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by Barbara Rosenblat,Nevada Barr
Download Deep South (The Anna Pigeon series) fb2
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    Barbara Rosenblat,Nevada Barr
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    Recorded Books; Book 8 edition (2000)
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Deep South portrays Anna boldly confronting hostile teenagers, suspicious . Book in the Anna Pigeon series finds Anna moving up into management as district ranger in the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi.

Deep South portrays Anna boldly confronting hostile teenagers, suspicious locals, and a resentful old-boy network as she struggles to solve a gruesome murder. Anna leaves behind her beloved Mesa Verde to take on a position as district park ranger of the Mississippi Natchez Trace Parkway. Once there she faces an angry staff that refuses to work with a woman supervisor. Barbara Rosenblat transports you to the Mississippi countryside to feel the sultry heat and smell the heady scents.

Deep South is the 8th book in the Anna Pigeon mystery series by Nevada Barr. I have read 10 or so books in the series and I have to say this is one of the better ones. Anna Pigeon is a Park Ranger for the US National Park Service. Each story highlights a different national park around the US. In this story, Anna decides to bite the bullet and apply for a promotion and gets the job as District Ranger on the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. With some trepidation she moves to this new job; it being a Deep South is the 8th book in the Anna Pigeon mystery series by Nevada Barr

Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series is an exceptional creation. I enjoyed Barr's Deep South and it was nice to return to this interesting section of the country.

Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series is an exceptional creation. It is unique in that each one of the books is set in a different National Park, though there are some doubles. Anna Pigeon is again forced to deal with the established "ol' boy's network" while she tries to solve the murder of Doyce Barnette, the brother of the local mortician. Never having lived in the south, my understanding of beliefs and prejudices are not clear to me. Not a novel that fulfilled expectations derived from previous Anna Pigeon novels.

Book 15 of 18 in the Anna Pigeon Mysteries Series. I’ve been reading Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon mysteries just about since the time she started writing them. As ever, narrator Barbara Rosenblat does an amazing job portraying the characters, whether male or female, young or middle-aged, beseeching or bratty. Her vocal gymnastics keep the listener attentive both when the story's pace slows and when the plot takes a wild turn, and her sense of timing makes funny moments even funnier. All this, and she can sing, too! Rosenblat is full of surprises.

Anna Pigeon, a ranger for the . Anna's complex personality continues to elevate the series, and the ranger's sojourn to New Orleans further energizes this always reliable series. Park Services, sets off on vacation―an autumn canoe trip in the to the Iron Range in upstate Minnesota. With Anna is her friend Heath. Suspenseful plotting.

Anna Pigeon encounters terrible secrets in the heart of the south. Relocated to Mississippi, Anna Pigeon encounters one of her most troubling cases yet in Deep South, the eighth novel in Nevada Barr's acclaimed crime series. Perfect for fans of Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich. Her tales read like Patricia Cornwell exploring the great outdoors' - Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Anna Pigeon finally gives in to her bureaucratic clock - and signs on for a promotion. Next thing she knows, she's knee-deep in mud and Mississippi. Not exactly what she had in mind.

19 primary works, 22 total works. Shelve Nevada Barr Anna Pigeon Series: Books 16-17: Burn The Rope. Note: The Rope is chronologically a prequel. National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon goes beyond the call of duty in this Agatha and Anthony Award-winning mystery series. She travels to National Parks around the country, solving mysteries in the wilderness and historic locales. Author Nevada Barr draws on her own experience as a former park ranger t. ore.

Nevada Barr's ever-popular Anna Pigeon series is consistently praised as "exceptional" (Denver Post) .

In Deep South, Park Ranger Anna Pigeon heads to Mississippi, only to encounter terrible secrets in the heart of the south. Anna Pigeon finally gives in to her bureaucratic clock-and signs on for a promotion.

Narrated by: Barbara Rosenblat. The Anna Pigeon mysteries are a New York Times best-selling series

Narrated by: Barbara Rosenblat. Series: Anna Pigeon, Book 10. Length: 10 hrs and 57 mins. Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers, Modern Detective. The Anna Pigeon mysteries are a New York Times best-selling series. Each addition is eagerly anticipated by fans of its award-winning author Nevada Barr, who uses her experience as a park ranger to create stunningly authentic details. Deep South portrays Anna boldly confronting hostile teenagers, suspicious locals, and a resentful "old-boy" network as she struggles to solve a gruesome murder.

