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by James O. Born
Download Shock Wave (A Billy Tasker Mystery) fb2
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    James O. Born
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    Berkley (March 7, 2006)
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Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Bill Tasker is still smarting from a near-lethal run-in with the FBI. But he reluctantly helps the Bureau track down a stolen Stinger missile. As usual, the Feds take all the credit—but something about this whole setup doesn’t feel right. Tasker decides to poke around, and stirs up trouble with his boss, the FBI, the ATF, and, worst of all, a gentleman who loves to blow things up—the bigger, the better. The bomber hasn’t killed anyone yet, but if Tasker keeps snooping around—well, there’s a first time for everything…

I really liked Born's first effort, Walking Money and commented at the time that he was joining the cadre of writers such as Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey who write about characters that seem to populate many funny and interesting Florida novels. He has cemented that reputation with Shock Wave.

Special FDLA agent Jim Tasker is back as are several of the folks that we met in the first novel. He isn't having any more luck in trying to get his ex-wife to return and even less luck in getting along with the FBI. The loose cannon in this story is a guy named Daniel Welles. Welles is mistakingly arrested as part of a joint law enforcement effort to bring down the seller of a Stinger missile. While he had nothing to do with that sale other than return a repaired possum trap to the seller, he soon becomes very much on their radar screen after Tasker manages to get him freed from custody on the missile charge.

Welles likes to blow things up. So far it has been relatively harmless unless you count a guy who was killed when a bomb he made on a cruise ship killed a baggage handler. The FBI agent in charge of that investigation wasn't too concerned ("The guy wasn't even an American") However, Welles has bigger and better plans and most of the book is spent watching his plans develop and the efforts of the Florida law enforcement community try to bring him down. The action is steady, the characters are truly characters and you willl finish the book eagerly awaiting the next one. Oh, yes! There will be a next one.
2nd book in the series and totally different from the 1st. Did not know where this was going for quite awhile. Bill Tasker is having trouble with the FBI again. He is getting help from his friend and Miami police officer Derrick Sutter. Getting the bad guy is all that matters to Bill, and he is determined to make sure he does. It is a grat book and I recommend you read it now
Good read
I really enjoy this series. Thanks!
There is a missle, but it disappears from the plot almost immediately. The plot has many similarities to the earlier work and surprises with only the ineptitude of some of the police. No heavy lifting and little incentive to follow the series.
My first read by this author. Already bought the next one in the series.
This is the second Trasker book. Again he is in trouble with the FBI. They messed up in this one as in the firsst one. These two books really make the FBI look really bad. I am surpised Born gets away with continuing to write about their screw ups. This one has lots of twists and turns and is a very good read. Seems to me the book is nearly as much about Sutter as it is about Trasker but that is ok as I like his character also. I did not like the ending to this one. Lots of reading and lots of things happening for it to end the way it did. I also wish Donna, Trasker's exwife, would either leave him alone or come back to him. She is so messed up and hard to get along with.

If you like a fast moving book, some humor and some good police work I think you might like this series so far.
Florida Department of Law Enforcement Bill Tasker had a bad experience working with the FBI in last year's Walking Money. His career and reputation, not to mention his life, were nearly ruined by a crooked government agent.

As Shock Wave begins, Tasker is again working with the feds and he's not very happy about it. He doesn't have much choice, though, as he teams up with the G-men in pursuit of a hillbilly arms dealer with a stolen Stinger missile.

The FBI thinks they've got the case all wrapped up, but Tasker isn't sure. Over the objections of the federal agents, he continues to investigate and finds that the intrigue runs much deeper than anyone suspects.

At the center of that mystery is a terrorist bomber planning the biggest "event" of his life. Somehow, though, he manages to stay just one step ahead of the authorities. Tasker begins to wonder: is the killer that smart of is he just lucky? Or is somebody on the inside helping him?

Aided by his best friend, Miami cop Derrick Sutter, and ATF agent Camy Parks, Tasker has to catch the bomber before time runs out. If they fail, numerous lives will be lost, possibly including their own.

In the character of Bill Tasker, Born has created a winning protagonist. A dedicated cop and committed father, Tasker struggles to balance the demands of his job with his obligations to his family. Like the rest of us, he doesn't always make the right choices, but his heart is in the right place and he earns our respect for his efforts.

The plot of Shock Wave is tremendously entertaining, combining edge-of-your-seat action and suspense, an intriguing game of cat and mouse, and occasional passages of laugh-out-loud humor.

After a career in law enforcement stretching nearly two decades, James O. Born knows the way cops think, act and talk, and he draws on that experience to write with the insight and authenticity that few authors can match.

That expert knowledge wouldn't be enough, though, to create such a winning book. Doing that takes serious writing chops, the kind of ability that most folks can't muster. Born is the exception, though. With both street cred and talent to spare, he is ideally positioned to write top-notch crime fiction, something which Walking Money promised and Shock Wave confirmed.

James O. Born is the best thing to happen to Florida crime writing since Elmore Leonard hit the Sunshine State. This guy is the real deal.