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by Jack Higgins
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    Jack Higgins
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    Ulverscroft Large Print Books Ltd; Large Print edition edition (October 1987)
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    464 pages
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If there is such a thing as a perfect novel, this one is for me. Can anyone tell a tale of historical fiction like Jack Higgins? Not in my opinion. This novel has everything in it that a reader would ever ask. It is a thriller, an ingenious plot, a crucial stage of World War 11, and romance to boot. The characters are wonderful-all of them including the supporting staff. This is the kind of book that takes you away from the mundane and lets you travel back into time. You look forward to ending the day with the story in your hands as your eyes start to fade. Then you decide to savor the story and save it for yet just one more day. I never wanted this story to end.
If you still give a damn about reading reviews Mr. Higgins, I salute your brilliance and thank you for hours of delightful reading.
I have read a number of Jack Higgins books, but I think this is the best yet. I normally don't have a problem putting his books down, but I did this one! From the time American Hugh Kelso washes up injured on the shore of German occupied Jersey, the fight begins for the Allies to get him off the island before he is captured and the Germans realize he knows the plans for the D-Day invasion. Harry Martineau, an American of German heritage, and a cold killer, is sent disguised as an SS officer onto the island to get Kelso out, or kill him to keep the information from being leaked to the Germans. But when it is announced that General Rommel has arrived unexpected on Jersey also, plans must change. Great book.
This is a typical old style Jack Higgins story that takes place on the island of Jersey in the English Channel on the eve of the Normandy invasion.

The story begins with an American Army engineering colonel who becomes a castaway when the boat he is on gets torpedoed during a rehearsal for the invasion and he winds up on the Jersey shore. Of course, he has broken leg and cannot move by himself. The Jersey residents then have de and protect him while the allies attempt to rescue him or make sure he does not get captured by the Nazis.

The story also involves a German lm poster of Rommel that complicates the issues for both the Nazi garrison and those helping the colonel.

The writing and flow of the story are typical Higgins making for a good, enjoyable read.
This is an old one but a really good one. Jack Higgins can always be relied upon to tell a fast and gripping tale - and this is one of the best of them (IMHO a little better than "The Eagle has Landed").

D-Day is only a few days away when Hugh Kelso, an American officer with vital information about the pending landing in France, is in a boat that is sunk in the English Channel. His rescue raft washes up on the shore of the Isle of German-occupied Jersey. Fortunately he is found by sympathetic locals who hide him and pass a message to the French resistance to send to London.

Eisenhower and the British are stunned as many lives could be lost if Kelso falls into the hands of the Germans. In desperation the British send a senior SS imposter and his mistress to the island to help the locals get Kelso back to England. Things go terribly and amusingly wrong when Rommel visits the island when they are there - but is it really Rommel?

The characters are good, the action fast, and sometimes emotional and impossible - what more do you want?
This is the first book I have read by the author, and it will not be the last. I was totally caught up in the engrossing and entertaining tale of WWII intrigue.

On one hand, the set-up seems a bit improbable. You have an American colonel who just happens to know the details of D-Day surviving a ship sinking and washing ashore on German-occupied Jersey, a Rommel impersonator who just happens to be a Jewish Wehrmacht corporal, a skilled assassin, an Italian naval officer more attuned to the Allied cause, and a Jersey girl fluent in French whose aunt just happens to be harboring the American colonel. But while reading the book, none of that matters. The fast pace, the developing story, and the suspense supersedes all of that, drawing the reader in and refusing to let go.

The depiction of German-occupied Jersey was rather interesting and well portrayed. Far away from the fierce fighting of most WWII-themed books, this little slice of history made for an interesting backdrop for the story. To be honest, I didn't know much about the occupation, and reading this book inspired me to do some research on it, and I am grateful for that.

The book's major strengths are in the plot development and in building suspense. I hate to use trite phrases, but in this case, it is appropriate. I couldn't put the book down. I read it in two sittings, knowing I had to go to sleep on the second sitting, telling myself "well, just one more chapter." Needless to say, "one more chapter" turned into the rest of the book.

On several levels, this is a typical WWII intrigue novel. But the author somehow elevates it to a higher plane. This is a book which can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a good yarn.
The author of t
"The Eagle Has Landed" gives us an adventure, a spy story, a tour of beautiful ancient Jersey, with amazing plot twists. Coupled with great insight as to motives, well developed characters, good and bad, and recognition of both qualities in the enemy camp as well. All based on personal knowledge and based on a little known true story towards the end of the war. Read it straight through, could not stop.
Not the best Jack Higgins but certainly not the worst. I listened to this book on CD as I listen to a lot of books while driving, cooking etc. The reader does a good job. This is a WWII era book with a very interesting plot and is set mainly on one of the Jersey islands of the coast of Britain. I found it very interesting especially the actor/German soldier who is sent there masquerading as Rommel.