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by Douglas N. Frenkel,James H. Stark
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    Douglas N. Frenkel,James H. Stark
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    Aspen Publishers; Pap/DVD edition (July 10, 2008)
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First published in 2008, The Practice of Mediation: A Video-Integrated Text was the first book to combine in-depth textual analysis of the mediation process with . by Douglas N. Frenkel (Author), James H. Stark (Author).

by Douglas N. ISBN-13: 978-1454802198.

Douglas N. Frenkel, James H. Stark This widely-adopted, all-original book was the first in the field to combine . Stark.

Douglas Frenkel, James H. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2012 - 531 من الصفحات.

Douglas Norman Frenkel is the Morris Shuster Practice Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Frenkel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a . in Economics in 1968, and from the University of Pennsylvania Law School with a . He is married to Marlene Weinstein. Frenkel was a law clerk to Judge Theodore Spaulding, Superior Court of Pennsylvania, from 1972-73

About Douglas N. Frenkel: Douglas Frenkel is the architect of Penn Law’s nationally renowned clinical program .

About Douglas N. Frenkel: Douglas Frenkel is the architect of Penn Law’s nationally renowned clinical program having served as Director of the Gittis Ce. .His multi-media book on mediation skills and ethics (with James Stark) is the first work of itskind to integrate text and video (Th Douglas Frenkel is the architect of Penn Law’s nationally renowned clinical program having served as Director of the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies from 1980 to 2008. Under his leadership, the program grew to include real-case courses in litigation, transactional representation, mediation, legislation, child advocacy and transnational lawyering.

Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9781543801286, 1543801285. Engaging text is keyed to seven hours of online video, featuring three different cases, all based on actual disputes: a child custody case, a small claims consumer dispute, and a complex negligence suit.

Mediator attempts at persuasion are pervasive in a wide variety of mediation contexts, yet "persuasion" is, for some, a pejorative word and a contested norm in the field. Perhaps as a result, there has been little, if any, evidence-based writing about what kinds of persuasive appeals might be effective in mediation, how they might operate, and how they might be experienced by disputants. Stark, James H. and Frenkel, Douglas . Changing Minds: The Work of Mediators and Empirical Studies of Persuasion (2013).

Frenkel, Douglas . Published by Aspen Publishers. Books have varying amounts of wear and highlighting. ISBN 10: 1454802197 ISBN 13: 9781454802198. We are not able to ship internationally. The use of mediation has grown exponentially in recent years in courts, agencies, and community settings

Douglas N. When people are placed in a partisan role or otherwise have an objective they seek to accomplish, they are prone to pervasive cognitive and motivational biases. The use of mediation has grown exponentially in recent years in courts, agencies, and community settings. Yet the field of mediation still operates to a considerable extent on folklore and opinion. More).

<p> This exceptional, all-original book is the first to fully integrate text and video. It combines sophisticated textual analysis of the mediation process with a six-hour DVD illustrating the stages of the mediation process, the skills of effective mediators and the role of lawyers representing clients in the process. Designed for clinical or simulation courses, <b>The Practice of Mediation: A Video-Integrated Text</b> is sure to become the mediation skills text of choice. </p> <p> <b>This text is the ultimate integration of theory and practice in that</b>: </p> <ul> <li> each volume contains <b>unscripted, high quality video</b> depicting nine professional mediators, of different backgrounds and orientations, mediating three different disputes, with very different results </li> <li> the DVD extracts are <b>fully integrated with the text</b>, enabling students to “see” what they are studying as they read, and enabling instructors to save precious classroom time by assigning DVD extracts to be viewed and analyzed outside of class </li> <li> the mediations depicted on the DVD — a child custody case, a small claims consumer dispute, and a premises liability suit filed by a tenant against his former landlord-are based on real cases, selected for their varied contexts and dispute characteristics </li> <li> the DVD <b>illustrates a wide range of mediator and lawyer conduct</b> and includes an extended comparative example of facilitative and evaluative mediation of the same matter </li> </ul> <p> <b>Accessible and conversational in style, the text draws on the most recent research in the field and</b>: </p> <ul> <li> explores and recognizes all of the <b>major approaches to mediation</b>, helping students, as prospective neutrals and client representatives, analyze how the characteristics of a dispute and the context of the mediation setting might affect what mediation approach(es) will best suit each case </li> <li> <b>sets out a model of mediation</b>, from information gathering through persuasion, that can be applied in community and court settings, and in disputes ranging from family and employment to small claims and large commercial matters </li> <li> examines in detail all the <b>major ethical and role issues</b> that mediators and lawyers representing clients in mediation encounter </li> </ul> <p> <b>Unique in its approach and designed to maximize the classroom experience, this is an outstanding teaching package. The carefully crafted Teacher's Manual includes</b>: </p> <ul> <li> <b>sample syllabi </b>and <b>teaching suggestions</b> for how the book can be used in a variety of course configurations </li> <li> <b>short classroom exercises, games, role-plays and longer simulations</b> , debriefing notes and references to the leading books and articles in the field </li> <li> a <b>website for adopters</b> will facilitate the exchange of teaching idea </li> </ul> <p> </p>

This is a very practical guide to mediation. It's incredible beneficial to have the video illustration. The illustrations in both the book and video, show application of the various styles mediators use to be effective. The video also illustrates how mediators utilize styles sometimes that are not appropriate or as effective - - that's very beneficial.

The book is well written and video is well done. The video is a little dated now, but the content is on target and realistic. The video provides various scenarios in mediation. It provides typically 3 mediators and how they mediate the same situation, which illustrates various styles.

If someone is serious about honing their mediation skills, this is an excellent resource.
Explained everything very nicely, served its purpose. Maybe not really necessary to purchase unless your professor gives assignments straight from the book.
I think it would've been a good book if I can read it now, yet I am not, because up to know my hands don't turn out even a page. Should I convince myself that postman will tell me tales about it soon than I expected?
Great textbook, lots of examples to make the reading relevant.
This book is a step by step guide to setting up a mediation practice and his must read for anyone interested in mediation.
Very helpful wording for mediating any case. The examples are easy to apply to almost any situation.
Required text.
This book is called "the practice of mediation," but contains very little to aid the reader in practicing mediation. It's more of a guide to mediation theory, and is very superficial about even that. Perhaps as a very basic overview of mediation theory, this book could be useful, but I did not feel that this book was particularly informative for even that purpose.