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by Anne Perry
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    Anne Perry
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    Fawcett (December 12, 1985)
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Callander Square is book two of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry. At Callander Square in London one cold London morning when a body found by gardeners planting a tree. On further investigation, there was another baby body under the first. At first, Inspector Thomas Pitt thought one of the young servant girl seduced by her boss, gave birth by herself and the baby dies. However, during Inspector Thomas Pitt investigation it was found out they were murder. The readers of Callander Callander Square is book two of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry.

Someone on posh Callander Square will kill to keep a secret in this superior mystery from the New York Times–bestselling author of Twenty-One Days (The San Diego Union-Tribune). Callander Square - Anne Perry. Pitt is not convinced that the case should be so easily dropped.

Before half past nine he was kneeling on the still icebound earth by the body. A solitary constable stood guard over it. Nothing had been moved. ough Pitt thought it was probably the cold that prevailed over her rather than any sense of obedience. There was a police doctor with him. After he had stared his fill and the picture was etched on his mind, together they turned Freddie over to look at the wound

by. Perry, Anne, 1938-.


Электронная книга "Callander Square", Anne Perry When two dead infants are dug up in the Callander Square gardens, the upper-class residents dismiss the burials as the desperate act of a low-born girl and resent the intrusion o. .

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Murders just don’t happen in fashionable areas like Callander Square–but these two have. The police are totally baffled. Pretty, young Charlotte Ellison Pitt

Murders just don’t happen in fashionable areas like Callander Square–but these two have. Murders just don t happen in fashionable areas like Callander Square but these two have. Pretty, young Charlotte Ellison Pitt, however, is curious.

"Murder fans who prefer their crimes with a touch of class should heat some scones and nestle back for the afternoon."ATLANTA JOURNAL & CONSTITUTIONMurders just didn't take place in fashionable Callander Square, so Inspector Pitt's well-bred wife Charlotte couldn't resist finding out why one had. Suddenly there she was, rattling the closets of the very rich, listening to backstair gossip, and unearthing truths that could push even the most proper aristocrat to murder....

Book 2 (of 32 so far) in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mystery series. Thomas and Charlotte have married (not a spoiler) and are expecting their first child. Charlotte is adjusting to life on a policeman's salary without complaint, but it is a big change from her previous high society upbringing. The book opens with the discovery of the bodies of two infants buried in a garden in the tony neighborhood of Callander Square. One of the infants has a weirdly misshapen head. Forensic science in the 1880's was not that great, so it is unclear if the babies were born dead or were murdered after birth. The residents of Callander Square prefer to think that a promiscuous servant girl became pregnant and got rid of the babies.

Enter Inspector Pitt who is not satisfied with that explanation. As he investigates the neighbors, he finds that they have a lot to hide. There are affairs between masters and parlor maids, which husbands and wives agree to ignore. An occasional society lady has an affair--ditto the ignoring--unless it is with the footman! So, all types of blurring of social boundaries in the bedroom. Throw in the disappearance of a servant girl a couple of years prior and two more murders and Pitt has his hands full. He is somewhat unknowingly assisted behind the scenes by his wife, who poses as an unmarried secretary hired to help General Balantyne organize his family memoirs. This allows her an inside look at the families in the square and the below stairs staff. Her sister Emily, now Lady Ashworth, uses her social standing to gain entry into the main parlors. She uses wit, gossip, and her keen sense of character to gather information. Together they solve the mysteries.

I read this on the heels of finishing The Cater Street Hangman. So far, these appear to be stand alone books with just enough history from the previous book provided. I enjoyed the actual mystery in this story more than in Hangman. There were more potential criminals. Multiple families were highlighted, making the characters a little confusing to sort out. Charlotte plays more of a minor role here with Pitt and Emily being more active. As in the previous (and I assume subsequent) books, social class and gender rules and roles play a big part in the story and in the mystery. Inspector Pitt has to put up with a lot of disrespect as being part of the lower working class. Once again, this is a compulsive quick read with an interesting story and period atmosphere. Two books in, I suspect a formula to the writing, but nonetheless, the formula is well done so far. Next up for me: Paragon Walk.
Police Inspector Pitt and his wife Charlotte (together with her sister) share the honors in solving the murders committed against man, women and unborn children, in a London residential square in which live members of the English elite. It is the Victorian era in which the behavioral and legal rules governing men and women, husbands and wives, the governing class and the governed class, were sharply distinguishable. It was a period in which the wives of the elite were successful to the extent that their husbands were successful; their main tasks being to run their households efficiently, give birth to new members of the elite and see to it that these were properly raised to replace their fathers and mothers in their high stations in life, to see that their husbands were gratified in their needs, whatever form those gratifications took, and to conduct themselves in such manner as not to disgrace their position. Dances and other entertainments were crucial, as were their more intimate social visits with other women, and, more occasionally, dinners which allowed for intimate relationships to supplement formal ones in strengthening the ties that bound each to other members of the elite. Throughout all these activities ran the current of gossip, acquiring and providing information, fact and fiction, not only as recreational entertainment and for the satisfaction of the need to know about others in their circle, but also as instruments of social control, to channel equals into paths which reinforce their common status, to punish deviants from these norms, and to defeat by ridicule those who would seek to enter their circles without the appropriate status symbols.
Into this complex web, though with authorial restraint in describing the complexities, goes Thomas Pitt, to solve the mystery of the skeletal remains of two newborn infants found in Callander Square. He is the official investigator, his wife's sister, a member of an elite circle, recruits Charlotte Pitt, to infiltrate the ranks of the Callander elite, so that their " team" can take advantage of insider knowledge to help the Police (and to provide thrills to the sister). Anne Perry is a mistress of this type of mystery and provides excellent profiles of key members of the group (and key 'servants') to create an interesting spider web within which the two can operate. The mystery itself is not of the first order but the setting and characterizations add considerably to the reader's pleasure. Not a book for the action-oriented set, but a solid choice for readers addicted to 'The British School' of writers.
I enjoy reading an Anne Perry novel, but I like the William Monk series better. I am surprised that Charlotte is able to hide her pregnancy from the general public, but I guess that the style of that time camouflaged her condition. I cannot believe that no one noticed a corpse at the deserted house, I guess that neighbors are not nosy. Perry does well in describing the clothes and living conditions of the middle to upper income class, and hints at the problems below the surface. So many times, I thought I might know the person who buried the infants, but was mildly surprised to discover the culprit. I look forward to continuing this series.
I had only read one of this series and although I would. have continued readine more of these exciting books but they are too expensive for my pentioners budget .
Imagine my pleasure on finding this one at a special price and a few extra chapters from the next novel as a bonus
I enjoyed it so much . Turning over stones one finds such a variety of strange creepy crawlies and what this author does is similar , by taking us behind the upper class facades of late Victorian London , unmasking the pretentions of those inhabitants of "up stairs " , while she traps our curiosity in a complicated murder investigation
The second book in the series. Two years after the first book Charlotte and Emily have both married and settled into life with their paramours from the first book. Two babies are found buried in a garden and Pitt sets out to find out how the got there. Dark secrets are churned up by the investigation and people take drastic measures to keep them hidden. Charlotte and Emily put snooping to use in the investigation. I can't say I put the pieces together or found all of them. Entertaining suspects.