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by Stanley Newman
Download The Crossword Answer Book fb2
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  • Author:
    Stanley Newman
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    Times Books; 1st edition (April 30, 1996)
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    700 pages
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    Puzzles & Games
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The Crossword Answer Book Paperback – April 30, 1996.

The Crossword Answer Book Paperback – April 30, 1996. by. Stanley Newman (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Only they compiled their list from words actually used in crossword puzzles. They even included popular phrases, abbreviations, and proper names.

It's been done before, but never so well.

The most comprehensive crossword reference-the only one based on actual crosswords.

Now, noted crossword experts Stan Newman and Dan Stark provide the next million word tool to send your solving skills soaring. The biggest and most complete answer book ever, The Million Word Crossword Answer Book is your master key for unlocking any crossword puzzle. This radically comprehensive word finder can be used when two or more letters are known in crossword answers of 3 to 7 letters. Slang terms and celebrity names are included, providing the topicality and comprehensiveness you've come to expect from the Million Word brand. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Stanley Newman, American Publishing executive. Winner "The Challengers Tournament of Champions" television Game Show, 1990; United States Open Crossword Champion, 1982, Winning Team member World p, 1990. Member Newspaper Features Council, MENSA, National Puzzlers League. He is also a trivia buff and the co-author of a trivia encyclopedia, 15,003 Answers.

Now, noted crossword experts Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark unveil the next tool to send your solving skills soaring.

Now, noted crossword experts Stan Newman and Dan Stark provide the next "million word" tool to send your solving skills soaring.

A huge hardback book and it must cover everything that a crosswords ever do. Terrific reference book. Crossword workers will love this. He holds the world record for the fastest completion of a New York Times crossword. Daniel Stark creates the daily crosswords for United Feature Syndicate.

Note: This article is unfinished and needs more of the game's dialogue added to it. This is a collective transcript of all the dialogue in The Stanley Parable. This is the story of a man named Stanley. Stanley worked for a company in a big building where he was Employee Employee job was simple: he sat at his desk in room 427 and he pushed buttons on a keyboard.

He is also a trivia buff and the co-author of a trivia encyclopedia, 15,003 Answers. Newman is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brooklyn College, where he majored in mathematics.

Stanley Newman has written: 'The crossword answer book' - subject(s): Glossaries, vocabularies, Crossword puzzles

Stanley Newman has written: 'The crossword answer book' - subject(s): Glossaries, vocabularies, Crossword puzzles. Crossword shortcuts' - subject(s): Crossword puzzles. Assorted trifles' - subject(s): Handbooks, vade-mecums. The New York Times square one crossword dictionary' - subject(s): Glossaries, vocabularies, Crossword puzzles. Asked in Authors, Poets, and Playwrights. What has the author Barnett Newman written?

The most comprehensive crossword reference--the only one based on actual crosswords. It's guaranteed to have more of the answers you're looking for.

There wasn't a description about the book, other than it was an answer book. All it has is possible letters to fit your puzzle. I thought it would be like a dictionary, and would give words to answer the puzzle clues. I don't like it at all!!
I bought this book for my husband as our very old NY Times Crossword book was outdated. He states the old book was easier, this one is somewhat confusing so he has not really used it.
Like most crossword aficionados I started doing crosswords when I was just a little kid. I'd sit at the table working at them and my "dictionary" was an aunt who was also very fond of them. Later on when I was a `tweener I picked up the Dell Crossword Dictionary. At the time that had most of the answers I needed. When crossword puzzles got more sophisticated and Will Shortz came on the scene, particularly as crossword puzzle editor for the New York Times, things were never quite the same. The "answers" couldn't be plucked out of any ordinary dictionary no matter how hard you tried ... until now (sorry Dell).

I occasionally work in a bookstore and when I spotted this book my first impression was that I didn't need it. I don't, but it's one of those books that are such a draw you just have to take a peek. I couldn't resist, but when I opened up the book it was one of those "what the heck is this?" moments. It looked like page after page of the Torah code. Yes, there is almost every answer you could ever find in a crossword reference book, but is referenced in a manner I never would have dreamed up.

According to the authors, the book "is arranged first by word length, then alphabetically by the position of two given letters. So once you have two letters of an answer filled in, you can quickly find a list of words and phrases that have those two letters in those two positions." Of course you will not find lengthy, multiple word sequences, but you will find many contemporary ones (three to seven letters). Just to give you an idea as to how this works I've included a very short section below so you can see the way this reference works.



I was pleasantly surprised when I tried a few from actual New York Times puzzles from their Crossword Puzzle Omnibus and quickly found the "answer." It did help to have a good idea of what I was looking for, especially in sections where there were large blocks of words. Included are "phrases, proper names, and abbreviations" used in actual puzzles. The method is easy to figure out and loads of fun to play with. I couldn't resist buying it and certainly don't regret it as this really is a book with all the answers, the ones that just don't seem to come to mind. It is especially handy on the notoriously tricky Sunday puzzles.
This is exactly what you'd expect. You've got a couple of letters and need an answer, they're all here. Granted, that's a bit to look through, but desperate times and all that. I found this book particularly good for crossword construction, if you're into that sort of thing.
All the solutions are there. What is the organization to quickly find the appropriate known letter positions? The book lacks any explanation as to how to look stuff up.