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Course BooksCommunication. Last updated Jan 13, 2020. Includes: 06 Levels with full download: Student’s Book + Workbook + Teacher’s Book + Extra Writing + Extra Vocabulary + Class CD + Workbook CD. 91 Files . df . ar) 12 GB update 2019. 06 Level: Related Posts.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES MANUAL Imaginez is accompanied by a Student Activities Manual consisting of the Workbook, Lab Manual, Video Activities and Integrated Activities. The workbook provides additional practice activities of the vocabulary and grammar for each textbook lesson. Lab Manual activities focus on building learners' listening comprehension skills.

Vista Higher Learning.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Pages and cover are intact with minor notes or highlighting. The spine is undamaged.

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Student's book with(out) answers. Brook-Hart . Haines S. (2014, 2n. 252p. Format: pdf Student's book with answers.

History For Dummies (For Dummies by Greg Velm. A. Kaufman - Russian for Dummies.

Imaginez, 2nd Edition, Student Edition w/ Supersite PLUS Code (supersite, WebSAM and vText)

Purchased this book thinking that I would also have the code required for the class, as this is advertised in their description. Unfortunately, I was misled by this description. The book included a "used" code, which once it has been used by a person, cannot be used again. Just a "heads up" to anyone else who might be thinking that they are getting a code along with this textbook.
The content of this textbook is fine but the layout seems scattershot and unstructured. Similarly, but even worse, the website for the SAM Supersite (make sure its included with the book, because it allows access to the videos etc) is way too complicated and confusing. And heaven forbid you want to request assistance with the website, its like something out of Kafka! I am using the book in conjunction with an Alliance Francaise course so if you are using the book in a more common "schoolroom" setting the teacher has probably set things up for you although I pity the teacher.
Excellent manual to prepare students for AP French.
Did not come as described
Was disappointed in condition of this book. Was completely written in. Had to purchase computer code separately as the code in the book did not work. Did not save any money by buying this book.
For my class, I was required to have the student code to access the supersiteplus and webSAM online. The code inside the book can only be used one, so because I purchased a used book, I had to spend more money and purchase the code separately.
Imaginez comprises 10 unités (units) that can be completed in a two-semester course. The textbook comprises the following partitions:

Imaginez comes with a DVD containing short subject (court métrage) firms by prominent francophone film-makers. Authentic films by award-winning francophone film-makers serve as springboard for exploring themes and concepts discussed in each lesson. A wide range of pre-and post-viewing activities are provided to develop learners' listening skills and elicit discussion and analysis. Pre-viewing activities set the stage for the short subject film and provide useful background information that facilitates learners' comprehension of the themes expressed in the films. Post-viewing activities go beyond checking comprehension. They allow learners to explore and analyze broader concepts broached in the films. The short films highlight and integrate key concepts, themes and language functions of each lesson. They provide learners with comprehensive input at discourse level. The films and corresponding activities offer rich and unique opportunities to build learners' listening skills and cultural awareness.

The vocabulary section of Imaginez provides a summary of all the words that learners need to know and utilize communicatively at the end of the unit. At the end of each lesson, the vocabulaire section provides a convenient one-page summary of the words learners should know. Easy-to-study thematic lists present useful vocabulary that may appear on quizzes and exams.

The `structure' section of Imaginez presents grammar in a graphic-intensive format. There are directed and communicative grammar practice activities for learners to review what they have learned in class. Additional grammar points are included at the end of the book for review and enrichment purposes. Open-ended, communicative activities enable learners to internalize grammar points in a range of contexts. The fiche de grammaire section provides references, review and additional vocabulary for practice.

The Synthèse section pulls the lesson together by means of communicative activities intended to be done by learners in the form of pair or group exercises. It integrates the grammar highlights of each lesson, and provides built-in, consistent review of grammatical points. It enables learners to recycle learned grammar as they progress through the text.

This section of the lesson presents a cultural reading tied to the lesson's theme. Comprehensible readings present learners with cultural information on salient themes discussed in the lesson pertaining to the Francophone country or region in focus. Vibrant, eye-catching photos visually illustrate the high points of cultural readings. Glosses provide learners with definitions of unfamiliar words in a bid to aid comprehension without interrupting the flow of reading. Cultural readings are carefully selected to promote cultural competency through interaction with the thematic content of each lesson. Relevant, high-interest topics provide insight into the cultural region of the Francophone country in focus.

