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by L. Maltin
Download Leonard Maltin's 2005 Movie Guide fb2
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    San Val (August 2004)
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It was originally called TV Movies, which became Leonard Maltin's TV Movies and Video Guide, and then Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide, before arriving at its final title.

Over the years, Leonard Maltin's movie guide has proven to be the best I've found. It makes a terrific gift for all ages.

Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide 2005is the best, biggest, and most up- to-date of its kind. Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide 2005is the best, biggest, and most up- to-date of its kind. The comprehensive 2005 guide includes

Books Leonard Maltin. From fred and ginger to ‘La la land’: a great new book.

Books Leonard Maltin. And although I didn’t care for it, Joker goes in the record books with eleven nods for what is officially (if not tonally) a comic book movie. The Academy, with its membership significantly expanded by 2,000 new recruits from the international film community-including more women than ever before-can no longer be accused of being a Hollywood monolith.

Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide 2005 is the best, biggest, and most up- to-date of its kind. otherwise it is a great reference book.

Leonard Maltin's movie guide.

This is a great book for fans of classic movies.

Unlike the annual Maltin guide, this book includes entries on films which have never been released on VHS or DVD. There are entries for more than 9,000 classic films! This is a wonderful resource for movie buffs. Last updated September 23, 2019. Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide.

The movie guide that has been a staple for decades and has made Leonard Maltin a household name is back with all the essential information every movie lover.

Are you sure you want to remove Leonard Maltin's 2005 Movie Guide from your list? . You must be running out of room for new movies.

Are you sure you want to remove Leonard Maltin's 2005 Movie Guide from your list? Leonard Maltin's 2005 Movie Guide. Published August 31, 2004 by Plume.

I wanted a guide that was as thorough as possible. Over the years, Leonard Maltin's movie guide has proven to be the best I've found. It makes a terrific gift for all ages. I recommend this edition over the mass market because it is slightly easier to read. Whatever the case, this jogs memories, solves mysteries, coughs up the crossword and trivia answers, arbitrates arguments, helps decide what to watch or rent.

Chances are, you aren't going to agree with all the ratings. I don't, but it's not the ratings that count for me. Chances are, if you are over the age of 45, you'd like something rendered in a larger font--so would I, but the magnifying glass I use for atlases and maps is at my elbow anyway and this is not as bad as an insurance policy, so what the heck. Maltin could make the move to two volumes or to a coffee table size paperback. He could drop the actor directory, move that to a different book and restore all sorts of lesser knowns. I'd willingly buy a separate directory.

But still, it's the best quick reference out there.
I only agree with the reviews about 55% of the time, but the team that assembles this guide does a superb job of writing brief capsule descriptions of a wide variety of films. The reference information --- stars, directors, dates, widescreen processes --- may all be available elsewhere, but it's often a lot easier to pick up the book then it is to get up out of your easy chair, boot up the computer, go to the imdb, type in the info you're looking for...

It's true that this edition, formatted to fit into a mass-market paperback, has very small print. As an AARP member who needs trifocals, this can sometimes be an issue. However, Maltin's does publish the book in a larger-type edition (a "trade" paperback) which is published about three months after this smaller sized version. (Why don't they publish both simultaneously? Who knows...)

P.S. This book is also very handy for working crossword puzzles.
I don't think anyone could find a more economically price guide for movies, with such good coverage of: Directors, Actors, a synopsis of the storyline, and star rating system. I don't rent a movie without first checking out what Leonard Maltin has written about it. Highly recommend.
Alright, there are some logical complaints here, but all easy to answer. First, this book IS available, as one reviewer mentioned, in large print(for those who need this). However, for others, like myself, just get this book. The descriptions of milestones, early appearances, etc. are well worth it. The facts here are much more numerous than any other guide. Included is a family guide-with a large quantity of great family pictures of the past and present(there's also a "Leonard Maltin Family Film Guide" on the market), a mail-order video area, and a widescreen glossary(which I find very useful-and not a bad idea for others to use, too, when I read on Amazon that they need to release the widescreen version of "Shadow of a Doubt", et al.-although this film was never in widescreen format).
As far as the comment on his TV movies, his TV guide has not been on the market for awhile(probably not a phenomenal sell-big shocker, huh?) This is why the more "important" TV films are still here. It also appears that he's stopped adding recent TV movies(within the last decade or more), but his focus on cinema is obviously the meat of this guide. You may need to look for a good TV encyclopedia for more. Also, it might not be a bad idea for him to just remove the actors/directors guide in the back, to save space. I mean, there are better guides on this subject-specifically, Ephraim Katz's 'The Film Encyclopedia'(see my critique on this one) or 'Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia'. However, I find the short directory in the back handy for when looking up info on the bigger stars and directors, which is its focus. Now, if you're a real film buff(and, I mean, you take in all periods and types of films), then you're probably not going to miss the absence of some of the recent pop culture actors/directors, anyway. If you do, though, get one of the other guides.
As far as this Maltin Movie/Video Guide goes, though, wait until August to purchase if it's spring-summer already(this is when he releases the new edition). You'll get all the recent films of the previous year. As I write this, it's late spring 2005, so I would wait for the "2006" edition, for example-which is actually released August 2005(confusing, huh?) The 2000 edition is worth finding, too, though, for although he discludes the director part of his directory in the back, in the front he has the "100 Must-See Films of the 20th Century", which is nice to have. Just get this book!