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by James Thacker,P. Nick Blanchard
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Management & Leadership
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    James Thacker,P. Nick Blanchard
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    Prentice Hall; 4 edition (June 29, 2009)
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    504 pages
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    Management & Leadership
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Nick Blanchard (Author), James W Thacker (Author), Nick P Blanchard (Author) & 0 more. This was the textbook needed for class.

Nick Blanchard (Author), James W Thacker (Author), Nick P Blanchard (Author) & 0 more. ISBN-13: 978-0130327390. NEW-New chapter on important types of training programs-This chapter addresses orientation, diversity, sexual harassment, and team-training.

Издание: 5th, intern.

Training is used extensively to help employee understand how they can assist in meeting cooperative objectives. An effective training system begins with the identification of the organization’s training needs. Training goals and roles. 4. A business must interact with its environment and thus it is an open system. Open systems have dynamic relationship with their environment, but closed system do not interact with their environment. Inputs from the environment keeps the system active. These need will create a performance gap (AOP is less than EOP). Performance gap can be current or future oriented.

by P. Nick Blanchard (Author), James Thacker (Author).

P. Nick Blanchard, Eastern Michigan University. P. James Thacker, University of Windsor. Effective Training: Systems, Strategies and Practices discusses the training process within an overarching framework that shows readers how training activities meet organizational needs that are both strategic and tactical in nature.

This practical, reader-friendly book discusses training and how it relates to business objectives and strategies.

James W. Thacker is Professor Emeritus at the Odette Schoolof Business, University of Windsor.

blanchard james thacker - Effective Training P Nick Blanchard James Thacker Blanchard And Thacker Effective .

Principles of Instructional Design (4th e. Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace.

PEARSON Prentiee Hall Pearson Education International. 2 Gagne-Briggs 198 Chapter 5 Training Design Theory The Gagne-Briggs theory of instructional design,92 discussed in Chapter 3, is applicable to cognitive, behavioral, and attitudinallearning. Principles of Instructional Design (4th e.

Effective Training: Systems, Strategies and Practices discusses the training process within an overarching framework that showsreaders how training activities meet organizational needs that are both strategic and tactical in nature.

KEY TOPICS: Training in Organizations; Aligning Training with Strategy; Learning, Motivation, and Performance; Needs Analysis; Training Design; Traditional Training Methods; Computer-Based Training Methods; Development and Implementation of Training; Evaluation of Training; Key Areas of Organizational Training; Employee and Management Development

MARKET: For readers looking for seamless integration of theory with effective and practical training applications.

There are textbooks that engage you and fill you with enthusiasm for your topic - and then there are textbooks that lay out the facts in a rather dry way and expect you to simply memorize and move on. This book falls into the dry category - and it's fascinating because this is a book ON EFFECTIVE TRAINING. You would think if any textbook would be at the top of the class in terms of engaging, dynamic content, that this would be it.

The book goes through the various stages of working on a training program in great detail. First you do a needs analysis to figure out what you need. Then you design what you'll do and how you'll do it. Next you actually develop the training. You implement it, and then you get feedback to improve it. Great amounts of information are provided about each step. You're walked through the benefits and detriments of various room configurations, of different styles of training activities, on ways to get feedback from students, and more.

Most of the book assumes you'll work for a giant company, and while there are short "what would a small company do" blurbs at the end of chapters, I wish they had spent more time on that. I've worked for 10 or 11 companies in my work life and only one of them was large - and even there we were a small unit within that larger company. Since there are far more small companies than large companies out there, I think giving them equal time would have made sense.

Also, there is a fairly brief section on computer based learning. I would have wanted to see MUCH more detail on that. My entire college experience is being done online. All of the training I run for my own company is online. Most of my friends who are taking training are doing that online. Given how pervasive this is in our modern world, I think much more of the book should have focused on that, and it should have been woven into all the chapters.

Even with those comments, I found a great deal of useful information in here. As I went through the book, during each chapter I was taking not only notes for my class but also notes for my company's training material - things to update or do differently. In every chapter there were important tips that were immediately useful to me.

Well recommended, but I'd really like to see a new version that was much more engaging and interesting.
Gave it 5 because it was the highest rating I could give! The book exceeded my expectations.
I am pleased that the book was in great condition and received in record time.
I would definitely recommend this product to everyone - it is the same book that I would have had to pay 3x the price at the school bookstore.
If you are into ttaining and organizational design and development, this is a hands on text, par excellence. The supportive case studies and example vignettes are great. I liked it enough to get an A in the course.
Another textbook, it was actually interesting which helped me get an A!
Effective training is a great book for managers who would like to learn to become trainers and transfer to their organizations training department. Easy to read!
Great book to assist some one who is interested in training.
Love it
For what it is, a textbook, it's fine. It's very informative but is a bit dry for reading. I liked the vocabulary at the end of each chapter.