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Download Financial Accounting fb2
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    Pearson Canada; Third Canadian Edition edition (2010)
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4. E. Financial Statements.

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What others are saying.

Cash book is a record of all the transactions related to cash.

Customs services and international tracking provided.

Ordered this for class, and it was very confusing whether it came with the access code for MyAccounting Lab. The paperback version comes with the access code, but the ebook doesn't, even though the cost is comparable. Also according to customer service at Amazon, this ebook can only be downloaded onto up to 2 devices, which isn't really enough if one has multiple devices.
This book is terribly written I don't even know where to start. The initial chapters have overly complex examples rather simple ones that can be broken down and understood. The book is written in a way that leaves the reader thinking the author(s) want to show off they know more than you. Judging by the writing styles some chapter like 2 and 3 are written with the goal of actually teaching.

The online access option is a complete waste of money and garbage. It's a site built for AOL users and was build int 1998. It has a terrible interface and no answers or process flow or anything. I gave up on it after spending hours/days on it. If your even thinking "maybe I might get one thing out of it, even if it's a little bit". DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

This book and its publisher show why monopolies are bad. No competition in books for colleges leaves people having to go to YouTube (great accounting videos there by the way.)

Good luck people!
Accounting is hard and this book is worthless. It does not explain anything. It's like the authors expect you to know how to do everything. My professor even said he had a hard time using it and thought it was written poorly and he is an Auditor and has worked in accounting for a LONG time
Rolling Flipper
What I like about the Horngren Series is the practicality of it. This series has always managed to hold the number of pages down to about 200 less than its quite excellent major competitors (Weygandt-Kieso-Kimmel and Wild-Larson-Chiappetta). It's still a large-dimension hardcover and this Horngren book has 752 pages. That's plenty of space for a student, and Horngren provides more than enough easy-access online materials as well.

Horngren is mainly used by university students although Weygandt-Kieso-Kimmel have gained market share. But Horngren also recognizes that most financial accountants do not need an accounting degree. They need to understand accounting and know how to do their specific jobs. In fact, I've long noticed the small ratio of accountants working in accounting departments that actually have accounting degrees. For them, the Horngren Series is well-designed in addition to serving the needs of college students.

Horngren places emphasis on the accounting cycle. In doing so, this textbook covers the actual job duties within an accounting department quite efficiently. That's why I also purchase Horngren Series books. I purchase them for staff as well as additional resource material to help me prepare when I teach accounting courses at the university level. Because if its special niche and top-notch editing, I would expect this series to last through many more editions.

Just make sure to get the latest edition.
This book was required text for a class. Pretty good overall, content is easy to understand and uses many examples. However, a few things to keep in mind:

- The student value edition is not binded. It arrives as a stack of paper with 3-holes punched. You will need a binder if you purchase this edition.

- Lots of practice questions but no answers! This pretty much makes the practice questions useless. The instructor said we have to contact the publisher for the answers. Given that there are 20 practice questions per chapter, most of us did not bother.

- This edition does not include the Accounting Lab CD. The instructor said the CD contains more practice questions and supplemental content which may be useful for studying, but is not necessary component of the book.
This is a terrific book for understanding accounting from a managerial perspective. I don't understand the negative comments concerning this accounting book. It does help to make the university course easier if you have a bit of accounting experience.
Had this for my financial accounting 101 class. The book is well laid out and the examples are easy to follow. At times due to colored panels and examples, it felt like a children's book, but I was just glad that they chose to not get carried away too far with it. There is still enough subject matter in there to help with self study.

Also liked the exercises and the check figures provided by the publisher for end of chapter problems were really helpful on building confidence.
I'm so happy I found this book. I have ordered and purchased several accounting books. This is by far the most readable, concise, and comprehendable book on financial accounting. I'm using this book as a review before I take the next installment of financial accounting classes. The chapters are easy to read and the illustrations clarify and validate the core concepts of each chapter. The best part of the book is the answer key in the back. I cannot comprehend editiors and authors who read and write these books, make up all kinds of problems, and don't place an answer key in the book. How is a student suppose to know if they are progressing and answering the question correctly?
I would definitely recommend this book if you are interested in learning the basics of financial accounting or just starting out as an accounting major. Good luck!