Unabridged CD Audiobook 11 CDs / 12.25 hours long

NO SPOILER HERE! I will not give you a “Reader’s Digest” condensed version of this book.
Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series is an exceptional creation. It is unique in that each one of the books is set in a different National Park, though there are some doubles. Ms. Barr’s descriptions of the park, the inner workings of the National Park System, history, environment, flora, fauna and applicable issues make reading these mysteries a fulfilling adventure. Like many such series, it will serve the reader well to read them in order. This isn’t necessary as each mystery will stand alone quite well. But Anna’s personal story is the thread that makes the series complete. Anna herself is a masterful creation. Human, flawed, introspective, complex, she is the window through which the reader sees much of the beauty our National Park System has to offer. From Mesa Verde, the Florida Keys, Lake Superior to environments that are dry, wet, cold, and hot, the drastically changing settings and Anna’s evolving personal life keep this series fresh and engaging. It will be no surprise to the reader that Ms. Barr is a former Park Ranger. I’ll admit I haven’t read the last three books in the series – with good reason. They are my emergency kit. When I have waded through a piece of substandard literary junk and need a dose of quality writing, an Anna Pigeon mystery is a perfect fix. You may even find yourself sweating as you read this one.
Anna Pigeon goes for a promotion and gets it – only to realize she's an experiment. The Park Service wants to see if the good old boys in Mississippi will accept a female district ranger. It doesn't look promising. Her subordinates are two fat, lazy rangers who inform Anna they make their own rules.

While Anna struggles with her defiant tem, she also finds herself saddled with a murder case. The victim is a teenaged would-be beauty queen, and Anna has to work her way through the lies of the uncooperative high school kids who were close to the victim to figure out what happened on prom night.

Nevada Barr's first permanent job as a park ranger was on the Natchez Trace Parkway, and she brings alive the lush beauty of the landscape – and its historic resonance. Her ability to portray the many faces of nature and culture in our national parks is impressive.

Anna Pigeon at forty-five may be ready to give up the rigors of fieldwork. But the reader will be happy to know that her life in management is no less strenuous that her life in previous books. She has to fight to stay alive in Deep South – and even wrestles with an alligator at one point.

To sweeten the plot, there's a promise of romance for Anna – and lots of affectionate displays between Anna, her cat and her dog.

I love this series, and I found Deep South a completely satisfying adventure.
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I had not previously read this book, although it is one of the older ones in the series. It is set on the Natchez Trace, just down the road a bit from where I live, and the scenic route down to Natchez. With the recent great flood of 2011, Highway 61 was cut for some period of time, and this was an alternate route from Vicksburg to Natchez, taking Highway 27 from Vicksburg to the intersection with the Trace.

Anna Pigeon has started a new job as District Ranger on the south end of the Natchez Trace, from Interstate 20 down to Natchez. On her first official day on the job, she discovers the body of a murder victim. It had been prom night at Clinton High School, and one girl never made it back home. The main part of the novel investigates possible suspects and motives. At the same time Anna is dealing with internal personel problems in the ranger district. You can guess at some of the motives, and there are some clues along the way. It is a surprise at the end, with a couple twists, but maybe not a complete surprise.

About that alligator - I know some young men who have done things with gators. One friend lost her pet dog to a misplaced gator. Some of the characters are true to life.
All of Nevada Barr's books are extremely atmospheric (I still feel claustrophobic when I think about the Lechugilla Cave in "Blind Descent") and "Deep South" is no exception. Barr's descriptions of April in the southern end of the Natchez Trace are alternately lovely as she describes the spring beauty of the landscape, and cloying as she writes about the pervasive, encompassing growth. This is a terrific mystery story, expertly told with clues and red herrings woven skillfully throughout the text.
I feel compelled to respond to the previous reviewer who wrote of "slogging" through yet another Anna Pigeon mystery. Life is too short to slog through books written about characters or by writers you already know you don't like. Anna does have numerous friends, male and female, but even if she didn't, why does it matter that she has a close friendship with her older sister? I only wish I was as close with my sister. And so what if she likes to drink? There are far worse personal habits then a glass or two of wine in the evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Nevada Barr books, Anna is an intelligent, tough and compassionate character. I personally would have picked fellow district ranger Steve Stilwell over Sheriff Paul Davidson, but hey, no one's perfect. I also liked the peace/piece joke on page 276 as well as the bit where Taco is described as a "tourist."
I LOVE Nevada Barr mysteries!! This was the first one I ever read - after my husband finished cycling the Natchz Trace in real life. I enjoyed it so much, that I had to follow it up with 8 more. This particular copy was a hardback so I could keep it permanently. They all are set in different national parks, which the author brings to life meticulously. Anna Pidgeon makes a fit and appealing middle-age heroine and it's so much fun (and terror) following her adventures. The writing is intelligent and suspenseful and really keeps you turning the pages. I learn something new with every book. So if you're looking for something challenging, but intriguing enough to escape into - this is it.