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by Karin Slaughter
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Thrillers & Suspense
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    Karin Slaughter
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Karin Slaughter dazzled readers and critics alike with Triptych, her New York Times bestselling suspense novel set in metropolitan Atlanta

Karin Slaughter dazzled readers and critics alike with Triptych, her New York Times bestselling suspense novel set in metropolitan Atlanta. Now the internationally bestselling author returns to the damaged landscape she knows so well in a bold new novel-at once a powder keg of suspense, a gritty portrait of a cop’s life, and a searing exploration of a shocking crime and its aftermath.

Triptych fractured undone broken fallen. Karin Slaughter is one of the best crime novelists in America. The Washington Post . Crime fiction at its finest. Slaughter writes with a razor. New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter is acclaimed for her novels of heart-stopping suspense, edge-of-your-seat intrigue, and richly imagined characters. And when Slaughter created detective Will Trent she broke the mold.

Karin Slaughter is an American crime writer. She is also the 2015 CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger winner for novel Cop Town

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Breathless tension! raved the San Francisco Chronicle. One of most remarkable achievements.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

The second book in the Will Trent series. ABIGAIL CAMPANO SAT in her car parked on the street outside her own house. She was looking up at the mansion they had remodeled almost ten years ago. The house was huge-too much space for three people, especially since one of them, God willing, would be going off to college in less than a year. What would she do with herself once her daughter was busy starting a new life of her own?

What does the concrete powder look like?""Like you'd expect," Petty answered, indicating the glass door Will had just walked through.

What does the concrete powder look like?""Like you'd expect," Petty answered, indicating the glass door Will had just walked through. Will glanced around the room, the furiously working copiers, the empty storefront. Anyone who had been in the Copy Right or the parking lot could have tracked through the concrete dust and deposited it anywhere, but only one of them was holding a knife that matched the one used to kill Kayla Alexander and Adam Humphrey

Книга Fractured -Karin Slaughter- скачать бесплатно в fb2,txt,epub для Android, iPhone, iPad, на телефон.

Книга Fractured -Karin Slaughter- скачать бесплатно в fb2,txt,epub для Android, iPhone, iPad, на телефон.

Karin Slaughter was born in Georgia on January 6, 1971. In 2001, she published her first novel, Blindsighted, which made the Dagger Award shortlist for Best Thriller Debut. She is the author of the Grant County series and the Will Trent series.

Fractured by Karin Slaughter is a 2008 publication. This second book in the Will Trent series, is a complicated case involving the death of an unpopular girl, and the kidnapping of her affluent friend, Emma. The Fractured by Karin Slaughter is a 2008 publication.

Fractured A Novel by Slaughter, Karin. Published by Dell,2009, Binding: Mass Market Paperback Reprint Edition

Fractured is my favorite book by Karin Slaughter so far and it all has to do with the amazing Will Trent. As a character, he's definitely someone unforgettable.

In this new book, Will Trent and Amanda Wagner, his boss are called into a murder scene. At first, Will thinks this is going to stay under the jurisdiction of the police department but when a girl is found missing and the clock is ticking, Trent will do anything to find her.

Will is not going to be able to do everything by himself. Amanda assigns Faith Mitchell, a detective with the Georgia Police Department to help him out. Due to a past conflict with Amanda's mom, Amanda isn't thrilled to work with Will but she wants to find the lost teenager as much as Will does.

Fractured had all the best components to make it a success. It's told from a dual POV which shines a light into what the main characters are feeling. From it, we learn more about Will's issues. Despite being a very smart man, he still feels threatened by his past and his shortcomings. He tries to disguise them as much as he can. He's used to working alone and when Amanda tells him he has to work with Faith, he doesn't know how to react at the beginning. He makes assumptions and mistakes but not on purpose.

His private life is still a mess. He's engaged to Angie Polanski but from what I read, I think he deserves much better. Thankfully, Angie doesn't have a lot of page time.

“Talk about sloppy seconds. Was there such a thing as sloppy thousandths?”

I like to see Will's vulnerable side and nothing is clearer for me than the love for his dog Betty. He was forced to take her in but now she has become his companion. Will takes better care of her than of himself.

