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by Lila L. Pinord
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Thrillers & Suspense
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    Lila L. Pinord
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    PublishAmerica (March 17, 2003)
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Skye Dancer Lila L. Pinord.

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Skye Dancer - By Lila L. Pinord - Book Trailer.

Lila L. Pinord - Biography Lila L. Pinord was . Sign me up! No thanks. Pinord was born and raised in a small Native American fishing village called Queets, a part of the greater Quinault Indian Nation along the coast of Washington State. Because of this, many of her own experiences and knowledge of reservation life- such as myths, legends and superstitions of her people- are included in her writings. Pinord was born and raised on the Quinault Indian Reservation in a small fishing village called Queets, Washington. She was so small at birth that her father held her in the palm of one hand. She finished grade school at Queets-Clearwater, then it was on to Lake Quinault High School where she earned a scholarship to Grays Harbor College, being Salutitorian of her class.

Skye Dancer and her brother, raised by their father in the small community of Lake Odawa, were told that their. ISBN10 : 1591297451, ISBN13 : 9781591297451.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Skye Dancer - a modern-day, Native American teenager, living in a quiet fishing village on the coast of Washington state - becomes aware of the Prospector when she follows him up to his lair out in the wilderness area beyond the haunted Lake Odawa.

1 books of Lila L Pinord. People started disappearing when Charlie Crane, mad mountain man, moved into the vicinity. Skye Dancer is in for the surprise of her life when she and some friends follow the serial killer to his lair high on a mountaintop. He holds a young girl captive in a pit! Can they rescue her before the prospector returns to his cave?

People started disappearing when Charlie Crane, mad mountain man, moved into the vicinity. Skye Dancer is in for the surprise of her life when she and some friends follow the serial killer to his lair high on a mountaintop

People started disappearing when Charlie Crane, mad mountain man, moved into the vicinity. He holds a young girl captive in a pit! Can they rescue her before the prospector returns to his cave? Who is he? Where did he come from? And what does he want with her?

Skye Dancer, Evil Lives in Blue Rock, Min's Monster, and In Time.

Skye Dancer, Evil Lives in Blue Rock, Min's Monster, and In Time. Skye Dancer, Evil Lives in Blue Rock, Min's Monster, and In Time. Lila Pinord's best boards. More ideas from Lila Pinord.

Skyes mother, Jessie Dancer, is abducted from her home and held captive by a disturbed killer who calls himself a prospector, when Skye and her brother were just babies. He eventually drowns Jessie in the haunted Lake Odawa, but keeps her daughtershe was pregnant at the time, though no one knewSummer Dancer, in a pit in a cave up on Wolfs head mountain. The book covers twenty years in the life of Charlie Cranehis real namereclusive mountain man and murderer of many as his mind slowly deteriorates. At times, he completely forgets the girl down in the pit. Then comes the storm of the century. Skye, Rider Bishop, a close friend, and a boy called Snake, after many terrifying experiences, rescue the girl from the rising waters in the pit where she has somehow survived for the past fifteen years. Skye is in for the surprise of her life! As the platform slowly rises up from the black pit, Skye screams. The girl who crouches there is the exact image of herself.

I loved this book.

Lila Pinord brings the Pacific Northwest setting to life in this beautifully crafted novel. In the small Native American community at Lake Odawa, everyone knows everyone else. Even the old prospector who moves to the area eventually becomes known around town as the years pass. He's a harmless old fellow who buys milkshakes for the children. Lake Odawa seems a typical small town. People hunt, fish, enjoy the magnificent outdoors, and quietly go about their lives in a seemingly idyllic setting. Of course, there are ghosts and legends. And stories about people who have gone missing over the years.

At the beginning of the story, it seems as though the locals take the disappearances in stride. After all, they are in a wilderness setting where danger can lurk in the middle of nature's beauty. And people might decide to move and not say where they're going. But then bodies start turning up and it's apparent the victims have been ambushed and brutally murdered.

