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by Margie Gosa Shivers
Download Anonymity: A Tale of Suspense, Seduction & Revenge fb2
Thrillers & Suspense
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    Margie Gosa Shivers
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    MGS Publishing (September 15, 2003)
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    273 pages
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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Anonymity by Margie Gosa Shivers From the moment I read Anonymity by Marge Gosa Shivers, I breathed a sigh of. .In ANONYMITY, Shivers shows how men and women differ when it comes to infidelity.

Anonymity by Margie Gosa Shivers From the moment I read Anonymity by Marge Gosa Shivers, I breathed a sigh of relief. My eyes were immediately taken on a roller coaster ride from start to finish as Cara Fleming is hastily chased by her husband like in a scene from the movie hit, Sleeping With The Enemy. Anonymity leaves the reader with a palpitating heart and anticipation for the worse builds to a climax. After reading the first chapter, you can't stop until you find out what's going to happen next.

In this tale of love and seduction, there is also suspense and revenge. Chicago politicians with somewhat sleazy motives who are being threatened by drug dealers trying to become elected officials gives this book a lot of drama. Lester's creative detective skills keeps him barely one step ahead of the bad guy while his love for Cara is reignited when her marriage falls apart for the last time and she finally admits that she never stopped loving Lester after all. Lester's deep desire to finally settle down and experience fatherhood also tie into the story.

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Bishop's Gambit, Declined by Conrad Haynes. John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood by Michael D. Sellers. Author: Margie Gosa Shivers Title: Anonymity: A Tale of Suspense, Seduction & Revenge ISBN10: 0974406619 ISBN13: 978-0974406619 Format:. Anonymity: A Tale of Suspense, Seduction & Revenge - Margie Gosa Shivers PDF version.

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A gripping story about a young woman's quest to prove her innocence. Not only has she been framed for adultery, but someone wants her dead. As the tale unfolds, she discovers a secret that has been kept hidden for more than 30 years. Once the secret is revealed, it is likely to forever change the lives of many.

I did not like this book. I bought this book based on the 4 and 5 star reviews. I was expecting what the book cover and the reviews promised; suspense, seduction and revenge. What I received instead was a weak mystery, boring characters and poor writing.

Here is just one of the many writing errors both in content and grammar in the novel.

page 221 when Mario confronts Lester on the phone about his relationship with Cara:

".....doesn't our friendship mean anything, anything at all?"
"What kind of question is that?" Lester asked. Mario's tone aroused and infuriated him.

AROUSED???? Where did she get aroused from? What was so arousing about the question?

I can't go into to many details without giving away the very simple plot. I will say that I din't like Cara or Mario. Mario was a fool who wanted to believe that his wife was cheating and his proof was so lame as was his refusal to tell Cara what his proof was. If he would have just told her what the evidence was...well I guess if he did that there would have been no story.


The author tried too hard to make Cara appear perfect and when she did make a life changing decision involving Lester the way she handled it was weird. She had sex with Lester but after she sooo ashamed but not to ashamed to spend the rest of the day with him.

Hers is another strange example of the poor story flow.

page 161 Cara calling her friend Jennifer

...."Hi, I finally caught you at home," Cara replied.

"whatever do you mean?" Jennifer replied, laughing louder that usual. Where are you? I tried reaching you at your apartment a few times, but you didn't answer," she said, laughing.

"Ah, ha, I fooled you, didn't I?" Cara explained that she was using her cell phone to cut household expenses......

What kind of sense does this make? Later we are told that her house phone may be tapped but nothing before this bizzare conversation was there any mention of bugged phones.

Too many people heard this and that or saw this and that and gave Cara way too many clues for this to be a real mystery. Her friends, her neighbors, internet chat buddies; everybody knew just enough to help Cara solve the mystery. And after all was said and done the book ended with a very unrealistic fairytale ending.

So why did I give this book 3 stars insead of 2 or 1. Because I have read books that were actually worse than this one. Some so bad that I refused to finish reading them.
Cara Fleming has to fight for everything she knows to be right and true. Her husband has accused her of being an adulterer based on an anonymous phone call. Their marriage teeters on the brink of destruction but Cara steadfastly refuses to apologize or admit wrongdoing in something she clearly had no part in. Moving to lead separate lives Cara is determined to clear her name. She is certain that she has been framed. Secrets revealed, hurts healed and deception woven in creates a well-told story.
Anonymity is a novel that is action packed, suspenseful and riveting. There is a large cast of characters who play a part in the framing of Cara so the reader might want to jot down a few notes along the way to keep everybody straight. The story has roots in Mississippi, Tennessee and Illinois. Typical of the black migration from the southern states to places like Chicago, Anonymity draws on close family ties and a strong sense of justice and equality no matter what the personal cost. As Cara pulls her life together and begins to discover who has set out to destroy her relationship and jeopardize her family she uncovers murder, mystery and intrigue. Mario, her estranged husband has completely abandoned her and she turns to his best friend, Detective Lester Miller, for answers. A fair man, Lester takes it upon himself to investigate with Cara and both recognize the path of danger she is on. It all comes spiraling to a head when Cara is targeted in a murder for hire plot where identities are being revealed that could further destroy several families. 
Anonymity is a captivating read. I couldn't put the book down and completed it in a day. A mystery that was strong enough to not let me rest until I knew all of the intricate details. The main characters were reasonably developed but too many people made it difficult to keep relationships straight. I found myself reverting back to prior chapters to remember who was who. After I had everybody straight, the amateur detective skills along with professional skills served to create characters that could be recurring in future books by Ms. Gosa.
Are you aware of all of your actions? What would happen if someone took a photo of you talking with a co-worker, friend, or even stranger? Could an innocent, causal conversation or brief exchange be turned into an illicit and torrid affair? Cara Fleming married her college sweetheart and believed that they would live happily ever after, until Mario accused her of committing adultery. Their date night was shot to hell and after being threatened with a loaded gun, Cara's outlook on love changed forever.

Cara had to move out and find a safe haven to get her life back. She landed a new job helping people find their family. With her spare time, searching the Internet and chatting with others filled the void. Cara met someone on the Internet and they both end up helping each other discover the secrets that haunt their dreams. Meanwhile, Cara is adamant about her innocence and works diligently to find the source of conspiracy against her. She finds allies in Detective Lester Miller (Mario's best friend) and Mary Lee Fleming (Mario's mother). As Cara tracks who set her up, old family skeletons are uncovered making life very interesting.

ANONYMITY is full of anticipation and revenge that will keep you flipping pages. The character development and detailed description of action will make you feel a part of the story. The mystery surrounding Cara's set up will have you guessing - who is who? and what did they do? Shivers' is the new queen of suspense and will definitely make waves in the book world.

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