Faith was a great addition to the story. She got pregnant way too young. Her son is in college. She doesn't have a college education but she's a good detective and like Will, she only wants to find Emma Campano before is too late.

I just bought Undone. I'm excited to see what is coming next for Will and Faith.

Cliffhanger: No

5/5 Fangs
In the latter part of 2017 I ran across a dated list [SERIAL KILLER NOVELS: 10 OF THE BEST] posted on Britain's Crime Fiction Silence Of The Lambs By Thomas Harris was prominently featured as 1. on the reviewer's list. Karin Slaughter's New York Times Best-Selling Book CRIMINAL was slotted into 3.

I was familiar with Karin Slaughter's novels and had listened to a number of her unabridged books on CD a few years back when my job dictated that I drive extensively throughout the state. I remembered her Special Agent Will Trent from the GBI, and recalled how much I thoroughly enjoyed her work. I decided to start at the beginning of her series which featured Will Trent, and read CRIMINAL only after I had refreshed my memory.

I recently read TRIPTYCH, the novel which introduces Special Agent Will Trent, and ironically, it is one of the books I somehow "missed"---perhaps not available at the library, or maybe not in audio book format at the time of my frenzied period of rentals. Superlatives truly fail me, and I can truthfully say that TRIPTYCH was an unforgettable literary classic.

But I digress as usual...I finished FRACTURED, the second installment in the saga of Will Trent's journey. I listened to the unabridged audio book version of this outstanding New York Times
Bestseller many years ago when I still drove all over the state for my job. I looked forward to re-reading the novel, and it did not disappoint. Perhaps it says a lot about how much a reader truly loves an author's work when re-reading their books is an absolute joy.

FRACTURED is RATED 4.5 STARS on AMAZON, with 422 Customer Reviews (92% of the ratings 4 or 5 Stars). There is likely very little praise that has not already been bestowed upon this superior novel of psychological suspense and crime drama.

Fractured: A Novel (Will Trent series Book 2) is not unsurprisingly a page-turner of the first order. The plotline of the story is driven by the stranger abduction of a teenage girl, and the pressure that was imposed by the ticking clock was almost audible to me as a reader. We also learn more about Will through his encounter with the father of the kidnap victim (both were victims of the broken child care system and crossed paths when they were children), his fledgling partnership with the interesting Detective Faith Mitchell, and his dysfunctional relationship with Angie.

Karin Slaughter is not only one of my favorite writers, but in my opinion she is among the greatest crime fiction authors writing today. I've actually been a fan of her writing for well over a decade. I believe that Will Trent is one of the most intriguing, likeable, and well fleshed out fictional protagonists I've encountered. It has been my personal experience that each of this author's novels have been simply outstanding and absolutely never disappoint. I loved reading FRACTURED for the second time, and I am looking forward to reading my way through the Will Trent Books.
FRACTURED (Will Trent book two) by Karin Slaughter is the best from this author to date. The story highlights interesting characters, an intriguing plot and heart-pounding action to keep the reader turning pages. Abigail Compano returns home early from her tennis club matches with her wealthy girlfriends to find broken glass by the front door. Suspecting a break in she races into the house and up the stairs to her daughter, Emma’s, bedroom. Halfway up the stairs she sees a very bloody and twisted body on her daughter’s bed. A young man in a blood soaked shirt holding a knife slowly moves toward her. Believing the man had just killed her daughter Abigail assumes a combat stance and violently attacks the apparent perpetrator with her bare hands. Following a 911 call the house is surrounded by Atlanta Police Department and Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) law enforcement personnel. Since the apparent murder is a high profile case, Will Trent from the GBI assumes the prime investigative role. Will’s boss teams him up with Faith Mitchell from the APD who is a tough, smart and aggressive cop. The partnership does not go well. Mitchell has deep-seated personal reasons for not liking Will Trent, and Will hates having to work with a partner. The murder/kidnapping and sex abuse case takes Will and Faith down many twisting dead-end paths including their venturing into a pricey private high school full of wealthy narcissistic, unhelpful, self-absorbed teenagers.
My only conflict with the story was that Slaughter could have trimmed at least 150 pages of boorish narration from the book and it would have been even better. All in all I very much enjoyed the book.
I give it a 5-star rating.