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by Kerry Greenwood
Download Trick or Treat (Corinna Chapman Mysteries) fb2
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As far as mystery stories go, I have enjoyed each book in the series that I have read and can't wait to r I love this author!

This is why I love Kerry Greenwood's Corinna Chapman cosies (other than all the fabulous food Corinna and Co. eat, not to mention the recipes at the back): Nothing in the world, not alien invasion, nuclear accident or the sudden arrival of the Duke of Edinburgh, could deflect Mrs. Dawson from being the perfect hostess. As far as mystery stories go, I have enjoyed each book in the series that I have read and can't wait to r I love this author!

I like Kerry Greenwood's mysteries. Corinna Chapman is a very different heroine. Mossad, sunken treasure, Samhain, ergot and cats dot the pages of Trick or Treat like dried fruit in Jason's Soal Cakes.

I like Kerry Greenwood's mysteries.

The first three books in the Corinna series are Earthly Delights (2004), Heavenly Pleasures (2005) and Devil's Food (2006). Previous novels in the Phryne Fisher series are Cocaine Blues, Flying too High, Murder on the Ballarat Train, Death on the Victoria Dock, Blood and Circuses, The Green Mill Murder, Ruddy Gore, Urn Burial, Raisins and Almonds, Death Before Wicket, Away with the Fairies, Murder in Montparnasse, The Castlemaine Murders, Queen of the Flowers, Death by Water and Murder.

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Читать онлайн - Greenwood Kerry. Blood and Circuses Электронная библиотека e-libra. ru Читать онлайн Blood and Circuses. Praise for Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher series ‘Independent, wealthy, spirited and possessed of an uninhibited style that makes everyone move out of her way and stand gawking for a full five minutes after she walks by-Phryne Fisher is a woman who gets what she wants and has the good sense to enjoy every minute of it!’ Geelong Times ‘Phryne.

Kerry Greenwood signing books at the launch of Forbidden Fruit. Corinna Chapman mysteries. Ned Kelly Award for Crime Writing, Best Novel, 2008: nominated for Trick or Treat. Kerry Isabelle Greenwood (1954-06-17) 17 June 1954 (age 65) Melbourne, Australia. Writer, locum solicitor. Spinouts (with Michael Pryor and Catherine Randle).

Murder in the Dark a Phryne Fisher Mystery. Download (PDF). Читать.

Corinna Chapman Mysteries.

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A Corinna Chapman Mystery. It was beginning to get light outside-what our ancestors used to call piccaninny daylight. Dreary and grey, but light.

Praise for Trick or Treat. A rich confection that nicely balances humor, villainy, and a puzzle. -Publishers Weekly & a case loosely based on a true story, Corinna and her friends are as delightful as ever, the killer a surprise, and the appended recipes a treat. Meanwhile, her lover Daniel& old friend Georgiana Hope has set up residence in his house

When crowds flock to purchase bread from a cut-price franchise bakery just down the street from Earthly Delights, baker Corinna Chapman is understandably nervous. Meanwhile, her lover Daniel's old friend Georgiana Hope has set up residence in his house. She's tall, blonde, and gorgeous, and it doesn't take Corinna long to suspect she's up to something. Daniel is making excuses, and Corinna is worried about his sudden, frequent absences. But even more worrisome is the strange outbreak of madness that seems to be centered on Lonsdale Street.

Can Corinna master a maze of health regulations, her missing boyfriend, sinister strangers, fraudulent companies, and back-alley ambushes? Or this time, will Earthly Delights Bakery be well and truly done?

I'm a big fan of Phryne Fisher, in print and on film, so I thought I'd try this contemporary series. As usual, there are at least 2 plot lines in the story. The rival bakery chain and Greek treasure sub-plots are interesting, and well- constructed. The witches' gathering and its convoluted details I can definitely do without. The most interesting character in this series, to me, is Jason, the heroin addict turned baker's apprentice. I've enjoyed watching his metamorphosis, and his rescue gives Corinna someone to "mother" besides her cats. (I DO enjoy the cats as well, being a doting caretaker of felines myself. Long live Horatio!) An enjoyable series, and a pleasant, easy read. I plan on reading all 6 books.
I like Kerry Greenwood's mysteries. Corinna Chapman is a very different heroine. She's a baker who knows she is too fat except that Daniel loves her and her curves so they make a good team trying to ferret out what the problem is. Corinna lives in a small apartment house with a number of delightful neighbors who include a practicing white witch, a dominatrix, some older folk, some younger folk, all of whom bring their own personalities and knowledge to bear on the solving of the problem, whatever it is. This is a terrific group of characters and whatever they are solving, I am glad Greenwood brought them all together in this series.
Mossad, sunken treasure, Samhain, ergot and cats dot the pages of Trick or Treat like dried fruit in Jason's Soal Cakes.

As always, the mystery is secondary to the delight of reading about life in Insula and Corinna's coterie of eccentric associates. While based on a true story, Greenwood gives it her signature twist by having Corinna and Daniel solve the case. There's a lot at stake, too. People are being poisoned and someone is out to close down Earthly Delights. Not only that, but it seems as though there's a rival for Daniel's affections. Juggling several different story lines, the readers's attention is misdirected, and the surprises Geenwood has saved for the end give Trick or Treat a most satisfactory finish. I liked it a lot!
Corinna Chapman, baker extraordinaire, is under siege: an chain bakery has opened down the alley, severely undercutting her prices and Daniel, her Israeli lover, has a new room mate--an old friend who happens to be a gorgeous blonde. As if that were not enough, there is a gathering of witches who are unleashing a dangerous miasma of magic on the city. Leave it to the intrepid baker, her Daniel, her best friend Meroe the Witch, and her stalwart apprentice Jason to unravel all these threads and restore order to life at Insula!
It's always such a pleasure to discover a new author/characters after a few books already exist in the series. This was one of those for me. All previous books got and deserve solid, glowing 5 star reviews. This one, because of the winding, way-too-complex plot only gets 4 stars. The author tells us at the end that this story is based on what happened in real life during the war. It just was a little jarring to come across such a detailed in/out woven plot in this series when all previous books focus more on characters. Still love the series and plan on buying the next one as soon as I finish this review.

If you haven't read the other books and want an outspoken, smart heroine who's a grownup with interesting friends, these are the books for you.
In general the Corinna Chapman series doesn't come close to the quality of the Miss Fisher Mystery series by the same author. Clearly Corinna is Ms. Greenwood's alter-ego and she lives out her fantasies through her. There are some interesting moments in the books and I have continued to read through the entire series, but it's not one that I could really recommend spending much time on.
I absolutely love this series. Corrine Chapman is a joy. Plus-size baker, lover of cats, ex-accountant - she could be me! The cast of characters in her apartment building leads to all kinds of intrigue. I read over 100 mysteries a year, and I wish this series would just go on and on. This is the same writer of the wildly popular Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, and is also set in Melbourne. It's a marvelous rainy afternoon read.
I am a big Greenwood fan but this latest Corina Chapman was just not good. It was too far fetched, probably because there were too many loose ends and too much mis-matched muddle. I will buy that truth is stranger than fiction, but I've read enough from Ms. Greenwood to know she can do better than this. Her editors should be ashamed.

I am going to give the next Corina a try and hope the kinks are worked out of it before it's published.