Each lesson in Imaginez has a note culturelle, the purpose of which is to provide learners with background information and a cultural context before they watch the film in the court métrage section. These notes serve as a starting point for enrichment activities and projects based on the film(s) watched.

The littérature section of each lesson provides learners with literary texts by well-known writers from across the francophone world. These thought-provoking, yet comprehensible readings present learners with new avenues for using the lesson's grammar, and vocabulary. Each reading is presented in an attention-grabbing style, along with glosses of unfamiliar words. Préparation et analyse activities provide in-depth pre-reading and post-reading support for each section of littérature. Pre-reading activities highlight helpful vocabulary that learners will encounter in each reading. Post-reading activities check learners' comprehension and require them to discuss the topic of the reading, express their opinions, and explore how this all relates to their own personal experiences.

Imaginez is accompanied by a Student Activities Manual consisting of the Workbook, Lab Manual, Video Activities and Integrated Activities. The workbook provides additional practice activities of the vocabulary and grammar for each textbook lesson. Lab Manual activities focus on building learners' listening comprehension skills. They provide additional practice of the vocabulary and grammar points and literary readings in each textbook lesson. The video and integrated writing activities provide writing topics to expand on those presented in the textbook. The Lab Audio Program, available as MP3 files, contains the recordings to be used with the activities of the Lab Manual.

With each purchase of a new student book, learners have free access to the Imaginez supersite. The supersite access code delivers a wide range of online resources to learners, including audios, videos, and auto-graded practice activities directly correlating to the lessons in the textbook.

The Instructor's Annotated Edition provides a wealth of information designed to support classroom teaching. It contains answers to exercises overprinted on the page. It also contains cultural information, suggestions for implementing and extending student activities, supplemental activities, and cross-references to student and instructor ancillaries. The Instructor's Resource Manual contains teaching suggestions, lab audio scripts, court métrage scripts and their English language translations, plus SAM answer keys. The Instructor's Testing Program that comes with the Instructor's Annotated Edition contains quizzes for each vocabulary and grammar strand of the textbook's ten lessons. There are also tests for semester and quarter exams. Listening scripts, answer keys and audio files are included. The tests are available in three formats: ready-to-print PDFs, editable word-processing films and in a Test Generator format.

Imaginez is developed to be used in courses on semester or quarter systems. The following shows how the book could be used in a two-semester course: Semester 1: leçons 1-5; Semester 2: leçons 6-10.

IMAGINEZ would be an excellent textbook for a French conversation course intended to perfect conversational skills. While acquisition of speaking skills would be the main focus in such a course, learners would utilize the short films that come with IMAGINEZ to further develop and refine their listening comprehension skills. I highly recommend IMAGINEZ for advanced level French courses.
The Imaginez textbook second edition is one of the best textbooks I've ever owned. It is colorful, detailed, extremely well-organized, highly efficient, and fun. I'm usually very picky about textbooks but this one is amazing. It's easy to learn from it. There's multiple quick-access index sections like a french-english/english-french dictionary section, verbs and their conjugations, common grammar rules, and lots more. Each chapter/lesson is broken down into easy-to-understand chunks that are consistent throughout the entire book. Each new chapter starts with a small introduction, a well-illustrated vocabulary section (two pages) with nice photos, and an enriching story that uses some of the new vocabulary. Then there are grammar sections with exercises, examples, charts, and fill-in-the-blank stories, short answer, just to name a few ways the student can exercise and practice the new grammar/vocabulary. The online site is the most comprehensive and FUN online learning site I've ever seen. It's very well organized and the flash cards are great. The exercises are very abundant and each of them very helpful. The online textbook (same exact content as the physical textbook, but you can search for words on the page and jump to chapters and pages from an easy-access menu, and click on links inside of the text to jump to certain exercises and fun videos that accompany the book) is really nice and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this book for any French course, and I'd recommend the style of interface and set-up of this whole set (textbook+online activities+online textbook)for ANY course in any discipline. BRAVO, Vista Higher Learning! I'm really sad that I'm selling my copy!