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by Tavia Gilbert,Allison Leotta
Download Law of Attraction: A Novel fb2
Thrillers & Suspense
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    Tavia Gilbert,Allison Leotta
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    Tantor Audio; MP3 - Unabridged CD edition (October 12, 2010)
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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I haven't read a book this year from an author that I would continue to follow, but I would read another Allison Leotta novel.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. I haven't read a book this year from an author that I would continue to follow, but I would read another Allison Leotta novel.

Читает Tavia Gilbert. Taking listeners on a thrilling ride through . s criminal justice system, from the back rooms of the . Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента. attorney's office to the gritty streets of Anacostia, Law of Attraction is a gripping debut-sure to appeal to suspense and romance readers alike-from an exciting new talent.

Law of Attraction: A Novel. Written by Allison Leotta. Narrated by Tavia Gilbert. In general it's a pretty standard mystery/legal thriller, but the plot twist at the end is excellently done

Law of Attraction: A Novel. In general it's a pretty standard mystery/legal thriller, but the plot twist at the end is excellently done. Also, I loved her descriptions of Washington, DC. So many of them were places I visit regularly so it was great to see a novelist acknowledge that there is life in DC beyond the federal government.

Narrated by Tavia Gilbert. Books related to Law of Attraction. As a newly minted assistant . attorney in Washington, .

Law of Attraction book

Law of Attraction book. Allison Leotta delivers everything you're looking for in a legal thriller - fast pace, twists and turns, engaging characters, powerful courtroom drama, a love story, and a heart-wrenching past that might just cause a tear to fall. I had a feeling I was going to love this novel, and I did! Allison Leotta has a long and successful writing career ahead of her - Law of Attraction is only the beginning! I'm keeping my eye on this author.

Allison Leotta is an American novelist, former prosecutor and blogger, best known for her popular legal crime thrillers. Her books have won various awards and have been placed on multiple best-seller lists. She has been dubbed the "female John Grisham" but has stated that she instead wishes John Grisham to be dubbed "the male Allison Leotta.

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As a newly minted Assistant .

As a newly minted Assistant . Anna Curtis has already developed thick skin to deal with the brutality she encounters with her daily stack of domestic violence cases. When a beautiful young woman plummets to her death from the balcony of the . Attorney Anna Curtis is summoned to the scene.

She was combing through the prior cases where D’marco had been charged with assaulting Laprea. In each of these cases, the charges had been dropped after Laprea went back to him. Why? Anna wondered. Why did she keep doing it? Why didn’t Laprea just leave him the first time he hit her?But Anna knew why. At least, she knew all the theories. Experts talked about the cycle of violence. After a beating, the man is repentant and sweet. He promises to change. He tells the woman he loves her, he needs her. And he does need her-no one else needs her like that.

Allison Leotta Books. Allison Leotta Books, TIME'nin fotoğrafını paylaştı. As someone who's spent her career fighting sex crimes, this week was heartbreaking. Former DC sex-crimes prosecutor & author of crime thrillers including A GOOD KILLING. As someone who's spent her career fighting sex crimes, this week was heartbreaking Daha Fazla. 7 Ekim 2018, 10:04 · Herkese Açık. Allison Leotta Books. I’ll be in HLN at 4:00 to talk about the Kavanaugh insanity. 5 Ekim 2018, 13:10 · Herkese Açık.

As a newly minted assistant U.S. attorney in Washington, D.C., Anna Curtis has already developed a thick skin to help her deal with the unsettling brutality she encounters daily with her overflowing stack of domestic violence cases. Yet when Laprea Johnson walks into Anna's life-battered by her boyfriend on the morning after Valentine's Day-there's something about this particular case that Anna can't quite shake, something that reminds the prosecutor of her own troubled past.At the trial, Laprea makes a last-minute reversal, lying on the witness stand to free her boyfriend. Shortly after he is freed, Anna is horrified to hear the news that Laprea's body has been found in a trash heap. Hastily assigned to prosecute the murder case alongside the handsome and intimidating chief homicide prosecutor, Jack Bailey, Anna finds herself trapped in a difficult situation when she discovers that her boyfriend, public defender Nick Wagner, plans to sit across from her in the courtroom representing Laprea's boyfriend and suspected murderer.Caught between seeking justice for Laprea and saving her personal life, Anna makes a series of choices that jeopardize her career, her relationships, and her very life as she uncovers the shocking truth behind the murder.Taking listeners on a thrilling ride through D.C.'s criminal justice system, from the back rooms of the U.S. attorney's office to the gritty streets of Anacostia, Law of Attraction is a gripping debut-sure to appeal to suspense and romance readers alike-from an exciting new talent.

