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by Joanne Fluke
Download Key Lime Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries With Recipes) fb2
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    Joanne Fluke
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    Kensington; 1st edition (March 1, 2007)
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Chapter Twenty-eight. Blackberry pie murder recipe index.

Chapter Twenty-eight. Baking Conversion Chart. A Letter From Joanne Fluke.

Key Lime Pie Murder (A H. .has been added to your Cart

Key Lime Pie Murder (A H.has been added to your Cart.

It promises to be a busy week for Hanna Swensen. Not only is she whipping up treats for the chamber of commerce at the fair; she is also judging the banking contest, acting as a magician's assistant for her business partner's husband; trying to coach Moishe, her previously rapacious feline, to en his hunger strike, and performing her own private carnival act by juggling the demands of her mother and sisters.

A Hannah Swensen mystery. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio). SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Peach cobbler murder. Cherry cheesecake murder. A hannah swensen mystery with recipes. Lemon meringue pie murder. Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation.

The 9th book in the Hannah Swensen series delivers good cozy fun and is a simple, quick and easy read for fans. But I'm getting a bit concerned with the love story Hannah can't resolve - choose one, Hannah, or abandon them for Ross! Story The carnival blows into Lake Eden full of quirky new folks, interesting little dramas for the townspeople and strange connections to the past. Hannah once again solves the mystery alongside her growing assistants with sister Michelle getting more actively involved in this one. Throw in some more romance with Mike and Norman, and Hannah's life seems to be a non-stop roller coaster.

Joanne Fischmann (née Gibson, born c. 1943 in Swanville, Minnesota) is an American writer, using the pen name Joanne Fluke. She is best known for her cozy mystery series surrounding a small-town baker, Hannah Swensen

Joanne Fischmann (née Gibson, born c. She is best known for her cozy mystery series surrounding a small-town baker, Hannah Swensen. Five movies for the Hallmark Channel have been created based on her Hannah Swensen series. Fluke has written under the pseudonyms John Fischer, . Fischer, Jo Gibson, Chris Hunter, Gina Jackson and Kathryn Kirkwood.

Key Lime Pie Murder is the ninth book in the Hannah Swensen Mystery series. It was released in 2007. It promises to be a busy week for Hannah Swensen. It promises to be a busy week for Hannah Swensen

Indulge In Joanne Fluke’s Criminally Delicious Hannah Swensen Mysteries! Raspberry Danish Murder. Banana Cream Pie Murder.

Indulge In Joanne Fluke’s Criminally Delicious Hannah Swensen Mysteries! Raspberry Danish Murder. Another satisfying entry in the long-running series. Fans of the long-running cozy series will enjoy catching up with Hannah and the rest of Lake Eden’s residents as well as perusing the numerous, delicious-sounding recipes. Double Fudge Brownie Murder.

A local fair ends in murder in Key Lime Pie Murder, a cosy Hannah Swensen mystery from acclaimed author Joanne . Fluke has developed a charming supporting cast who all feel like friends by the time the murder is solved.

A local fair ends in murder in Key Lime Pie Murder, a cosy Hannah Swensen mystery from acclaimed author Joanne Fluke. Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M. C. Beaton and Cindy Bell. The dozens of tempting recipes Fluke includes are an added treat' - Publishers Weekly. It promises to be a busy week for Lake Eden, Minnesota's favourite baker Hannah Swensen.

While getting ready to judge the baking contest at the local town fair, Hannah Swensen, the owner of The Cookie Jar, goes on the ride of her life when she stumbles upon the dead body of a fellow judge, along with a smashed key lime pie.

