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Star Spangled Murder book.

A Lucy Stone Mystery. Star spangled murder. Lucy Stone wasn’t usually a clock watcher. Time didn’t pass slowly for her; it galloped ahead of her.

Star Spangled Murder. Book in the Lucy Stone Series)

Star Spangled Murder. Book in the Lucy Stone Series). Author Leslie Meier has done it again! I've followed each of her Lucy Stone books and this one doesn't disappoint! Same great mix of humor and mystery - this time with a July 4 theme. If you've read any of her books, you'll no doubt love this one, too.

Only 16 left in stock (more on the way). The name of the books states it is "A Lucy Stone Mystery" so I'm expecting her to be a well developed and robust character but that's not what I'm finding at all. In fact all of the characters seem to lack depth. I am finding that the storyline is thin and the main character makes huge assumptions for no logical reason. Without spoiling anything an example is that she sees what appears to be a homeless person and immediately makes an assumption that he is the key to a murder.

Praise for Leslie Meier and Her Lucy Stone Mysteries Leslie Meier writes with sparkle and warmth. -Chicago Sun Times Leslie Meier has created such a wonderful series, I always look forward to reading the next book, and I'm never disappointed. I Love a Mystery A truly American version of the English 'cozy. Cosy Mysteries Women Sleuths Thriller & Crime.

Leslie Meier is the New York Times bestselling author of over twenty Lucy Stone mysteries and has also written for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. She is currently at work on the next Lucy Stone mystery.

Description: Lucy Stone Is in the doghouse-with her next-door neighbor Mrs. Prudence Pratt. And he's also developed an escape artist's talent for sneaking out, no matter how hard Lucy tries to keep him on her property. It seems that Kudo, the Stones' misbehaving mutt, has developed a taste for Mrs. Pratt's blue-ribbon winning chickens. With the Fourth of July coming up, Lucy doesn't want to set off any more fireworks with the crabby Prudence.

Publisher's Weekly In Leslie Meier's Star Spangled Murder: A Lucy Stone Mystery, the 11th in this holiday-themed cozy series (after 2003's Father's Day Murder), her intrepid reporter sleuth has to worry about only some nudists frolicking in the local pond and an endangered species o. .

Publisher's Weekly In Leslie Meier's Star Spangled Murder: A Lucy Stone Mystery, the 11th in this holiday-themed cozy series (after 2003's Father's Day Murder), her intrepid reporter sleuth has to worry about only some nudists frolicking in the local pond and an endangered species of lichen putting off the Tinker's Cove Fourth of July. fireworks, until the hit-and-run death of a difficult neighbor. As in the TV series Murder She Wrote, no characters are developed sufficiently to provide clues to the culprit's identity, and the solution to the crime relies largely.

The complete series list for - A Lucy Stone Mystery Leslie Meier. Leslie Meier Series List. A Lucy Stone Mystery. Series List:32 titles. Authors: Meier, Leslie. Books by same authors: Christmas Carol Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery).

You can read book Star Spangled Murder by Meier, Leslie in our library for absolutely free. 10. Back to School Murder 7, 10. Read Also.

When her Houdini-esque canine instigates a feud with her neighbor Mrs. Pratt, Lucy Stone becomes the number one suspect when Mrs. Pratt is murdered, while nudists, cranky lobstermen, and a rare purple-spotted lichen wreak havoc on the town of Tinker's Cove. Reissue.

Love the Lucy Stone mysteries. This one really hit close to home for the Stone Family. As usual, there were a couple of conflicts running at the same time, which just makes for a more interesting story.
I have one little criticism that was missed in editing or research or something. Patriotism was stressed in this story; yet, when quoting the last line of the National Anthem, it was written as "the home of the free". It actually is "the land of the free and the home of the brave". I am not trying to be petty, but my family has several veterans of WWII and we are very patriotic. Just proofread a little closer is all I have to say.
Scoreboard Bleeding
I'm a cozy mystery fan, but personally, Star Spangled Murder wasn't really for me. I like a touch of humor in my cozy mysteries, and this book was pretty dry. I thought the prologue was unnecessarily dark and scary...though I suppose it possibly could help one feel less awful about what happened later on in the story. I really didn't like the treatment of animals overall in this book. I didn't find any of the characters particularly likeable. Bottom line, I guess I just didn't enjoy my stay in Tinker's Cove. I had to force myself through the book, and as others have observed, the murderer had been too deeply buried for it to feel like a fair outcome to the reader.

This is my first Lucy Stone mystery, and I know some other reviewers have pointed out that this is not representative of the series, so I will give it the benefit of the doubt. I *might* try an earlier book in the series if I find myself desperate for something to read.
Lucy Stone, wife, mother and full time reporter of the Tinker's Cove, Maine weekly paper the Pennysaver was covering the Board Of Selectmen's meeting.

Normally the most interesting thing at the meeting was whether she would be able to stay awake during it. Tonight, however things turned out to be exciting.

Jonathan Franke, local environmentalist has discovered that the purple spotted lichen plant is growing around Tinker's Cover. And by state law, any endangered species must be protected at all costs.

