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by Jonathan Kellerman
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Thrillers & Suspense
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    Jonathan Kellerman
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    Ballantine Books; First Edition edition (2002)
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    Thrillers & Suspense
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Author: Jonathan Kellerman.

Author: Jonathan Kellerman. When Alex Delaware first saw Lauren Teague she was a sullen teenager with the usual problems: bad grades at school, moody, uncommunicative with her parents – which is why they thought she needed to see a psychologist. Then years later, a shock: at a bachelor party for a fellow doctor, Delaware finds himself uncomfortably watching two strippers going through a degrading display – and one of them is Lauren Teague. And now her mother is pleading for help once again

Flesh and Blood is a mystery novel by Jonathan Kellerman. The mother of a former patient (Lauren Teague) calls Alex Delaware to tell him that the patient is missing.

Flesh and Blood is a mystery novel by Jonathan Kellerman. Alex had treated Lauren briefly as a teenager, and feels as if he failed in reaching her. He plans to make up for it by finding and helping her. After Lauren's body is found, Milo and Alex begin to unravel her past to find her killer.

Book 15 in the Alex Delaware series, 2001. To my children -. Jesse, Rachel, Ilana, and Aliza. Shortly after, I cashed in some real estate profits, tried to drop out, met a beautiful woman, became friends with a sad, brilliant detective, learned more than I wanted to know about bad things. Since then I’d avoided the commitment of long-term therapy cases, stuck to court consults and forensic work, the kinds of puzzles that removed me from the confines of my office. Lauren had been fifteen at referral.

Perennial bestseller and acknowledged master of the psychological thriller, Jonathan Kellerman has created his most riveting and memorable work to date in the Alex Delaware novel about a troubled and elusive young woman whose brutal murder forces the brilliant ve to confront his own fallibility.

When you called and said something happened to my daughter, I was thinking one of them. That's what confused m. Didn't see much of Lauren. "When's the last time you did. see her?""Long time," said Teague. She held it against m. "Held what?""Everything. The divorce, bad luck-life. Anything shitty was my fault. She told me so. Called me up a few years ago and told me I was a selfish motherfucker who didn't deserve to live.

Jonathan Kellerman is one of the world's most popular authors. His new novel is The Murder Book

Flesh and Blood (2001). The Murder Book (2002). Books by Jonathan Kellerman. Alex Delaware Series.

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Flesh and Blood book. With his customary skill and compassion, Jonathan Kellerman draws us deep into Lauren's complicated life, from a university campus to a Malibu estate owned by a wealthy publisher of soft-core porn (who bears a distinct resemblance to the pajama-clad mogul who made a small white bunny famous). Kellerman's last couple of books have been a bit disappointing, but here the bestselling author is writing up to the high standard he set in his earlier ones.

Flesh and Blood

The more I read the more I wish i hadn't started it...the plot was complex and hard to follow and hard to recall after putting down for a while.The author has a
very descriptive vocabulary which I thought was over exercised and distracting.I have read several previous books by this author and thought them much more engaging.Three stars is a little bit of a stretch here..
This was a very well written book. Unlike some of the other Delaware novels the main character was actually fallible for a good part of the book. In my opinion that makes the book more interesting and readable. That is the major reason why Patterson's cross series is as believable as a michael bay movie. A superhero psychologist,give me a brake. Back to flesh and blood, it's a page Turner with excellent attention to details. Fans of kellerman will enjoy this edition.
Jon Kellerman has done it again. The Michelangelo of Mysteries has once again crafted a superb, tautly written mystery.

Dr. Alex Delaware comes in contact with a former client. At one time, he treated Lauren Teague, then 15 and her parents. Lauren was belligerent and performing poorly in her classes. She appeared flippant and nonchalant during her two sessions with Dr. Delaware. He feels he has made no inroads nor has he tapped into her psyche. After two sessions, the girl's father terminates treatment.

Some five years later, Dr. Delaware attends a bachelor party for a doctor he works with. An adult party is being held replete with women staging a lesbian love show. One of the girls is...Lauren! Mortified, both doctor and former client try to pretend they don't recognize one another. One day after the stag party, Lauren pays a visit to Dr. Delaware with a sketchy update of the direction her life has taken.

