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by Jennifer Macaire
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    Jennifer Macaire
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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 2003)
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Angels On Crusade book.

Angels On Crusade book. Jennifer Macaire lives in France with her husband, three children, & various dogs & horses. She loves cooking, eating French chocolate, growing herbs and flowering plants on her balcony, and playing golf. She grew up in upstate New York, Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. She graduated from St. Peter and Paul high school in St. Thomas and moved to NYC where she modeled for five years for Jennifer Macaire lives in France with her husband, three children, & various dogs & horses. Married to a professional polo Samantha Winston is the pen name for Jennifer Macaire, an American freelance writer/illustrator

Angels on Crusade book. A condemned criminal in the far future is sent to the past to try. Married to a professional polo Samantha Winston is the pen name for Jennifer Macaire, an American freelance writer/illustrator. She was born in Kingston, NY, and lived in Samoa, California, and the Virgin Islands before moving to France. She attended Parsons school of design for fine art, and Palm Beach Junior College for art and English literature.

In the fifth book in the Time For Alexander series, the Oracle of Amon tells Alexander he must go to the Land of Ice and Snow, so they leave their home in Alexandria and head north, to Gaul. But the Thief of Souls not only captured Alexander's soul. He also wants Paul, and the druids have raised an army to capture him. In the heart of winter, in ancient Gaul, a terrible sacrifice is made to Persephone, goddess of the Underworld – and Ashley finds herself taking part in a deadly ceremony

Directed by Kristy Linderholm Based on the short story "Leave Honey on Your Skin" By Jennifer Macaire Art and Animation by Penny Nederlander Voice. hort Stories.

Free books to read or listen online in a convenient form, a large collection, the best authors and series. In the final book in the Time for Alexander series, Ashley and Alexander journey to Carthage, seal the fate of Rome, take part in the game of Phersu, meet a demon, and wrap up the series in a fine style indeed! On their way back to Egypt, Alexander and Ashley stop in Carthage where they save a boy intended for a bloody sacrifice. Fleeing Carthage's warships, they take refuge in Rome where Alexander is recognised, captured, and forced to take part in the terrifying 'Game of Phersu' in the arena.

1 {margin: . px . px; font: 1. px 'Lucida Grande'}. After winning a prestigious award, Ashley is chosen to travel through time and interview a historical figure. Choosing her childhood hero Alexander the Great, she is sent back in time for less than one day. He mistakes her for Persephone, goddess of the dead, and kidnaps her, stranding her in his own time

Jennifer Macaire is an American freelance writer/illustrator.

Jennifer Macaire is an American freelance writer/illustrator. She has published short stories in various magazines. One of her short stories was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. This book was positively magical in every particular way. Ms. Macaire has created a make-believe world that was filled with wonderful entertaining characters such as Tania (our heroine) Wander the grandfather elf, and lets not forget magical Shabaz. This was also a very entertaining read. I managed to inhale it in one day and I'm not generally much a fantasy genre fan. Macaire has managed to change my mind.

Jennifer Macaire is the athor behind historical fiction comedy time travel series, The Road to Alexander. The Road to Alexander by Jennifer Macaire is written superbly! 333 BC Mesopotamia is brought to life through the eyes of time travel journalist Ashley. In this interviews she navigates past king kong. The Time for Alexander Series.

Jennifer Macaire is an American living in Paris.

After accidentally killing a child, Isobel is given a choice, she can spend the rest of her life in prison, or be sent back in time on a mission: save the crown of France. She chooses to go back to the twelfth century, although she knows she will be left to spend the rest of her life there. At least it will give her a chance to redeem herself, she believes. To save the crown of France, Isobel must convince Jean de Dampierre, a sixteen-year-old boy, not to join the ill-fated eighth crusade. Jean will do nothing of merit, but his son will start a dynasty destined to become the kings of Navarre and France. But the boy proves more wilful than she anticipates, and Isobel finds herself on the way to Tyre to save Jerusalem from the 'infidel'.

