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by Celeste De Blasis
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    Celeste De Blasis
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    Bantam; Book Club (BCE/BOMC) edition (June 1, 1985)
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Wild Swan Paperback – Import, 1986. by Celeste De Blasis (Author).

Wild Swan Paperback – Import, 1986. Book 1 of 3 in the Wild Swan Trilogy Series. The first book dealing with Alexandria or lovingly referred to as Alex. It starts off with Alex who lives in England during the 1800s.

by Celeste De Blasis (Author).

Wild Swan Hardcover – 1984.

Celeste De Blasis (1946–2001) was a successful American author of historical romance novels. Celeste N. De Blasis was born on May 8, 1946 in Santa Monica, California. She grew up at the Kemper Campbell Ranch in Victorville, California in the high Mojave Desert.

Wild Swan is the first book of a fantastic trilogy by Celeste DeBlasis. This book is the infinitely touching story of two people destined to be together, who must first stumble a bit on their road to each other. We see these two grow up together, form their own lives, and eventually reunite for a love affair so amazing, you'll want to fall in love all over again.

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by. De Blasis, Celeste. Toronto ; New York : Bantam Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

ISBN 10: 0553249371 ISBN 13: 9780553249378. Publisher: Bantam Books, 1985.

item 5 Wild Swan,Celeste De Blasis -Wild Swan,Celeste De Blasis. Additional Product Features. Place of Publication. item 6 Wild Swan By Celeste De Blasis. 9780553171723 -Wild Swan By Celeste De Blasis. item 7 Wild Swan-Celeste De Blasis -Wild Swan-Celeste De Blasis.

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Mass Market Paperback Publisher: Bantam (June 1, 1985) Language: English

While I am still in the midst of reading this book, Wild Swan by Celeste De Blasis, I thought I would share with you all what an amazing read it is. Wild Swan is the first of the Swan trilogy that follows the history of a family for 100 years over 3 generations of women. The first book dealing with Alexandria or lovingly referred to as Alex. It starts off with Alex who lives in England during the 1800s. Her mother hates her and she has a very rocky relationship with her family due to this hate. The only reason why Alex is hated is because she is different. She is daring enough to steal her brothers cloths so that she might ride astride instead of side saddle as a proper lady should.

After a catalytic event she is sent to live with her distant cousins, who live on the other side of the country. Her grandmother suggests it because she is the only one who truly loves Alex and knows her cousins will provide her with a loving home. They do as her grandmother predicts and Alex grows into a more stunning girl just on the brink of womanhood (she is 14).

She meets her beloved Rane who is her cousin, and is 18 at the time. They become fast friends but Rane finds himself falling in love with Alex. Do to the fact that Alex is so young he decides to wait until she is of age to confess his feelings for her, though to everyone else they are quite clear. Rane and Alex go on many adventures including rescuing an American POV and sending on his way back to a far of land called Maryland.

Alex gets word that her sister has passed away after the birth of 2 twins. She returns mournfully home from her cousin's back to her mother's house. Where she is treated like a slave and eventually rebels against her mother. Her love for the two twins is the only thing keeping her from running back to Rane and his family. She desides to wait for the twins father St. John to return from the war with the French.

He does return but he is badly hurt. Alex, and her grandmother (along with a doctor) who is a wise woman privy to the information of herb- logy which she taught Alex. Have to amputate St. Johns arm. He is left feeling sad, and less of a man while Alex remains to tend to him and the children. She grows up quickly now reaching the age of 16. St. John and her fall in love and try to get married. There is one problem there is a law stating that no one can not marry the husband of her dead sister so instead they decide to be `married' even though it is not legally possible.

Drop to black and in returns Rane...He has come to confess his undying love for Alex, his wild swan and take her away from the horrible grip of her mother. Unbeknownst to him Alex is `married'.

I leave you with that brief summary. All of this happens with in the first 100 pages and the book is almost 600 pages long.

Buy it, borrow it, steal it because it is so good

Maryland is off in the horizon, so are race horses, and a long unwinding journey towards her true love...whom ever it may be.
Mrs. De Blasis writes with a passion that puts a fire to your soul and your eyes hunger for every page. Each character becoming more real to you, that for a moment you believe they are as close to you as a dear friend. The adventures she rights about are the never ending adventures of life. You read a true life because the characters live their lives for you on the pages.

Her writing style often similar to Dickens in the sense it is very descriptive, though does not drag as many modern readers feel Dickens does. Instead you are drawn into the story and find yourself laughing and crying when the characters do. It seems a shame to me that no one besides a very small number of people know about Mrs. De Blasis. Many of her books are out of print but if you can get you hands on a copy, you wont put it down.

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Another book in her trilogy!! I first read this trilogy in the '80s. I have never forgotten how wonderful they were.
book was recommended by a friend... ordered the first book from another seller in "like new condition" it was far from that discription...Order this book again form here and it was true to "like new condition".
The story is not complicated; a girl grows up into womanhood with without her Mom's love and sent far away to live with distant relatives.. Leaving behind a much loved grandmother...there are many trials; pains; a heart that trys/gives/loves as she grows up in her path of life.
it's a good story
Another book written in a different time period and in a different country..
Your heart aches for this young woman and her trials and then successes are wonderful.
It is also about a subject that I didn't know anything about. When they went to America and started the horse racing farm.
A must read.
What can I add that already hasn't been said. I love the characters. I did think a few parts of the book were a little rushed. I guess I want the book longer. The character Sam could have been expounded upon more. Other characters also. I suppose each had their times, but then it would seem he/she would be forgotten or only briefly touched upon. Anyways, loved the book.
I already had bought the other two of the Swan Ttrilogy and I was pleased to add the third. I read all three from the library but wanted to add them to my personal library.
A full story with colorful characters. When the book is over, you feel as if they are family.
Intertwines many interesting family members during the period leading up to, during and after Civil War. Makes it so real and personal. If all history was written like this, we might remember it. I'm so sorry the author is not with us any longer. I would love to continue reading new materials from her.