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by Doris Mortman
Download Shades of Red fb2
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    Doris Mortman
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    St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (February 1, 2005)
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    368 pages
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About Doris Mortman: I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico-before it was chic. My family moved to the East when I was three. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Doris Mortman's books.

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Vera Hart has it all: a cosmetics empire, international recognition, a devoted daughter, and a legion of fans. But her world suddenly comes crashing down. From New York Times bestselling author Doris Mortman comes a novel about the rivalry between sisters, the ruthless determination of their mother, and the seething hatred of an enemy set on destroying them. Vera Hart has it all: a cosmetics empire along with international recognition as the authority in taste, style, and domestic bliss; a devoted daughter; and adulation and acclaim from a legion of fans.

Yes, Mortman is back (Before and Again, 2003, et. with another improbable suspenser and the usual machine-gunned adjectives and . Worse: someone’s tainted a batch of her famous Valentine Red lipstick with mercuric chloride. with another improbable suspenser and the usual machine-gunned adjectives and tons of turgid prose. A disgruntled employee? Why, everyone loves Vera-or maybe not.

Vera Hart’s empire is threatened in many ways but most alarmingly by a lunatic who is poisoning people with "Valentine Red" lipstick from her cosmetics line. Hart gathers her family for support, pulling in estranged members and digging up buried feelings of resentment. Kimberly Farr skillfully leads the listener through incongruous flashbacks and forced phrases like "serendipitous juxtaposition. Despite these problems, as well as some uneven pacing, the story is intriguing enough to keep the listener engaged.

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Doris Mortman is the Bestselling Author of nine novels. Her current endeavor is an e-mystery series COUNTRY CLUB CRIMES. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created – 5 August 2015.

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From New York Times bestselling author Doris Mortman comes a novel about the rivalry between sisters, the ruthless determination of their mother, and the seething hatred of an enemy set on destroying them.Vera Hart has it all: a cosmetics empire along with international recognition as the authority in taste, style, and domestic bliss; a devoted daughter; and adulation and acclaim from a legion of fans. But this world is about to come crashing down around her. First, someone is sabotaging her company. Next, her enemies move in and surround her. And then someone begins to kill using the most insidious means possible---cosmetics that bear Vera's name.Martie Phelps is estranged from Vera, her mother. A military doctor in the first Gulf war, Martie has scars and demons she holds close. As a single mother, all she wants is a quiet life with her daughter. Now the glamorous, complicated Vera Hart is making overtures to her: Vera wants Martie back in her life. Greta Hart wants her sister, Martie, to stay gone. Greta has always been the dutiful daughter whom Vera has taken for granted. The current crisis is helping Vera pull Martie closer. And Greta doesn't like it. All three women are searching for answers. Who wants to bring down Vera Hart? How intense can a rivalry between estranged sisters get? And when will the killer strike next? Suspenseful, compelling, peopled with the multifaceted women who are Doris Mortman's trademark, Shades of Red is a page-turner of the first order.

I understand that this was a used copy, but I wish I had been told that it was a former library copy. It had labels on each of the disks and the disks were very scratched. I needed this for a specific purpose and I would not have purchased this copy if I had known about the scratches and the labels. Shipping was quick.
Love all of Doris Mortman's books
Vera Hart (read Martha Stewart), her empire, her family, are all at risk, somebody's out for vengence. Enter Can't Do Wrong daughter Martie, a heroic boy friend, a three star general father, and a dramatic personality turn for Vera, and we have a pretty standard sorta-thriller, albeit well written. It's obvious from the beginning who is the bad guy, and it's a fairly simple story. But why do we care how each room is decorated? Why spend a half a page to full page on every room? Geez, that gets old. Then there are the legal errors, pretty egregious ones. Someobody's poisoning the flagship lipstick line. Remember the Tylenal scare? Remember how fast the recall went out? Not here. Even though one of the protagonists is a lawyer, he doeesn't think to advise anybody they need an immediate recall? Imagine the punitive damages due to his malpractice. Nope. Seems nobody in management, nor their lawyer, the good guy, seems to think about warning the consuming public or taking the product off the market.

While I finished the book and will admit I enjoyed it, I don't think it was one of this author's better outings. Doris is a very good writer, but I don't think she did her homework on this book. And I could use a little less description of every room visited.
My mother recommended this writer, and Mom is usually right on the mark, so I was shocked by this soap opera mishmash. Every character is a stereotype. We have the gorgeous movie-star, her handsome ex-husband the general, two sisters who hate each other, the perfect child, the hillbilly with a heart of gold. They are all here. I tried reading the book, but couldn't get past the first chapter, so I thought I'd try the audio book. That was even worse. The dialogue is embarrassing and the writing sounds even worse read out loud. The author must be a frustrated interior decorator, because every room the characters find themselves in rates a detailed description from the carpeting to the wallpaper. Even if you have a long commute, as I do, this book is a waste of time. I finished it because I figured out the "mystery" midway through and wanted my suspicions confirmed. I was right.
First, there's the main character, a brillant and beautiful doctor, a veteran ex-POW, who is also a single mother (her equally brillant doctor-husband was killed in a tragic car accident). It follows that her daughter is precocious and charms every adult that comes into her force field. Could Mortman layer on any more sap! Yes, she can and does. Then, of course, there is the equally talented lawyer who joins her estranged mother's company and who just happened to have been her lover while they were both stationed in Kuwait during the first Gulf War. Her father, a highly decorated Army officer, now runs a top-flight security firm that is hired to protect her mother (his ex-wife). It turns out that the antagonist served with the brillant and beautiful doctor & lawyer in the Gulf War and... Well, it gets worse from that point on.

Don't waste your time.
I love Doris Mortman's books. I believe her earlier ones are better than this. This was contrived and not enough emphasis was given to developing the main characters - too many other characters were mentioned to keep track of them all. She hasn't totally lost her touch, but I agree with the other reviews that this one felt like the story of another well-known celebrity who in recent history has had legal problems & corporate problems of a gigantic magnitude. I will continue to buy Doris's books, but I hope they have a little better story line next time.
This is a wonderfully written and fast paced mystery/romance. The author has done a great deal of research, which gives the book authenticity in every area that it touches on, from the cosmetics industry to the military. The characters are well-drawn and believable. The plot twists and turns keep the reader turning the pages to the very end, and the small touches that the author adds to her descriptive prose make this book a pleasure to read.

Well done, and highly recommended!