Thirteenth Century Europe
One minute Isobel is a carefree student dreaming about her lover - while driving a car. The next minute she is an accidental murderer. A child is dead. In only a few days she is condemned, with nothing to look forward to for the rest of her life except regrets and the prison library.
The Time Correction Institute offers her a way out. In the era of Isobel's birth, time travel has been mastered, but not the changes in history which sometimes result. Isobel, convict, is expendable. If she cannot talk young Jean de Bourbon-Dampierre out of joining the Eighth Crusade, so that he lives long enough to sire a dynasty, her life will be erased and someone else will be sent. In any case, she will never see her own time again.
It isn't as easy as they told her it would be. Talking to Jean doesn't work. But Isobel hasn't been erased, so she must be doing something right by joining the Crusade along with him. The Eighth Crusade is the one which turned back at Tunis with great loss of life. Reading about the Crusade in the prison library, Isobel hadn't realized how terrible it was. The reality is a shock.
Thirteenth century Europeans normally lived in squalor, compared to our standards. When traveling, it was worse. They took it for granted, but to Isobel, coming from almost two millennia into their future, it is a version of hell. She knows the filth they are living in is the cause of the sickness killing so many people, but she can't reveal the source of her knowledge. She must hide any knowledge of what is to come, or risk throwing time off track. Also, she knows the Inquisition is on the rise. Being accused of witchcraft could kill her.
Author Jennifer Macaire's books are outstanding for their vivid characters and fast pace.. Isobel's perceptions and emotions were so clear to me as I read, that I could almost see a web of connections between my nerve system and hers. When Isobel realizes what special punishment her assignment was designed to inflict on her, I had tears in my eyes. In spite of all, there are people who bring goodness to Isobel's new life. Chief among them are Jean, who boyishly wants her to marry him, and Charles, the youngster who becomes their servant. Macaire describes the closeness of their three-way friendship in such a way that, even as readers, we rely on their mutual dependence.
Macaire's best-known books are her award-nominated series about Alexander the Great. TIME FOR ALEXANDER and especially HEROES IN THE DUST are pervaded by a sly sense of the absurd. ANGELS ON CRUSADE takes itself seriously. It has a message to deliver, about the Crusades and other religious developments which were about to take place. The humor that sneaks out through the love stories of her other two books, is replaced in ANGELS with longing and passionate need.
Because Macaire's time-traveling heroines feel such culture shock, entering historical worlds from the remote future, we are led to wonder at things which the people born in those times rarely even notice. Readers take note, ANGELS ON CRUSADE is not the place to look for pageantry. Thirteenth century France has come down to earth.
Angels on Crusade is the latest offering by historical fiction/time travel author Jennifer Macaire. It deals with a 25th century prisoner being sent back in time to medieval France in order to save the crown of France from disaster that is about to befall the bloodline on the 8th crusade.
Isobel is in prison in the 25th century for the manslaughter of a child. Time travel is commonplace by this time, and journalists often visit the past to interview famous historical figures. However, sometimes a part of the past is altered and it is up to a lowly corrector to return and set things right. Faced with returning to the 12th century or spending the rest of her time in prison, Isobel sets back with a mission to find a 16 year old boy and bring him back to his family.
The book is a combination of science fiction, historical fiction, and romance. Of the three it succeeds best as historical fiction, and this is fortunate as this is the main focus of the work. Macaire's greatest strength is how she is able to depict the frailty and hardship of everyday life in the 12th century. Her attention to detail there is refreshing, and lends a greater degree of credibility to her story. We constantly hear of characters scratching their heads to ward off lice, and we are often reminded of just how hungry and dirty these people were. At the same time, she manages to capture their hopes and joys.
Angels on Crusade is an exciting story that draws the reader in and doesn't let go until the final flip of the page. Although she makes a few notable attempts to show balance, the criticism of the Church does become a bit trite by the end. The story ends in an unpredictable way, with some issues unresolved. There is proof that Isobel has succeeded in her mission, although the way that this happens is not answered in the story or the epilogue. Some readers may find this disturbing, however, this just serves to show the ambiguity of the way that small events can influence the future years later.
All in all Angels on Crusade is well worth reading for those looking for a good historical fiction novel. Sexual descriptions make the book more suited to older teens and adults, however. This book can help us all think of our place in the flow of time and how small things we do may alter the future incredibly.
Reviewed by Bill Pottle, author of DreamQuest
Felon Isobel is provided a choice. She can remain in solitary prison reproducing eggs having done so for the past decade or she can attain her freedom by doing a minor errand. To get out of her incarceration, Isobel must travel back to in time to keep a relatively nothing Jean de Bourbon-Dampierre from joining the Christian soldiers enlisting as part of the Eighth Crusade. If Jean should die as everyone who went to the Promised Land on this doomed mission did, his descendants cease and thus the Bourbon rule of France never occurred.
Isobel understands the stakes that if she succeeds on her endeavor she will be free but living in the Dark Ages. If she fails to keep Jean from a date with death, the Time Correction Foundation will erase this period, which means the trapped in time Isobel will cease to exist. Making things even worse is the youthful Jean sees this as the adventure of a lifetime.
ANGELS ON CRUSADE is an exciting time travel tale that seems so realistic especially when Isobel meets the teenage Jean and finds he is nothing even remotely close to his dossier. The story line is exhilarating as Isobel seems like a displaced person moving back over fifteen hundred years yet is the perfect selection by the omnipotent TCF because her prison time has made her submissive enough to fit at home in the past. Fans of medieval tales with time travel twists will appreciate this powerful story that hopefully leads to more TCF angels on the prowl.
Harriet Klausner