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by Mark Stevens
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    Mark Stevens
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    Penguin (2003)
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Your Marketing Sucks book.

Your Marketing Sucks book. Your Mark Stevens is a quintuple threat:,Lifelong entrepreneur,CEO,Bestselling author,Animal lover,Die hard romantic Mark has published more than 25 books including most recently:,His debut novel Evidence Of Love,A first children’s book Sky’s Amazing Dream (focused on his beloved Golden Retriever),An inspirational leadership book, Hike A Thousand Miles,In the style of his classic best. seller, Your Marketing Sucks, the soon to be classic sales guide, Everything You Learned About Selling Is A Li. .

Your Marketing Sucks cuts through the myths that claim marketing is about advertising. view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook.

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Your marketing sucks. What in the world does Mark Stevens mean? For starters, let’s take spending camouflaged as marketing

Your marketing sucks. What in the world does Mark Stevens mean? For starters, let’s take spending camouflaged as marketing. Everyone sees all those expensive, slick, pointless campaigns day after day. Just turn on your TV set and there are all the look-alike ads from Ford, GM, and Chrysler with look-alike cars going down.

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What in the world does Mark Stevens mean?For starters, let’s take spending camouflaged as marketing.

Your marketing sucks. What in the world does Mark Stevens mean?For starters, let’s take spending camouflaged as marketing. by. Stevens, Mark, 1947-. New York : Crown Business.

In his effort to turn lazy marketers into Extreme Marketers, marketing guru Mark Stevens has created a game plan that focuses on helping them make the most of a marketing budget and getting more than a dismally low return on investment. His recipe for Extreme Marketing includes tips for effective branding, creating a unique selling proposition, and creating memorable marketing that drives sales. Publisher Description. This Business Week best-seller from esteemed marketing guru Mark Stevens is an entertaining and useful guide to improving the way businesses promote themselves. Stevens attacks conventional marketing strategies with infectious zeal, making it crystal clear that most companies might as well throw their money away. Whether you work for a small store or an international manufacturing conglomerate, this may be the most important book you'll ever encounter.

I discovered this book because its author was one of the few people to defend Rush Limbaugh against the thought police. I had to buy the book to support such a courageous stand. When I started to read the book I realized it has a lot of practical advice on how to get anything (but especially marketing) done. I recommend it to anyone who has a project to accomplish or a skill/product to market. The advice and supporting examples/stories are practical and usually easy to do.

I have personally used this book's step by step instructions to improve my church's income and membership (gather data and develop a multi-level integrated plan). I have used it to improve my child's private school enrollment (pick the low-hanging fruit).

This book should be the standard text for every marketing course. Every business person who wants to grow their business should read this first.
I gave this book 3 stars because the 10th Anniversary Edition copy of my book is has page 249 printed TWICE! It is missing page 253 and page 249 is printed where page 253 should be. If the publisher would have gotten it right, then I would have given this book 4 stars. I think the book really takes off around page 53 then slows around page 219. Lots of good information in here and good ideas to implement, whether your company is small or large. If you have a small local business, I don't see how the chapter on "Branding" is of any value. To me many of the ideas this author has shared are better explained in books from Jay Abraham "Getting everything you can out of all you've got" and "The Sticking Point Solution." I find those books have more tangible, strategic marketing value than "Your marketing sucks."
My son who has his masters in marketing recommended this book to us for our company. Sadly I found out that we implemented too many of the ideas that Mark Stevens says 'suck'. The book is easy to read and comprehend and even though there is homework involved to change from 'sucky' marketing, I am looking forward to getting a great bang for my buck.
I am in the process of starting my own online, home-based business, and I needed to learn about marketing. The concept of integrating your message everywhere and strategically focusing your efforts are probably obvious to someone with a marketing background, but I did not have one! Much of the book was geared toward larger companies with a lot of $$$, but there are quite a few transferable ideas to the small startup with little or no $$. I got this book because it was endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad as one of the best marketing books he had ever read. I agree. It is a quick and information-packed read. I have also found the author's blog on his company's website and have begun following that. I highly recommend it.
Why? Because I'm the CEO of a small investment management firm, and our whole industry is plagued by exactly the kind of mind-numbing marketing that this author talks about in his book. The real question here is, do you continue with conventional messages: those safe messages that everyone else in the investment industry uses, and that produce little or no results, or do you focus on new ideas, or ways of communicating existing ideas, that really resonate? The answer is obvious.

Shortly after starting my firm, we spent a lot of money on an "identity." Our marketing firm recommended using focus groups to assess how well that identity, and our marketing materials, worked. Yet, because we didn't have the perspective shared in this book, we ended up with an overall identity that was weak. Also, there has never been the kind of integration between all of our sales and marketing efforts that are suggested in this book.

It's all so obvious, once you read the book. However, for anyone who is contemplating this book, and feels like his business is presenting itself in a way that fails to differentiate it from others, I highly recommend it.
good book
I apply what I read in this book everyday at work and results are amazing
Great book! If you need a Foundation on how marketing works this is your book! Its all about Extreme Marketing. This book talks about real case studies and what they did to improve there marketing and bring up business.

Must read for those how need a boost in business and help in marketing!