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by Andrew Neiderman
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Thrillers & Suspense
  • Author:
    Andrew Neiderman
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    Leisure Books (December 29, 2009)
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    309 pages
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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Guardian Angel - Andrew Neiderman. On the contrary, I was building something for us all. She took that attitude to the grave, and I always appreciated her for it. Scott Lester’s Beverly Hills street was dazzling under the glow of the streetlights. The lawns of houses were veritable carpets of rich green, the driveways immaculate, many with rich textured tiles that looked too expensive and too good for mere car tires to ride over. Everywhere he turned, he saw Mercedes, Rolls, Lexus, and Jaguar. Scott had simply nodded. He’d wanted to say, But what about me, Dad? What about all the ball games I was in that you missed?

Andrew Neiderman (born October 26, 1940), is a best-selling American novelist. In 1987, he became the ghost writer for V. C. Andrews following her death in 1986. He formerly taught English at Fallsburg J. Sr.

Andrew Neiderman (born October 26, 1940), is a best-selling American novelist. High School, in upstate New York. Neiderman is arguably best known as the author of The Devil's Advocate, later adapted into a film starring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, and Charlize Theron, and directed by Taylor Hackford

Paperback with 309 pages. A Suspense-filled Thriller published by Leisure Books.

Paperback with 309 pages. After a one-night stand with Steve, Megan is content to leave it at that, but Steve isn't, and he'll stop at nothing-even kidnapping Megan's young daughter-to make Megan part of his "perfect family.

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Guardian Angel by Andrew Neiderman and Publisher Diversion Books. Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9781626817906, 1626817901. By: Andrew Neiderman. Publisher: Diversion Books. eText ISBN: 9781626817906, 1626817901.

Guardian Angel – e-kirja kirjailijoilta Andrew Neiderman. Lue tämä kirja käyttämällä Google Play Kirjat ‑sovellusta tietokoneella tai Android- tai iOS-laitteella. Andrew Neiderman is the author of numerous novels of suspense and terror published by Pocket Books and Pocket Star Books, including "Deficiency, The Baby Squad, Under Abduction, Dead Time, Curse, In Double Jeopardy, The Dark, Surrogate Child, " and "The Devil's Advocate" - which was made into a major motion picture by Warner Brothers. He lives in Palm Springs, California, with his wife, Diane.

Andrew Neiderman’s new novel, Guardian Angel is described as a reverse Fatal Attraction. It is a thriller about a newly separated woman in the process of a divorce who is stalked by a so-called guardian angel who turns out to be a unique sort of psychotic

Andrew Neiderman’s new novel, Guardian Angel is described as a reverse Fatal Attraction. It is a thriller about a newly separated woman in the process of a divorce who is stalked by a so-called guardian angel who turns out to be a unique sort of psychotic.

Andrew Neiderman, Palm Springs, California r the heaven series,Whatever happened to Sara,Keith and our Jane what happened in their lives and did fanny find true happiness.

Andrew Neiderman, Palm Springs, California. Author r the heaven series,Whatever happened to Sara,Keith and our Jane what happened in their lives and did fanny find true happiness. Also Anne and luke what turn did their lives take?It would be great and fans of the books and movies want to KNOW!!

After a one-night stand with Steve Wallace, whom she met at a bar, newly separated Megan Wallace becomes the obsession of this sick and twisted man who believes she is his "perfect" woman. Original. 125,000 first printing.

I am so pleased to be the first to review this awesome new thriller from Mr. Andrew Neiderman!

Mr. Neiderman always delivers and Guardian Angel is no exception. It is fast paced and the action never stops. I never review a book chapter by chapter or give away the ending but rest assured that you will be very satisfied with this novel. The characters are believable and you genuinely care about them (most of them!). Megan, Scott, and Jennifer are good people caught in a tragic situation. But right from the start, Steve Wallace gives you the creeps... sort of a tingling feeling at the back of your neck. This creep is up to no good! However, by the end of the book, I was not prepared for how truly awful he really is! And the scary thing about it is... you just know there are people out there like this!

Of course, Mr. Neiderman also wrote The Devil's Advocate which was a major motion picture. I don't know about you... but I smell a movie deal here! Guardian Angel is that good and that suspenseful! If you want a non-stop thrill-ride... order this book today. And check out his entire library of thrillers!
There is no doubt about it: If you are looking for an author that delivers time after time with characters you get into, a plot that grabs you and a storyending that leaves you wanting more, then Andrew Neiderman is the author that should be at the top of your reading list.