Which direction DID Lauren turn? Shortly after her reunion with Dr. Delaware, her body is found in a dumpster. Who killed her? Her roommate, Andrew, professes not to know about her career in prostitution. Her professors claim to have minimal memories of her, yet her transcripts show high marks and a goal oriented approach. Her mother and stepfather beseech Dr. Delaware and his friend, Officer Milo Sturgis to try and find her killer. Lauren's father, remarried with young daughters, claims Lauren had always been hostile to him and it came as no surprise she turned to prostitution as a career.

Lauren's death takes Dr. Delaware and Milo down some very strange roads. A character bearing a close resemblance to Hefner of Playboy infamy and his family also appear to have an interest in Lauren's murder.

A girl from a small town bore a personality resemblance to Lauren; a bright, attractive girl, the former Miss Olive Festival enrolls in a large university in Los Angeles and dedicates herself to her studies. Within weeks of enrolling, Shawna, the former pageant winner disappears.

Are the girls' disappearances linked? Did Shawna and Lauren know one another? What of Tony Duke, the skin mag mogul and his family? Do they have any part of the girls' disappearance? Who kills several people who knew Lauren? Is this the work of one person? As usual, Jon Kellerman manages to stay several steps ahead of his readers and the conclusions will catch readers off guard.

I like the maturation and full literary development of his characters. I also liked the fact that Robin, Dr. Delaware's long time lover had more or less receded to the background because I never liked her in the first place. I found her irritating and selfish and I plain didn't like her. She's nothing but a table companion and sex partner. In all of the books where she and Dr. Delaware are together, the majority of their time revolves around food. They go out to eat; they are at a restaurant; they are preparing a meal. There is the occasional cliche sex scene. Jon Kellerman writes with a keen sense of humor; his descriptions of people and his characters' impressions of one another are witty and very cleverly done.

This is a masterpiece.
The Alex Delaware of old is back in Kellerman's new novel. The last four in the series have been very disappointing to many of his long time fans, and Kellerman goes back to basics with this tale of a disappearance/murder that personally affects the good doc, since it happened to a former patient that he was never able to reach.
In the novel, the old obsessive compulsive Alex Delaware surfaces again. He takes the crime personally, and continues to follow up some blind alleys, driving both Milo and Robin crazy with his inability to let it go. His instincts are basically good, however, and you second guess the multitude of possible outcomes all the way through the book's end.
It feels as though Kellerman has decided to ground the doctor in the type of cases and well-intentioned investigations he crafted for Delaware in the early books of the series. It is good to have the real Alex back, and to have Kellerman fully flesh out a story, unlike the botched and tedious plots of "Monster" and "The Web".
With this book, Kellerman wins back a fan!
I'll tell you honestly, I love the mystery/psychology side of Kellerman's books, but these selfish women that inhabit the lives of the major characters in all the books, just defy realism. Robin is so self centered, so needy, even with her own business, that it's a major sidetrack from the real story. I wish Kellerman would get over this "woman" thing and find Alex a gal that appreciates all he does. Women are not all like the Robin character. I've noticed that this seems to be the case with all mystery/psych writers. The women are so self centered and egotistical, that they're fighting for the limelight. It really gets disgusting. Most women support their partners. There's no support in a great number of these writers' novels by the "modern day" women. Other than that, the stories are great and I enjoy every one of them.
Kellerman's books are always a treat, as well as a rewarding read. Frankly, I love reading books that are a series. It is like reuniting with old friends -- Kellerman does not spend too much time with past history, he just touches on it.
I bought the audio book and must say it kept my attention and I was never bored. However having said that I would like to point out that I had the exact same thought as reviewer Kim Tan had which is how in the world could Lauren Teague possibly consider Dr. Delaware a role model when she saw him less than two hours in her life. That part was too far fetched for me and I kept wondering if something would come out later in the book to explain that. I can't imagine why he didn't at least have 5 or 6 sessions with her so that part of the book would make more sense.
Kellerman takes a completely different tack here by drawing on past Delaware books and tying them into the existing story. So...if you have not read some of those books, you'll be a little bit lost. More third person narrative was used as well which makes the reading go faster. If you are a Delaware fan, you'll enjoy this book.