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by David Colacci,John Lescroart
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Thrillers & Suspense
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    David Colacci,John Lescroart
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    Brilliance Audio; Abridged edition (January 4, 2011)
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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by John Lescroart (Author), David Colacci (Reader). Only 5 left in stock (more on the way).

by John Lescroart (Author), David Colacci (Reader).

John Lescroart (/lɛsˈkwɑː/; born January 14, 1948) is a New York Times bestselling author known for his series of legal and crime thriller novels featuring the characters Dismas Hardy, Abe Glitsky, and Wyatt Hunt

John Lescroart (/lɛsˈkwɑː/; born January 14, 1948) is a New York Times bestselling author known for his series of legal and crime thriller novels featuring the characters Dismas Hardy, Abe Glitsky, and Wyatt Hunt.

This is another entry in John Lescroart's long-running series featuring San Franciso attorney Dismas Hardy and the head of the city PD's homicide squad, Abe Glitsky, although in this book, Hardy makes only a couple of token appearances. The book focuses instead on Glitsky and on Wes Farrell, another member of the cast who has been a partner in Hardy's law practice.

Damage by Lescroart, John Book The Cheap Fast Free Post. Author:Lescroart, John Read by David Colacci and Amy Rubinate. The Keeper Written By John Lescroart

Damage by Lescroart, John Book The Cheap Fast Free Post. Author:Lescroart, John. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. Read by David Colacci and Amy Rubinate. The Keeper Written By John Lescroart. First case for Rebecca Hardy.

Written by John Lescroart, narrated by David Colacci.

Narrated by David Colacci. The Curtlees are a powerful force in San Francisco, unscrupulous billionaires who've lined every important pocket in the Bay Area in pursuit.

Also by john lescroart. Penguin Books Ltd, Registered Offices: 80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL, England. Published by Dutton, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. First printing, January 2011. Registered trademark-marca registrada.

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The Curtlees are a powerful force in San Francisco, unscrupulous billionaires who’ve lined every important pocket in the Bay Area in pursuit of their own ascent. So when the family’s heir, Ro Curtlee, was convicted of rape and murder a decade ago, the fallout for those who helped to bring him to justice was swift and uncompromising. The jury foreman was fired from his job and blacklisted in his industry. The lead prosecutor was pushed off the fast track, her dreams of becoming district attorney dashed. And head homicide detective Abe Glitsky was reassigned to the police department’s payroll office. Eventually, all three were able to rebuild their lives.

And then Ro Curtlee’s lawyers won him a retrial, and he was released from jail.

Within twenty-four hours, a fire destroys the home of the original trial’s star witness, her abused remains discovered in the ruins. When a second fire claims a participant in the case, Abe is convinced: Ro is out for revenge. But with no hard evidence and an on-the-take media eager to vilify anyone who challenges Ro, can Abe stop the violence before he finds himself in its crosshairs? How much more can he sacrifice to put Ro back behind bars?

As a huge fan of Lescroart's Hardy/Glitsky series who has read every single one of his books at least twice, I couldn't wait for his new novel DAMAGE to come out. In his recent books, this writer has departed from his winning formula of a courtroom drama and concentrated more on the character of Wyatt Hunt, whose flat and uninspiring appearance in The Hunt Club,A Plague of Secrets, etc. really spoiled my enjoyment of Lescroart's books.

Finally, though, this great writer has given his fans the kind of book that first made us like his novels and follow these series. DAMAGE is absolutely brilliant. It is truly on the same level as Lescroart's breath-taking Guilt (Abe Glitsky),The Second Chair (Dismas Hardy),The Hearing, and others. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading (or rather, gulping down) this great novel.

Gone is the inane, goody-two-shoes investigator Wyatt Hunt and his coterie of whiny friends and employees. The focus of this novel is back on Glitsky, a great policeman and a complex, fascinating human being who is as unlike the one-dimensional Hunt as anybody could be. Wes Farrell, who, in my opinion, is the most endearing and quirky character ever created by Lescroart is also one of the protagonists here. Believe it or not, Farrell is now the District Attorney. It is a great challenge for this former defense attorney to learn to see the world from the prosecutorial side of the courtroom.

