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by Barbara Wood
Download The Prophetess fb2
Thrillers & Suspense
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    Barbara Wood
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    Grand Central Publishing (November 1, 1997)
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In the Sinai Desert, archaeologist Catherine Alexander has unearthed six ancient papyrus scrolls that reveal vital secrets-secrets that the world's governments would give anything to possess. But even more important.

It is December 1999  . Fiel a su estilo Barbara Wood presenta como protagonista a una mujer que se mantiene firme en sus creencias y lucha por lo que ella siente es correcto, aun en contra de todo y todos lo que se interponen o no creen en ella y su descubrimiento. Catherine Alexander es un personaje agradable, realista y creíble.

by. Wood, Barbara, 1947-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

The time is December 1999. Millennial fever holds the world in its grip - stirring ancient and terrible fears that the apocalypse is at hand. In the Sinai desert, archeologist Catherine Alexander just unearthed a cache of six ancient papyrus scrolls that point to the millennium's most transforming secret.

Beautiful, branded package: The Prophetess features a beautiful yet modern classic cover similar to Wood’s other Turner backlist book covers.

The Prophetess - Barbara Wood. The Prophetess - Barbara Wood.

It is December 1999. In the Sinai Desert, archaeologist Catherine Alexander has unearthed six ancient papyrus scrolls that reveal vital secrets--secrets that the world's governments would give anything to possess. But even more important, the seventh scroll is missing--and it contains a secret of unfathomable power. In a race against Armageddon, Catherine must outwit the FBI, Vatican operatives, and a sinister millionaire--to find that parchment.

Wonderful story. However, Kindle version is very poorly edited! I'm angry that I spent more than $12 for this version! "tip" instead of "up". "keep this in mind,gentlemen". "...eighteen but could pass for Uvelve" These are just a few of the recent errors I've found in the last 2 pages. There are many, many more - at least 2 or more per page!
If you can, find a used (but quality) condition original hardback of paperback from 1996/97 for much less cost; this new reprint (from 2015) is riddled with formatting mistakes that are distracting and even hinder understanding what's going on.
Amazing book! Recommended to me by a friend and loved it very much!
Uplifting and inspiring, a spiritual "Whodunnit" along the lines of Indiana Jones. Couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it.
Loved it.
I absolutely LOVE this book. I even wrote to the author and thanked her for writing this story. I believe Ms. Wood was spiritually inspired to write this book. If someone doesn't like it, then they don't have an open mind to the spiritual realm.
Fans of Dan Brown's novels will certainly find this to their liking, particularly if you wished Brown would have gone into more detail about the early church. Archaeologist Dr Catherine Alexander is digging near Sinai when she finds a basket containing six scrolls. Due to some shady dealings, she is soon on the run for her life from the Catholic Church, the FBI, CIA, the Egyptian government, and a ruthless billionaire collector, all of whom have reasons for wanting to keep the contents of the scrolls from becoming public knowledge. She is also searching for a seventh scroll, as the sixth ends in the middle of a sentence. Her companion in flight is Father Michael Garabaldi, whom she may or may not be able to trust, as he is much more than he seems. Also, the authoress of the scrolls was on her own quest in the early first century C.E. to find The Righteous One. She has a lot to reveal about the nature of the early Church and how it may connect to other religions.
Weaving threads of both Catherine and Michael's pasts through the suspenseful chase and alternating with translations of the scrolls, this book is fast-paced, suspenseful and educational.
I borrowed this book from a library, it seemed like it might be interesting, so I gave it 30 pages. 130 pages later, I had lunch. Since it was my day off, I had the luxury of finishing this book after dinner. is a great "page turner". But more that that, it makes you think very hard about what religion is all about.

The story is that of an archaeologist who discovers some ancient scrolls giving new light on the origins of Christianity. The scrolls tells of an "early Christian era" woman's search for the Redeemer, the importance of women in early Christianity, and what she learned on her journey.

The tale of the archaeologist, and her friends, and their efforts to bring the scrolls to light is riveting, fast-paced, and compelling.

I hope that I do not demean either author, but, I could not help noticing the similarity with the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Both authors have recognized the importance of women in church history. They also both recognize the importance of Mary Magdalene.

Last comment....this is a book that gives me faith...I think that that is a good thing.