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by Lawrence Sanders
Download Fourth Deadly Sin fb2
Thrillers & Suspense
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    Lawrence Sanders
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    Putnam Adult; First Edition edition (July 26, 1985)
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    380 pages
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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It happens four or five times a day in the Big Apple. I didn't think you got all that concerned about one kill

Lawrence Sanders The Fourth Deadly Sin The November sky over Manhattan was chain mail, raveling into steely rain. A black night with coughs of thunder, lightning stabs that made abrupt days. Dr. Simon Ellerbee, standing at his office window, peered out to look at life on the street below. He saw only the reflection of his own haunted face. It happens four or five times a day in the Big Apple. I didn't think you got all that concerned about one kill. Thorsen rose and began to pace nervously about the room.

The Fourth Deadly Sin. The November sky over Manhattan was chain mail, raveling into steely rain. He could not have said how it started, or why. He, who had always been so certain, now buffeted and trembling.

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Lawrence Sanders (March 15, 1920 – February 7, 1998) was an American novelist and short story writer. Lawrence Sanders was born in Brooklyn in New York City. After public school he attended Wabash College, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then returned to New York and worked at Macy's Department Store. In 1943 he joined the United States Marine Corps and was discharged in 1946.

The Fourth Deadly Sin book. Author Biography: Lawrence Sanders, one of America's most popular novelists, was the author of more than twenty-two bestsellers. Authors: Sanders, Lawrence.

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Lawrence Sanders,Vincent Lardo. The Seventh Commandment. Lawrence Sanders,Vincent Lardo.

When saintly New York psychiatrist Simon Ellerbee is murdered, retired Chief of Detectives Edward X. Delaney pursues the murderer on a list of the doctor's six most potentially violent patients, obtained from his beautiful psychologist wife

If you're tired of streaming or cleaning for the moment and need to pass some time, you won't go wrong with the four Deadly Sins series from Lawrence Sanders. I zip through all of them every other year, in sequence. They're great reads, and I've always pictured George C. Scott as Edward X. Delaney (Frank Sinatra in the movie version of the First in pretty insipid, but apparently he owned the rights).

The Fourth is the murder is Dr Simon Ellerbee, you get the usual palette of suspects, and retired Chief of Detectives gets his crew and does his stuff. If Hemingway wrote crime suspense set in NYC, it'd be like this. I love short descriptive sentences. Not sure I recall seeing "ears like slabs of veal" in this one. If you love New York, Mr Sanders captures its essence like a great musical conductor. The "Sins" series is the best, followed by the "Commandments." The Arch McNally stuff which followed that is okay, even though they kept the series going after Mr Sanders died in 1998. I just find that disrespectful. I only regret there wasn't a Fifth Deadly Sin.
The Deadly Sin books about retired Edward X Delaney from the NYPD are some of the best reading you can ever come across. Lawrence Sanders hit the nail dead on when he created this series of life as a retired NYPD officer who just can't stay retired and of the department won't let Delaney stay retired either.
Very dated, full of cops treating people in outrageously cruel and illegal ways presented as standard police procedure. The author should be ashamed of himself and should pull this book from circulation.
Even though there are some loose ends, I enjoyed this story very much. Two or three times I was sure I had it all figured out.
The hero of the story -- a New York City retired cop.. I have read it before but now want it on my kindle. The twists and turns of the plot are quite interesting, The support of his wife and two helpers are plausible and interesting (all from previous books) The added dynamic of the part of the plot that deals with higher level in the NY Police Department is interesting and the conclusion is a surprise
Another great novel by Mr. Sanders in this series. Good set of characters. Didn't give it 5 stars because I figured it out midway thru the book. To get 5 stars from me one needs to fool me in the end. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good murder mystery.
As always all Edward X Delaney stories by Sanders are griping, taut and never able to put down .
All the four in the series have a distinct stamp of the author and the character .
Read these all over again after almost 30 years yet find them as interesting as I found them three decades ago
Another great murder mystery from Lawrence Sanders. This whole series was written in the seventies, and there is a quality to the books that is hard to find today. Delaney is a great detective!