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by Tom Upton
Download Scarecrows fb2
Thrillers & Suspense
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    Tom Upton
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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 17, 2009)
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    398 pages
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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Tom Upton was born in Chicago He is writing the Freaky Jules e-book series, a young adult paranormal series of novellas.

Tom Upton was born in Chicago. He attended Columbia College, where he studied writing and film. Upton has written Just Plain Weird, a young adult novel, Scarecrows, a very dark tale of horror, and Mourning Doves, a short story collection. His other interests including animal rights and senior and disabled rights. He is writing the Freaky Jules e-book series, a young adult paranormal series of novellas.

I really got into this book. Upton seems to have a knack for pulling the reader into the story

I really got into this book. Upton seems to have a knack for pulling the reader into the story. The one word that comes to mind to describe his writing is 'addictive. There is the creepy, the scary and the demented, and Upton doesn't hold back on anything, giving everything to the reader in vivid images. Also, he has a wonderfully dark sense of humor. Simply a great horror read.

Scarecrows by Tom Upton. Graphic violence and sexual content.

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Tom Mercyfull, an ancient garrulous gardener References.

Tom Mercyfull, an ancient garrulous gardener. Mrs Meegan, an artist's model.

Jason Upton - Scarecrow. Watch the official lyric video for "Scarecrow" from the album, "A Table Full Of Strangers, Vol. 1" by Jason Upton. Tom Walker Leave a Light On. Album: A Table Full of Strangers, Vol. 1, 2015. Радио mCm. LP Lost on You.

The Scarecrows are animate scarecrows that appear in the twentieth Goosebumps book, The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight. The Scarecrows appeared in the book and TV episode. They are inanimate scarecrows brought to life by the main villain of the book so that he can take over the farm. They attempt to get into the house multiple times in the episode. One of them is later seen attacking one of the protagonists, Jodie. They break through the barn house wood and attack everyone

When an ancient evil returns to a small Wisconsin town, the only one who realizes that everybody is in danger is the town "nutcase," a delusional Viet Nam veteran, in whom nobody believes, not even his teen-aged daughter....

As a child, my family vacationed in rural Wisconsin so the setting was familiar to me. This novel was a fun read. It followed many of the "Gothic" conventions: a mysterious storm isolates a town in rural Wisconsin; a bank robbery brings criminals with a stash of stolen cash; an outsider within the community ( Vietnam veteran with PTSD,) helps save the town.
This book started out promising. Good character development, interesting foreshadowing, just enough spook to get you interested. But once it really got going, the story lines kept driving off the road. Too many offshoot plots that were long winded and not needed. Some ridiculously graphic sex scenes that weren't really needed at all. Then the culmination of the plot was far too concise... what was going on should not have been that easy to deal with. But I will say that there were also some really funny scenes and phrases in the story - a nice dry - with just a touch of silly - sense of humor was shown by the author. Unfortunately, while I started out hopeful, by the end of the story I was glad I had only paid a small amount for it.

There were a lot of grammer issues and typos, but I'm horrible at that myself so not one to judge.
This book has interesting characters and good development.
The story is unique and is a page turner. Now for the not so good.
Spell check is not a substitute for good editing. Way too many
misspelled words and it is not a "tree truck".
Several times the vehicles characters were using were not identified
correctly. Were they in the squad (car) or the truck????
Good story but if errors in digital books annoy you, you will be annoyed.
I had high hopes for this book after reading the first few chapters, however it soon devolved into a convoluted mess of a story... Not sure if the author was channeling Stephen King or is just a big fan of his, but the story veered off onto a supernatural path that I didn't expect. It seemed as if one author wrote the first 3 or 4 chapters, then someone else took over. Truly, it was as if a switch was flipped. The whole tone of the book changed - from the story, to the tone, to the language; even the editing took an unpleasant downturn! I realize that with ebooks there tends to be shoddy editing, but I haven't ever come across so many spelling and grammatical errors in one book before this. It almost became too difficult to read. I can't really even recommend this to readers that enjoy the "King" style, because it's not anywhere near the quality of storytelling. There is some sexual content which, if handled correctly, may have added to the story but instead was so unnecessary that it actually hindered the storyline. The author (?) seems to have been told he needed to add some sex to it, but he had no idea how to write a sexual scene and this unpleasant mess is what he came up with. I certainly won't be looking for any other books by this author. Not worth the money.
I have become a big fan of what I like to call the 99centers. These books are not great, but usually not too bad either. Scarecrows falls into this category very well. Not great, but hey, not too bad. People complain ad nauseum about editing in the 99centers and I say, "what do want for $.99, Moby Dick"? The biggest problem I had with Scarecrows was what I felt was gratuitious sex. Two scenes that did not add a thing to the story and prevented me from passing this book on to a 15 yo friend of mine. Other than those two scenes I thought this was a pretty good read.
I really enjoyed the story. Obviously no one proof read it or this is a poorly done translation from another language. There were many missing words or the wrong word was used like it was written by someone that did not have a full grasp of the English language. I'd read more by this author.
Began with a good story line but it got lost somewhere. So many typo errors it was maddening! Very disappointing.
I would have given the story 3 stars if it were not for the fact that practically every page was littered with words used in the wrong place, missing words in the middle of sentences, and even the names of the characters spelled incorrectly. I don't know how many times I winced as I saw "Brian" spelled "Brain" time and time again.

It is too bad that this story apparently had no edits at all, but was published as it was first typed. At least that is the impression I get. The story itself is interesting, but hard to concentrate on when you are trying to figure out what the missing word is in the middle of a sentence.