As with previous titles, he gives the readers of GUARDIAN ANGEL an unforgettabe story and a entertaining read that will surely have you talking.
A literary agent once said books should "SHOW the story, not TELL about it." The first half of this book suffers from a LOT of telling and not much showing. This story is told in third person, which is one plus. We get three different viewpoints: that of Megan, the female lead; Scott, her estranged husband; and Steve the Stalker. Now a little background will help you identify with the characters and care about them, but when a third of the book is exposition, there's a problem.

Other problems include (WITH SPOILERS):

* Why did Steve become a serial killer? Yeah, his parents were "mean." He wasn't abused, just the "victim" of some verbal nagging, such as "are you gay?" If children became killers based on some mean comments from parents, half of America would be serial killers.

* Why was Steve so obsessed with having children? Just because he found his father so lacking because he said mean things?

* WHY did Megan just happily go back with her husband at the end of the book? Wow, what a dish rag. He saved her life and that of their daughter...fine, he was a decent human being. But the problems for which she was leaving him had not been resolved. I can easily see Scott slipping back into his work-obsessed ways soon after coming home from London.

*The author fell back on some of his most overused words, such as "chastise" and "chant," but the real offender in this book was "helluva." One or two "helluva's," as long as they're at opposite ends of the book, aren't too bad. Four or five in one chapter distract the reader and jar him or her out of the reading experience. I've often found this to be one of Neiderman's primary weaknesses.

*The dialogue is fairly horrible. People just don't say things like "Nevertheless" and "I forgot to do so" in ordinary conversation. (As an aside, this book suffered from a surplus of commas, one of my pet peeves. Commas where they don't belong pull the reader out of the reading experience. That's more of an editorial problem, but still.)

*Finally, I am not a Hispanic-American, nor do I live in California, but I found the character of Sanchez pretty racially stereotyped. His whole "Si, Senor" thing seemed pretty subservient to the "gringos," as Sanchez and his friends referred to them later. Seriously, is this realistic?

So why did I give it two stars instead of just one? Well, at least it told a story. It's not one of the worst books ever written (although the author does have a few in that category under his belt). I did feel that the plot tied up a little suddenly and quickly at the end. In a more fully complete novel, I could see Steve's manipulations going on longer and more involved. However, the story is kinda sparse and short; yes, it's 300 pages, but in a relatively large typeface and with pretty generous leading.

Bottom line: There are plenty of better stalker books and movies out there. I especially recommend "Secret Smile" with David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame).

REVISION NOTE: The names "Meg Lester" and "Scott Lester" are recycled from a 1994 Neiderman book. WHY does this author need to recycle names so much? WHY? There are plenty of names in the world to choose from.
Sometimes the deepest dreams can become the worst nightmares. After years of seeing her husband Scott constantly put his job above the needs of his own family, Megan Lester has had enough. She asks her husband for a divorce. When her friend convinces Megan to have a night out on the town, a pushy man won't take no for an answer, at least not until Steve Wallace puts him in his place. Ever since that night, Steve stands by her, ready to come to her aid. Steve watches her. He sees her every move. To Steve, Megan is the ideal woman and he will do anything to make her his. Will Megan realize the danger lurking all too close?

Andrew Neiderman's GUARDIAN ANGEL is quick, fast-paced suspense that twists the fantasy of romance into a nightmare. Andrew Neiderman shocks not with gore but by giving a reader a psychological glimpse into everyday values turned extreme. Andrew Neiderman ramps up the creepiness by allowing the reader to see the real man behind both Scott and Steve while Megan remains oblivious to the motivations of both men. The reader knows the score. Megan doesn't. While trying to get her life on track, she does all the right things --- almost. She follows her instincts --- most of the time. The advice her friend gives her seems to be good advice, but is it?

Andrew Neiderman builds up the thrill factor, not by hiding the identity of the villain, but rather by showing the reader step by step his depraved vision of women. Even more creepy is the way Andrew Neiderman almost has the reader wanting him to do good, but the problem is the reader knows his deep-kept secret. Likewise, Megan's natural inclinations and desires are easy to understand, except the reader, unlike her, sees the inner pain of both men, and the twisted lengths to which one will take his fantasies. GUARDIAN ANGEL is much more interesting than the cheesy book cover which almost prevented me from reading the book, except that having read the author before, I knew I could depend on him for a suspenseful, engrossing easy-to-read story. I was not disappointed. Unable to put it down, I read it straight through from beginning to end. Andrew Neiderman gives enough character development to understand the characters but not so much as to weigh down the story or the action. Instead, Neiderman focuses on the key elements to maximize the chills. GUARDIAN ANGEL is a very good choice for the suspense lover who wants a light, quick, creepy read. Andrew Neiderman is an excellent author to choose if you want to just relax into a book that will help you to relax and escape into a book after work, on the beach or during a snow storm.