So to protect if from the possibilities of fire and trampling, the annual fireworks display has to be cancelled.

Despite the protests from the local Veterans group, merchants and the organizers of the annual parade, the board decides they don't want to spend any money on a lawsuit, so the fireworks are cancelled.

If that hadn't been exciting enough, Prudence Pratt, announces that she wants something to be done about all the naked people down at Blueberry Pond. At first everyone just ignores her, after all, who hasn't stripped down and jumped into the pond on a hot day at least once in their life.

But when they find out that Blueberry Pond has been declared one of the best places for naturalist's to visit, everything changes. After all, no one wants a nudist colony in town. But they're not sure a law banning it, as Prudence wants is the way to go.

Lucy tries to interview Prudence, but the women refuses, after yelling a few things at her. Prudence, who lives next door to Lucy and her family are not on good terms. The Stone's family dog, Kudo keeps getting out and killing the Pratt's chickens. Although Lucy pays her for the chickens, Prudence is taking the Stone family to doggy court to have the problem taken care of.

This animosity towards the two family's looks suspicious when later, Lucy stumbles across Prudence's body, run over in her driveway.

Who would kill Prudence? Although no one liked her, did they hate her enough to kill her? Surely the naturalists wouldn't kill her just because she was trying to get them banned.

With the police looking at her, Lucy decides she'd better look into this case before she's arrested for murder.


What I enjoyed was the government workings of a small town. The local Board is so worried that they might have to spend some money on a lawsuit that they just cancel the annual fireworks, and then because they're afraid the naturalists might parade in the nude, when they request a parade permit, that they cancel the annual Fourth Of July parade, without any input from the locals.


Mistletoe Murder & Tippy Toe Murder by Leslie Meier were the first two "cozy mysteries" that I had ever read. I got hooked on the genre after reading them, I loved Lucy Stone and her family, Bill her husband and her (at that time) three children, Elizabeth, Toby & Sara. They were a loving and close family and it was funny how Lucy tried to solve her mysteries while dealing with taking care of her family and her part-time jobs.

That's why I'm so disappointed in this book, as I was with her last book, "Father's Day Murder." Since Lucy has become a full-time employee of the Pennysaver, the focus of the stories have seemed to change and her home life has been almost completely dropped from the stories.

Bill her husband has almost disappeared as a character. She totally ignores any advice he gives. In this story, after Elizabeth's battery dies, and she just takes Lucy's car to get to work. Bill tells Lucy that Elizabeth has to learn to take responsibility and that she is going to have to buy her own battery and will not use Lucy's car. After all, Lucy was now late to her own job because she has to wait for Bill to drive her. Lucy just ignores him and buys a new battery and has it put into the car.

This is one of several instances in the story where she treats him as if he were just a casual acquaintance. And she's so worried that her two oldest, Elizabeth & Toby won't like her that she lets them walk all over her. They do what they want, go where they want and talk back to her about everything. Lucy has obviously never learned the rule that if your children are living in your house and you're supporting them, that they have to follow your rules, no matter how old they are.

To top it off, this is a terrible mystery. Just as in the last book, Lucy doesn't really solve the crime. I don't consider it solving the mystery when she finds out who the killer is because the killer is suspicious of her and tries to get rid of her. Coming face to face with the killer and then having them tell you they did the crime is not solving the crime. NOTHING, Lucy investigated would have ever led her to the killer.

I keep on hoping they will get better. If you're a new reader, go back and read her early books. They are wonderful.

Onward to Joanne Fluke's new book, the Sugar Cookie Murder.
Prudence Pratt is out to get Kudo, Lucy Stone's unruly pet dog after he continuously tries to kill her prize winning chickens. This is just the beginning of the problems at Tinkers Cove.

Naturalists (nudists) converge on Blueberry Pond, bringing unexpected exposure to the plight of this small town to save the 4th of July fireworks and parade while still protecting an endangered plant.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy Lucy Stone in this cosy mystery.
This installment in the Lucy Stone series diverged in a plethora of directions. I don't really know what the author was trying to say. Rampant growth, nudists, tree huggers, poachers, chicken lovers, media frenzies, loss of a pet, and growing pains for a wide variety of ages of children are a few of the topics the author touched upon. The ending was as confusing and I am still confused.

I do like this series and I am trying to read all of them. They are intertaining. It is an insight into a family that is different than my own. If you are trying to find a way to pass the time with a book, you won't be disappointed with the series.

I give this one 2 1/2 stars.
After a summer rain storm, complete with no electricity, two battery operated fans helping to make the oppressive heat tolerable, it was great to have Lucy Stone to distract me. An entertaining she was. For 6 hours, with an occasional swat at flies I confidently sat back and allowed Leslie Meier to spin a tale with a most satisfying ending. Six hours of smiles, tears, ruminating and then satisfaction that Ms. Meier had the courage to recognize sometimes tying up loose ends is boringly unacceptable.
Although it's a cozy mystery it wasn't as satisfying as the others I've read by the same author. I guess it was too busy, naturalists, hens, poaching, churches, kids...and more. And I didn't feel the story was focused on any of these.
I enjoyed reading this book very much. I like reading this series and I plan on reading more books from this series.