Ferrari!)and I wanted to find out more On The TR,The TR58,TR59 TR59/TR60 in here.Lots of Black and White Photography,There is One Color Pull Page/Poster but no other color pictures except that and the Front Cover and back cover,This 2003 Softcover is basically The same original 1979 Book it has not been updated,My only compliant would be at times it is a lot of information even to the minute details,and the author's jab to me at least regarding Sebring was unappreciated. There are no Color Photos except front cover and back cover.And not much on the so many Converted Ferraris(they are mentioned in the book) which were mostly done to Corvette Power and More So Just Chevy Engined,only mention is of American Engined Specials.Although The Scarabs are mentioned which gave these cars a run for their money and the Book is Critical of Enzo Ferrari and his Evil Tactics of putting drivers against each other.Bios on designers,drivers,engineers,and other personalities are in here.I really enjoy it despite the small flaws.Highly recommended for the Casual and Non Casual Ferrari Fan.