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by Patricia Wentworth
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    Patricia Wentworth
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    Perennial (June 1, 1992)
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I always enjoy reading a Miss Silver mystery and this was no disappointment.

I always enjoy reading a Miss Silver mystery and this was no disappointment.

A miss Silver mystery, 1950.

Patricia Wentworth Through The Wall A miss Silver mystery, 1950Chapter 1 Mr. Ashton, the senior partner of Ashton & Fenwick, solicitors, looked benevolently across his broad writing-table at Miss Brand. He had no means of knowing whether her extreme restraint of manner was natural or the result of shock. A miss Silver mystery, 1950. Chapter 1. Mr.

Through the Wall book. Most of Marion's relations would prefer her dead, and one of them. This is another entertaining mystery with Miss Silver once again the one who Marian Brand is lost in deep thought as she takes the train homeward from a meeting she had been summoned to with a lawyer. A very wealthy uncle she had not been aware of left her a large legacy and a large house. On her journey home, she meets Richard Cunningham, a very successful writer. Only, they are under the train, saved by a ditch in a bad train crash with a couple of hours to talk together until they are rescued. He had just finished explaining to her that under the will of her uncle, Martin Brand, she had succeeded to a very considerable fortune.

The complete series list for - A Miss Silver Mystery Patricia Wentworth. Patricia Wentworth Series List. A Miss Silver Mystery. Series List:32 titles. Genre: All Amateur Sleuth Suspense Women Sleuths Mystery Cozy Mystery.

Four mysteries featuring uth Miss Silver, who has her place in detective fiction as surely as Lord Peter Wimsey or Hercule Poirot (Manchester Evening News). Marvelous retired governess and teacher Maud Silver may seem like a kindly old soul. But with her keen mind and spritely demeanor, she’s Scotland Yard’s secret weapon against crime (Manchester Evening News). Through the Wall: After years of toil caring for her layabout sister, Marian Brand is shocked when her unknown uncle leaves her his entire estate. Now, she can finally be happy.

Miss Silver is frequently compared to Agatha Christie's Jane Marple, though Patricia Wentworth's first Miss Silver novel pre-dated Agatha Christie's first Miss Marple novel by two years, and may well have inspired Agatha Christie. In Marion Shaw & Sabine Vanacker's book Reflecting on Miss Marple, they said: "while Miss Marple may receive ten times the attention as Miss Silver,. the woefully neglected Miss Silver is the real deal - a professional investigator and a stand-up woman, a true forerunner of all future female private eyes.

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The Alington Inheritance Patricia Wentworth Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. .The thought went quickly through her head.

The Alington Inheritance Patricia Wentworth Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 2. A little shiver went over her. She called up the stairs, ‘Jenny, I’m back!’ and there was no answer. Other author's books: The Red Lacquer Case: A Golden Age Mystery. Fear by Night: A Golden Age Mystery. Who Pays the Piper?: An Ernest Lamb Mystery. The Astonishing Adventure of Jane Smith: A Golden Age Mystery. Pursuit of a Parcel: An Ernest Lamb Mystery. Blindfold: A Golden Age Mystery.

Martin Brand's relatives are furious that he's left his large estate to his niece, Marion, whom he had only met once. And Marion is upset that she has to share her new home with Martin's family. Then a body is found on the beach wearing her coat. Fortunately Miss Silver is on the scene.

Funny duck
This is the 17th book in a series of 32 cozy mysteries featuring Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess whose dowdy dress is belied by a mind so sharp it can cut through multiple motives without hesitation. It's a good thing she's on hand at a seaside town, because one of her clients, a gold-digging singer, is also on hand, helping stir a pot of jealousy, suspicion and money that ought to be up for grabs...if only it weren't for Marian Brand, a recent heiress who is saddled with far too many sponging relatives in a large house. Written in 1950, when the author was 72, it has a sure touch and all the low-key modesty of a mid-century novel by a past-mid-century writer. There's no objectionable language or action, and even the details of crimes are kept largely off-stage and muted by third-person retelling. For a change (most refreshing) the season is Spring and the atmosphere is mild. In most of these books, fog, sleet, snow, rain, mist and greyness dull the page and make the incessant woolens and mufflers necessary. It's really a nice surprise to have gardens filled with flowers, sunny skies and great views. In fact, this may be the first of the 17 books I've read so far to be so cheery! Wentworth had some stock set-ups for her novels, and they are present in this one: two pairs of young lovers with obstacles in their path, lots of relatives and thus lots of suspects and motives, and of course, Miss Silver herself, generally described as elderly, yet clearly unchanged from the first book which was written in 1928. A couple of unusual touches add to the piece. First is the presence of Mactavish the cat; I believe this is the first in the series to have a pet. Second is the dramatic beginning, when Marian is trapped in a train wreck. Wentworth normally doesn't use such extraordinary scenarios, keeping her characters and their lives low-key, even humdrum. This is a very enjoyable book and well worth reading.
Well written with just as much detail picture a scene but does not go on and on. The plot rotating amongst well thought out motives. Yet you still slightly surprised at the end.
Classic Patricia Wentworth: A heroine vulnerable to the schemes of wicked relatives, budding romance, and the knitting needle clickety-clack of the regal Miss Silver entering the situation to unveil all sorts of hidden secrets! Great fun.
Trash Obsession
This is a solid Miss Silver mystery, although it has a dark, noir-ish aspect. The opening of the book is pretty interesting, and there's some dysfunctional family relationships (which I really enjoy). Some people also get what they deserve, and Miss Silver does a good turn for justice.
Typical Miss Silver mystery. Romance, murder, English country house, money and crazy relatives. In short a really good "cozy". This one is a bit better than most, really well drawn characters, the suspense is even and builds to a surprising conclusion and all the nice people live happily ever after. Post WW2 era circa 1950 or so.

If you want to start reading Patricia Wentworth's Miss Silver mysteries this is one I'd happily recommend.
Miss Silver is an unexpected Private inquiry agent. ( as she calls herself) Unlike Agatha Christie's Spinster Detecive Miss Silver considers herself a professional. She takes assigments. This one she has thrust upon her while on vacation. It is a look back into the golden age of detective stories ruled by amaters, who the police defer to and take into thier confindence. The story is ingenious. There are lots of red herrings. If you like classic British Mystery this book is for you.
Miss Silver is like a beloved relative visited for her wonderful stories! Sunday afternoons with iced tea on the veranda...I enjoyed this very much!
Without being an insipid clone.

I am very interested in reading more of Miss Silver's insights into human nature and in becoming acquainted with more of the characters who inhabit her world.