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by Wendy M. Tietz Walter T. Harrison Jr. Karen W. Braun
Download Managerial Accounting: International Edition fb2
4.6 out of 5 stars
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    Wendy M. Tietz Walter T. Harrison Jr. Karen W. Braun
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    Pearson; 2nd edition edition (October 1, 2009)
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    4.6 out of 5 stars
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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management.

Karen Wilken Braun Wendy M. Tietz Walter T. Harrison Jr. Published by n/a. ISBN 10: 0558671616 ISBN 13: 9780558671617.

11Pages: 81. 81 pages.

Published January 9th 2017 by Pearson. Author(s): Karen W. Braun, Walter T., Wendy M. Tietz. Braun, Wendy M.

by Walter T. Harrison J. Wendy M. Tietz, Karen W. Braun. M. Suzanne Oliver, Walter T. Charles T. Horngren. Walter T. Linda S. Bamber, Charles T.

Karen Braun/Wendy M Tietz/Walter T. Harrison. Get started today for free.

Wendy M. Tietz, Kent State University

Karen W. Braun, Case Western Reserve University. Tietz, Kent State University. Harrison, J. Baylor University. These emerging IFRS and international issues are denoted throughout the text with a global icon. NEW! Headers in a Question & Answer Format.

Florida International University. ACG 3301 - Fall 2015.

by Karen W. Tietz, Walter T. ISBN 9780136091165 (978-0-13-609116-5) Hardcover, Prentice Hall, 2009.

Book by Karen Wilken Braun

Used at Western Washington University around 2008. I didn't love accounting in general but this book was easy to follow.

Like most people, I rely on honest product reviews to make purchase decisions. Because the experience of others has been so helpful to me, I try to provide honest, helpful reviews to assist other shoppers in selecting the right products for them. I hope my review has been helpful to you!
I just wrote the following text to the publisher/authors:

I am an MBA student at Butler University, Indianapolis IN (AACSB-accredited).

I am finishing my managerial accounting class, having used the text mentioned in the subject line. I found the text to be extremely well-written:

* Since I'm an MBA/entrepreneur, I appreciate the _lack_ of intensive journal/book-keeping items. I just need to know how to speak intelligently to accountants.
* The consistent use of real companies (e.g., Amazon.com) helped me to really "get into" and visualize what you were saying.
* I believe "review is the keystone of learning", and this book makes proper use of that principle (not too much, not too little). I like how concepts from previous chapters are mentioned in later ones. I also like how key chapter-concepts are repeated throughout the chapter.
* The page-layout, font and graphic selections, are really nice. Good use of whitespace, font-weights, etc.
* I enjoyed the "conversational attitude" of the book. Some accounting books are very pedantic, and yours struck me as friendly.


I read many books, and it's rare for me to write praises for them. But this text was of such high value to me, I felt I had to communicate that.
Rich Vulture
I bought this book used but it looks like new. The book is also available in audible.com. The audio book makes reference to the paper book that's why I bought the paper book. Read first the paper book and then use the audio as a complement to review what you just read.
great book.
I got the book in perfect condition and very quickly. Only took about 3 shipping days.
I was pleased with my recent purchase online. At first I was apprehensive, but it turned out quite, alright!
I bought this textbook sight unseen with the intend of using it as a reference for work. I originally learned mangerial accounting in my MBA program some years ago using Noreen and Garrison's Managerial Accounting textbook. It was my first choice as it is regarded as the best textbook on the subject but I could not get it for a reasonable price. So, I saw that this textbook had just came out and I went for it. At first glance, I was more or less unimpressed with its content comparing it to my old Noreen and Garrison' textbook. Bamber/Braun/Harrison's text seemed too simplicitic and not to deep in content. But, I decided to keep it and work through it.

It did not take me long to realize it is a great textbook. It is very readable and loaded with lots of complete worked out examples. It is also very visually appealing. It is clean and uncluttered with excellent graphics and it is printed on high quality, low-glare paper. The author's explain terms and concept's very well. Again, it is not as sophisticated/complicated as Noreen/Garrison (but that is where they fall down). To be sure, I also bought on the cheap the 3rd edition of Cost Management by Hilton. Again, Bamber/Braun/Harrison beats it it too for it clear prose and explanations. Ex. Bamber/Braun/Harrison do a terrific job explaining the topic of Operating Levarge on pages 386 and 387 including a good example. In Hilton's book, he does it in a paragraph and I swear, I have no clue what he was trying to say.

Final point, I also purchased the study guide that accompanies Bamber/Braun/Harrison. It is also an excellent teaching product. It is the best looking - most useful study guide I have ever used (for economics Brune and McConnell's study guide is by far the most comprehensive and exhaustive). It is printed on exceptionally good paper, in color using the same graphics as the main text. Each chapter is loaded with lots of fully worked out Demo problems. If you are an instructor, I would urge you to take a good look at this textbook for use in your classes as it will definitely make learning this challenging subject much easier.
The book was exactly as listed. It is in very good shape. Shipping was in great time. The book arrived quickly and in perfect time for me to use in class.
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