Farrell and Glitsky have to work together as the DA and the Chief of Homicide. Still, the case of Ro Curtlee, a scion of a wealthy and powerful family who was convicted for rape and murder many years ago but has now been released on bail pending a retrial, puts a big strain on the friendship between Farrell and Glitsky, as well as on Wes's relationship with his girlfriend Sam. It's become an overused cliche to say that a book is impossible to put down, but that is truly the case with DAMAGE. The very first pages grip you with suspense which doesn't subside until the very end of the book.

Lescroart gives us his trademark courtroom scenes, which is what he does best, in this great novel. There is literally not a boring paragraph in this fast-paced book that keeps surprising you at every turn. We see the fascinating power play between San Francisco's new mayor, the city's new Chief of police, and our friends Farrell, and Glitsky. There is corruption, there are failings of the judicial system, there is mystery, there is human drama, there are complex characters - in short, this novel offers everything we have come to expect from Lescroart's great series.
This is an earlier work by the author and it has the quality and page turning drama that has made him so successful. This book is about Abe Glitsky, though a large part is also about Wes Ferrell and Dismas Hardy even makes a cameo. If you have read any of Mr. Lescroart's other books you know what to expect, a great plot, great characters, and a lot of late nights reading just one more page. If you are new to Lescroart you are in for a treat. Buy the book and enjoy.
This is the first book I read, Damaged (book 3) by John Lescroart. It is well written and an interesting storyline. Even though this was book three, I don't feel I'd have a problem going back to the first two now, and I will read them. I of course try to figure out who were the bad guys. The main ones were obvious, but I wouldn't have figured the final one. Good characters and relationships. It was hard to put down! I highly recommend it!
Compelling and depressing. John Lescroart's writing is realistic, easy to follow and emotional.

No graphic brutality or drag-you-down drama. Good people are murdered and a dog is killed.

Interesting storyline with plenty of twists. Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and informative dialogue.

No desire to re-read this story. I am always interested in works by this author.
Damage is damaged. I was just about to chuck it (Dorothy Parkers famous line "Don't set this book down lightly; throw it with all your might.") I was at page 197 when I said to myself WHY are you reading this book! Not to finish a book on an uneven number I decided to go to 200 pages. It finally became a good police story--for a while. It never did become a good legal yarn. The first two hundred pages could have been halved. The total would have been 345 pages which, I think, is the maximum length a fictional police or legal or a mystery should be. I read my first Lescroart novel while in rehab and since it was my first exposure to him and he really caught my attention I immediately purchased two more of his novels. I'm going to leave them on the shelf for a while until I get the bad taste out of my mouth from reading this one. I buy books from Amazon when they are ten bucks or less so I'm never out too much if the book is a bummer.
Wes Farrell has been elected District Attorney in San Francisco. Now he has a wealthy, powerful family wanting to call in favors. Over the years, the parents had been acquiring housemaids from places like Guatemala, and their son had been raping the housemaids. He was convicted of rape and murder, but now he is out as his case was sent back for retrial. Bond was set at $10 million, but that is a drop in the bucket for the wealthy family who, among other things, own a local newspaper that they use to attack their enemies (real or imagined). They retaliated against anyone involved in convicting their son in the original case, and they will move mountains to keep him from being sent back to prison. Power corrupts.

This is a study in legal procedures as the law wants to lock the man up without bail, and powerful interests are at play to keep him out on the streets. People involved in the original case show up dead, and there are various sorts of threats. How far can the police go, with or without warrants. There are some twists in the plot at the end, and an open case left pending.

The case and characters make me think of a real case in my home county in Washington State where a jury refused to convict a person for blowing away a scumbag - taking the attitude that there are some men who need killing. There are crimes, and then there are crimes. People tend to view things in light of the circumstances. You will have to use your judgment about how far the police can go with a case. There are sometimes fuzzy dividing lines between justice and injustice, between being protected by the law and having the law violate your rights.