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by Alexandre Dumas,Karen Holmes
Download The Count of Monte Cristo. (Lernmaterialien) fb2
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He read a lot of books and liked the The Count of Monte Cristo was first filmed in 1908.

Many of - but he spent most of it on the Chateau de Monte Cristo (his these visitors have read The Count of Monte Cristo. house in the country), women and unsuccessful business plans. He read a lot of books and liked the The Count of Monte Cristo was first filmed in 1908.

The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas (père) completed in 1844. It is one of the author's more popular works, along with The Three Musketeers.

Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo is simply one of the greatest novels in all of literature fun. It is a near perfect book for what it. .

Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo is simply one of the greatest novels in all of literature. It is an epic tale of adventure and intrigue, betrayal and revenge, mischief and murder, romance. You should totally read this book. Don't be afraid of the.

Электронная книга "Count of Monte Cristo", Alexandre Dumas, Karen Kelly. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Count of Monte Cristo" для чтения в офлайн-режиме.

Alexandre dumas (père). The Count of Monte Cristo. Translated and with an Introduction and Notes by. ROBIN BUSS. 1802 Alexandre Dumas is born at Villers-Cotterêts, the third child of Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. His father, himself the illegitimate son of a marquis and a slave girl of San Domingo, Marie-Cessette Dumas, had had a remarkable career as a general in the Republican, then in the Napoleonic Army. 1806 General Dumas dies.

You can also read the full text online using our ereader. A classic adventure novel, often considered Dumas' best work, and frequently included on lists of the best novels of all time. Completed in 1844, and released as an 18-part series over the next two years, Dumas collaborated with other authors throughout.

Author: Alexandre Dumas. Third person mode of narration is used. The count of Monte Cristo being a romantic historical novel focuses on adventure, action, heroism and love

Author: Alexandre Dumas. The count of Monte Cristo being a romantic historical novel focuses on adventure, action, heroism and love. My Thoughts: The Count of Monte Cristo is an intriguing adventure novel. It is also a story about jealousy, betrayal, endurance, revenge and hope. The story gets us hooked as we come to know Dantes’s ultimate plan and keeps us wondering how exactly he will get justice.

The book was a huge, popular success when it was first serialized in 1844, and remains the greatest tale of revenge. Macmillan Collector's Library are books to love and treasure. Books by Alexandre Dumas.

The Island of Monte Cristo. Chapter 24. The Secret Cave. Well, then, after this first visit has been made we shall count on you. I must again excuse myself, M. Morrel, for after this first visit has been paid I have another which I am most anxious to pay. True, Dantès, I forgot that there was at the Catalans someone who expects you no less impatiently than your father-the lovely Mercédès.

I have the Robin Buss translation of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO in paperback, but that copy was old and worn. I wanted a more durable hardcover edition to read and to display on my bookshelf in my new house. The hardcover I bought from Total Books arrived in near-perfect condition, exactly as advertised, and looks gorgeous on the shelf.

Why Robin Buss' translation for Penguin Classics? That's a reasonable question since Alexandre Dumas has been dead long enough for his works to enter the public domain. Several translations of his major novels are not only available in cheaper editions (such as Barnes & Noble Classics), but for free on Project Gutenberg.

These are inferior and, in the case of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, censored translations. Most of them date back to the Victorian period, and render Dumas' evergreen French into English prose that feels old-fashioned and stilted today. Furthermore, because these are translations from the Victorian period, the translators filtered Dumas through their own moral sensibilities to give us Bowdlerized versions of a novel that ran on sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll a century before rock 'n roll was something you could do without a machine gun.

Robin Buss' unabridged translation comes directly from the original French and renders Dumas into fresh, readable modern English. Material previously omitted by Victorian-era translators such as Franz' hashish-fueled sexual fantasies and the strongly implied lesbian relationship between Eugenie and Louise remain intact and uncensored. As another reviewer pointed out, Buss will provide footnotes to explain subtleties that aren't easily translated from French to English, such as insults delivered by using the formal you (vous) rather than the informal/friendly/intimate you (tu).

A detailed appendix provides valuable historical and cultural context that aids the reader in understanding Dumas' masterpiece, and includes a primer on the rise, fall, return, and final downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte that is crucial to making sense of the politics driving the novel's plot.

If you cannot read Dumas in his native French, and you want a definitive English version, Robin Buss's unabridged and uncensored modern English translation is essential reading. No other translation will suffice.
Bad Sunny
I love this book. It is a masterpiece of writing and I wanted a copy I could read any time I wanted. However, the Kindle edition has so many errors that it is unreadable. Every page has words running together, and it makes for a huge headache to get through even 2 pages. I couldn't read it due to these issues. I'm very glad I only spent $1.99 on it, but I wish I had spent nothing. A very poorly edited kindle edition.
This is my favorite novel, a story not only of persecution and vengeance, but of man's relation to his God and how it drives, inspires and interferes with his judgements. Often adapted to film, nobody has captured the depth of Dumas' perceptions and understanding of people, largely because filmmakers focus on the excellently-told action rather the true essence of the story. This is one man's battle against himself, beautifully articulated egardless of which translation from French you choose to read. If you've not read Dumas before, be aware that he sets up his characters and circumstances, creating mysteries, then departs from his main story line to pursue secondary characters. All the threads pull together by the end of the story, but through at least a third of the book, Edmund Dantes is only peripherally present. Don't be discouraged - it's worth the wait, as the resolution is one of the most moving I've encountered in literature. A brilliant book by one of history's most original writers and creators of great heroes.
It's a classic for a reason. I can hardly put it down.
This classic story of wrongful imprisonment, hidden treasure, and revenge is truly a masterpiece. Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo has seen life not only in print but in film and television, but one cannot appreciate the novel unless you read it in its entire unabridged length.

Edmond Dantes is wrongfully accused of a crime and thrown in prison without trial to be forgotten, after overcoming both mental and physical anguish and befriending a fellow prisoner, and finally he is able to escape. Thanks to his friendship Dantes knows where a potential hidden treasure is located and finds it to be real, and using it begins finding out why he was thrown into prison and chart is path to revenge through fortune and hidden identities. Yet what this quick synopsis omits is the numerous and fascinating major and secondary characters that Dantes interacts throughout the narrative.

Originally published in serial form, Dumas was paid for how much he wrote and one would think that The Count of Monte Cristo might be riddled with meandering subplots that never go anywhere and/or have nothing to do with the central plot. But Dumas instead wove a tapestry of beauty with every word he wrote; instead of making meandering plots he described scenes and events in rich detail that it brings the story even more alive in the reader’s imagination.

If pressed to find anything negative to say about this book, the easiest answer would be cultural references that are almost 170 years old. The only other negative was the completely different societal norms that were in Parisian society in the 1840s compared today’s. However both of these ‘negatives’ can easily be put down to a piece of fiction that was contemporary when it was written but now can be seen as historical fiction with the passage to time.

The Count of Monte Cristo needs to be read in all its unabridged glory to fully appreciate why it is a masterpiece and classic. Dumas’ literary tapestry is a delight to behold once finished with the last page and makes the reader think about when they’ll have time to reread it in the future.
A great classic. Nicely bound!
This book is a vibrant blue that really stands out on the bookshelf. It is even better than the picture gives justice. I am attaching pictures in hopes to show other viewers how great it looks!