The suspense starts slowly, draws you in, and then builds to a point where you can't put the book down. The characters seem real and once you learn the plight of Jessie and Summer Dancer, you will have to follow Skye Dancer as she risks her life to come to the rescue.

A great read with a satisfying ending.
Lila Pinord is a wonderful lady who looks and is one of the sweetest persons on earth...who just has the ability to scare the reader to the point of sleeping with the lights on for a month...
In each of Ms. Pinord's books, the Native Americn culture is almost a character. Indeed Ms. Pinord was raised on the Quinnault Indian Reservation in Washington, and grew up learning what most cultures have forgotten to do to their descendents, their cultures' history.
In Skye Dancer she creates one nasty villian, Charlie Crane. He is this creepy man who hangs around Lake Odawa...he gives everyone the creeps..
One day. long ago, a beautiful young Native American woman, Jessie Dancer, disappears. In those days, sometimes women were taken from other tribes as wives, but she didn't have that fate. Charlie Crane confused Jessie with a long lost woman in his life. He tries to make a home with Jessie - but she fights and will not talk to him.
She then switches tactics and starts to be nice, and tries to run away only to be thrown into a pit like an animal.
Years later, Jessie's oldest daughter Skye becomes a part of the solution to the mystery by the help of her friends and the love of her mother.
The ending is one of the most beautiful and spiritual I have read in a long time.
Love and spirit comquer evil - may take a while...but...
An excellent read - all of Lila Pinord's books are excellent.
For twenty years, people have gone missing in the small community of Lake Odawa. Since most of them were strangers or temporary residents, the locals rarely paid much attention. When the number of missing long-time residents begins to escalate, though, people grow edgy. Some wonder if there's more to the story of the "haunted" lake. But young Skye Dancer has other worries. The nightmares she's suffered since her mother's death years earlier, for instance, are becoming stronger and more frequent.

These events set the scene for an intriguing story that's not only a mystery but a moving coming-of-age novel. SKYE DANCER has other terrific elements too: supernatural events, mythology, elegant narrative description, and suspense. Needless to say, this book is hard to pigeonhole and maybe it shouldn't be. I especially liked the way author Lila L. Pinord moves elegantly back and forth in time to tell the story from different viewpoints.

I honestly can't recall reading a book quite like SKYE DANCER before. I can also honestly say that I very much look forward to reading more of Pinord's work.
Zeus Wooden
Skye Dancer is a good suspenseful thriller, with plenty of twists and turns. Lila Pinord is a master at telling scary ghost stories, so keep a light on and make sure the back door is locked. And most of all, never, never, ever go walking by the lake alone.

My only issue with this book is it lacks true chronological sequencing. That could just be me and my simple mind, but I like to read things in the order they happened.
Alan Black, author The Friendship Stones (An Ozark Mountain Series Book 1)
I loved reading this captivating book. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the picture Ms. Pinord paints of the setting for her characters is vivid in my mind. The story itself quickly grabbed me and wouldn't let me go.

I read it on a brief work trip. In the airport on the way home to Seattle, I told myself I'd get some work done while I had wi fi and save the second half of the book for later. But instead I continued reading Skye Dancer. So it was both rewarding and sad to finish the book halfway through my flight and have nothing to do!
While I'm not sure if Lila is Native American, I am certain she can tell a story about the Native Americans and you feel like part of their culture and their history. She delivers characters that are beliveable in settings that you hear, smell and feel.

Skye Dancer if not based on a real person is a brilliantly developed character that provides you with not only an indepth look into their persona, but also allows for their actions to flow based on the way this character is presented.

Some of the action in the tale takes awhile, while the storyline builds. I would say I never read anything dull during my time with this book, but what I certainly did find was a world I was so involved with, that I forgot some of my other responsibilites. This is the perfect weekend read, or one you can try to read just before bed. If you don't plan on sleeping.

Really and excellent tale. By an author who wrote one of my favorite book's. I highly recommend Min's Monster to anyone exploring Lila for the first time.