The Tri-County Fair is in town, but Hannah has too many items on her to-do list to relax and enjoy it. She has to keep the Chamber of Commerce booth supplied with cookies, she has to cheer her sisters on in their respective beauty pageants, she has to tempt her favorite feline to eat and she has to literally duck the pitching prospect for the Twins who is hanging round the dunking booth where Hannah's mother has volunteered her. Mother has also signed Hannah to judge the baked goods in the fair's contest. But when our favorite baker finds a fellow judge with her head gruesomely bashed in, Hannah adds another item to her list - catching a killer! Will Hannah figure out who's trying to get away with murder, or will she be trapped in the infamous Cabinet of Death? Will she figure out what's got her cat, Moishe, all hot and bothered? And will she avoid being caught sampling a Sinfully Delicious deep fried candy bar?
Just as the first eight other books in the series, this book was an enjoyable read. For the first time, I put down the book to go to the store for a couple of ingredients that were not in my pantry, and made one of the recipes. My best friend's two favorite things in the world are chocolate and coffee, so I baked the Cappuccino Royale's. They were so good that my visiting mother ate 3 cookies in place of a sandwhich for lunch while I was baking them. The recipe makes so many cookies, that I made up Ziplock bags for my friend, her mother, her daughter, my cousin who invited us to dinner that day, my daughter and family and even managed to keep enough to make my husband happier for a few days. Definitely worth the purchase. Enjoy!! ADDENDUM: Just made the popovers...one word...WOW. Family loved them!
story line is very good as usual. I do get a bit tired of everything being "perfect" as there are other adjectives. I also don't think it is fair to lead mike and norman on and then expect them to bail you out. it probably wouldn't bother me as much except I am basically doing a marathon read of the hanana series.
I love Hannah Swensen, but I think Joanne is getting tired of her "romances" with Mike and Norman. It has become obvious in her writting that she wants Hannah to have both men, but that's not going to work. She tried introducing another love interest in the last book I read, but that only brought Mike and Norman together to prevent a relationship from developing. I don't know what's going to happen next with these three, but it's pretty obvious to me that Hannah is physically attracted to Mike, but she doesn't really like him. And she has lots in common with and is great buddies with Norman, but is not physically attracted to him.
In this novel both Mike and Norman behave like men. They think like men, talk like men, and don't "get" Hannah's irritation with them. While Norman is portrayed as more sensitive to Hannah's feelings, Mike is just confused. Hannah needs to learn that mem and women have different outlooks on everything and deal with life differently.
While Hannah tries to out sluth Mike, she keeps information from him that should be handed over. No police officer is going to share information with a civilian like Hannah expects Mike to do. The suspense and the development of the storyline are very will done, as Joanne always does. She is good at making her characters real and at keeping your attention. The murder is introduced in the Fluke manner with Hannah discovering the body almost before the murder. Her attention to detail and quick pickup on clues is entertaining and fun. Hannah follows the clues and Mike follows Hannah. She is so gung-ho on solving the murder before Mike that once again she almost 'done away with' by the killer. As always, great ending.
I really enjoy the Hannah Swensen series and the recipes. I find they are the perfect books to read when I want something I can finish relatively quickly. The mysteries are fun to solve along with Hannah. I like the various, quirky characters and the personalities that Joanne Fluke has given then, especially to Hannah and her sisters. I'm growing a little tired of the Mike or Norman romance question and am hoping at some point in the series that Hannah will realize who is really right for her.

I have enjoyed some of the books in the series more than others and this particular book wasn't my favorite, but I still rate it as 5 stars because it keeps the series going and each book provides a little more insight into all of the characters.
Good Sell
This is by far the best of all of the Hannah Swensen mystery series. From the beginning of the book a subtle mystery waited for solution. The mysterious change in Moishe kept me guessing. We found out what was up with him after the main mystery was solved. I loved every page of this book. I hated for it to end. The setting at the Tri-County Fair was perfect for this tale. I also enjoyed the humor dispersed throughout. The funniest part of the book was when Hannah was inside the magician's box and spying on the cowboys. I laughed until I thought I'd cry. I have already made the Key Lime Pie. I am hoping to try the other recipes soon. They all look delicious! The last recipe was indeed another reason to buy this book. What a surprise! Thank you Joanne Fluke!
This is the 9th in the Hannah Swensen series. They're cute cozies.......and Hannah owns a cookie shop and solves murders in her spare time. By this time, the double love interests of Mike, local detective and Norman, the local dentist, is getting pretty old. I get the feeling that Joanne Fluke stumbled on what she thought was a clever device and just doesn't know how to resolve it. Hannah needs to marry one of them soon! The title of these books always describes the particular confection baked by Hannah which is discovered by the murdered body.