I loved the writing, it was clear and crisp. I'm not much into scenery and fluff descriptions, and though they were some, they didn't go on and on.
I kind of new how it would end, but the author managed to stir me away from my conclusion and planted seeds of doubt, only to make the ending more shocking, than I had guessed.

I haven't read a book this year from an author that I would continue to follow, but I would read another Allison Leotta novel.
My only criticism, is the main character Anna Curtis seemed an irritating air head at times, she makes decisions that are unbelievable for someone who claims to know struggle and hardship, and grew up broke in a trailer park, in a completely dysfunctional family, much like her clients from the ghetto.

The fight with D'marco in her apartment, for instance: this giant, musclebound, big-bad, scary, black man in sitting on top of her, yelling that he has something to tell her about the case she's working on, and she continues to fight like Lara Croft. Anna, reacted like a prepping rich girl who grew up on the other side of the tracks, only coming in touch with minority since becoming a prosecutor to be a goody two shoe-er. Stereotypes the author herself holds came through a lot in this book.
But I still loved its twists and turns and crazy ending.
Good legal thriller - suspenseful to the end and with interesting characters and plot line.. The subject matter (spousal abuse) is a difficult one but the Author handled perfectly - conveyed the heartbreak and psychological complexities but did so without detracting from the suspenseful plot line.
Also great insight about roles and relationships between prosecutors and public defenders and good portrayal of courtroom drama.
I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
I like these books. They are not a complex as some of the other similar books out there. But the main character is believable, as are the supporting characters. It is an easy read, and definitely worth the price.
Great writing, good editing, fast-paced and never slows down. This one kept me guessing and even when conclusions seemed obvious, I was never sure. This was one of the best books overall I have read in a long time.
A woman who comes from a dysfunctional, financially challenged family rises above her circumstances though education, determination and ethical values as an advocate against violence against women.
I've read the entire series and found each book fascinating.
You won't believe the end of this book. Never did I see it coming! You get so involved in the life of Anna Curtis and her domestic violence cases that you feel the pain when Laprea is killed. Then you start down the road of an inexperienced Assistant US Attorney and learn about walking the narrow road between jeopardizing career and life itself.
This book reminds me of Linda Fairstein's style of writing (I am a big fan). Looking forward to having a great new author to follow.
This book read so well that I had a hard time believing it was her first book. Characters were well defined and developed. The plot kept me reading way past my bedtime. The author obviously knows the D.C. area; I could identify with her settings. Finally, the twist at the end had me saying, wow, I can't believe it. Liked this book so much that I bought a gift copy for my daughter, a defense paralegal (I love her anyway). I have already bought the second book for myself, and have the third high on my wish list. Keep it going, Ms. Leotta.
Nice fast pacing is typical of legal thrillers, but characters are usually shallowly drawn.

Ms. Leotta has beautifully combined the pacing demands of the genre with carefully-crafted complex characters. The secondary male characters are generally less complex than the female characters -for a change- and especially the protagonist, who clearly (to quote another female character), 'has issues.' A LOT of issues. I'm hoping Anna Curtis, Esq., does show up in subsequent novels with her issues tormenting her in other ways. I'm not convinced that the happy ending in this book will prevent her from reappearing with new difficulties.

Ms. Leotta's descriptions of the gritty DC courthouse and government offices are dynamite, as are her subtle explanations of criminal procedure, and her treatment of living and working in DC and Anacostia. One scene, in particular, where picture-postcard DC is juxtaposed against the slums of SE Washington, is just terrific. Another that comes to mind is her description of a convenience store which, although fairly brief, is incredibly insightful.

The sole two-star review criticizes the somewhat bland personality of the protagonist's ultimate love interest. I see this "too perfect" man more as a plot vehicle than the kind of character who screams for the kind of multi-faceted layers than most of the other characters in the book. I do not agree that the author has an ax to grind against defense counsel (just look at her acknowledgements!) or against rich people. Her agenda seems pretty limited to asking, and trying to answer, the question: "Why Doesn't She Just Leave Him?" This book explores that issue in an entertaining, non-preachy way that enhances the reader's understanding of battered women, adding generous dollops of action and romance, all adding up to a good solid read.