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Download A Cat Is Watching: A Look at the Way Cats See Us (Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback Series) fb2

by Roger A. Caras
Download A Cat Is Watching: A Look at the Way Cats See Us (Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback Series) fb2
Pets & Animal Care
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    Roger A. Caras
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    G K Hall & Co; Large Print edition (December 1, 1990)
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A Cat is Watching book. This book has nothing to do with how to groom a cat. Roger Caras was a TV correspondent who become an authority on animals and wildlife of various kinds.

A Cat is Watching book. He wrote a wide variety of books about animals and wildlife, including more than one book devoted to cats. I picked this one up at the library book sale. It's an interesting combination of facts and anecdotes and personal observations, an The description provided by - who, the publisher? - at the top of this book's page is completely incorrect.

Caras, Roger A. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Cats, Perception in animals. New York : Simon and Schuster. Uploaded by DeannaFlegal on August 20, 2009. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

We receive fewer than 1 copy every 6 months. Rare & Collectible Books. Superb copy showing creasing from reading, clean, fresh, like new binding. We appreciate your business and welcome any questions. Release Date:January 1989.

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Cat-watching people like nothing better than talking about people-watching cat they have . There is no printing line or ISBN. The book is in fine condition.

Cat-watching people like nothing better than talking about people-watching cat they have known and loved. Cats are a tonic, they are a laugh, they are a cuddle, they are at least pretty just about all of the time and beautiful some of the time. They are demanding, and they are also giving for people who are accepting. That about sums up this book from cat-lover Roger A. Caras, former ABC special correspondent for animals and the environment, and past president of the ASPCA. The book is full of drawings and photographs of cats including some by Steinlen and Sanborn. 222 pages plus index.

a look at the way cats see us. by Roger A. Caras. Published 1990 by G. K. Hall in Boston, Mass G. Hall large print book series. Hall in Boston, Mass. G.

A Cat Is Watching A Look at the Way Cats See U.

A Cat Is Watching A Look at the Way Cats See Us. series. Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback Series. A CAT IS WATCHING Roger A. Caras HarperCollins, 1993 . Caras G. Hall & Company, 1990 . Cat is Watching Roger A. Caras Fireside, 1990 . Caras Souvenir Press, 1990 . Caras Simon & Schuster, 1989 . catalog.

Cats of Thistle Hill : a mostly peaceable kingdom, Roger A. Caras ; photographs by Dave and Jennifer McMichael, additional photographs by Mimi Vang Olsen; back cover portrait of Roger Caras by Ian Hornak. World full of animals : the Roger Caras story, by Roger Caras.

Cats are at a crucial point in their evolutionary journey as they transform . Cats see the world in muted colours, making it easier for them to see movement without distractions.

Cats are at a crucial point in their evolutionary journey as they transform from solitary hunters to domestic pets, a study by the BBC and the Royal Veterinary College has revealed. Our felines are adapting quickly to life in densely-packed cities, changing their behaviour to fit in with our 21st Century lives. In the first of a three-part series on the lives of modern domestic cats, we look at how our pets experience the world. Continue reading the main story. Navigation bar.

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Offers a cat's-eye view of people, hunting, communication, and direction finding, and describes the lives of some remarkable felines

Caras is so into animals. He has studied and researched them, but more importantly, he has lived with and loved them. Here he pours forth on what one must consider one of his favorites, cats. He's had much personal experience, and has investigated the subject thoroughly, and thus has much to offer.
One can learn much about cats from this read. For example, I never knew that kittens were atricocious at birth, their eyes and ears are shut. Also, Caras' theory about cats and dogs finding their way home by sensing magnetic fields is utterly fascinating, and could be true.
Curiosity and the cat is intriguing. Sensing the info a cat must accumulate and act upon instantly for safety and survival seems relevant. Caras shares the size ratio issue as basis for this. Made me think about the first time our 8 lb. cat saw our 120 lb. Great Pyrenees. Ran and hid for days, only later to become the dog's best and trusted friend. The ratio here is 15 times greater for the dog. Consider how the cat then sees me; 22 times bigger, similar to my viewing a creature that was 22 times heavier than me, or around two tons! What a creature to watch and observe, to know when to scramble for my life so the thing wouldn't crush me, and know its moods thoroughly.
A great read for cat lovers.
Mustard Forgotten
It's a never-ending process, this understanding cats business. Not so complicated as humans, but they make up for it with extra layers of subversion and mystery. Just take the time to read the late Mr Caras' book about cat behaviour and enjoy his own personal cat stories as well. I do think any cat attendant will appreciate this fine nature writer's perspective on these fascinating creatures.
This Remarkable true tale of the manner in which we are perceived by cats and of cat behavior is a delightful read. I recommend this highly readable and engaging book to any student of cat behavior or anyone who admires and respects cats.
I grew to like this book as I read it. At first I was put off by his writing style, which is, let's face it, kind of prissy. But living with 3 cats made me press on. I just wanted to know SOMETHING. And he does tell us SOMETHING. And I got used to his writing style. So, if you are hungry for some insight into these lovely little beasts, this book will provide that. It's not the most gracefully written book I've ever read, but the author clearly loves the creatures, in fact it appears he loves all creatures. And who can fault that?
Illustrated in various styles with line drawings, sketches and black and white photographs, A Cat I s Watching by Roger A. Caras offers a smooth blend of anecdote, analysis and personal opinion. The author invites readers to ponder how a six foot man might appear to a tiny kitten, why a pride of lions might view safari humans in their car the same way we view zoo animals, and just what that cat staring solemnly over the fence might have in mind.

The cat’s mind is different from the human’s of course, and the author does an excellent and truly intriguing job of suggesting how the senses (not necessarily five) interact, how instincts are formed and informed, and how, in fact, cats aren’t half as independent as they appear.

I have to confess, I’m more of a dog person myself. But A Cat Is Watching could easily hook me on cats. If only one were watching me so I could give it a home.

Disclosure: A friend loaned me this after a visit to a cat cafe.
This is, in my opinion as a life long cat lover/ owner, one of the best ever books out there about the cat. How does he see, think, hear, react to stress or fear....? Roger Caras spent a lifetime as an animal lover and one of the earlier advocates for them, both domestic and wild. LONG before PETA and other such organization, Caras had a large site of many acres devoted to animals, most of which could run free there. He spent many hours observing them, and this book, as well as his equally good dog book: A Dog Is Listening: The Way Some of Our Closest Friends View Us are classics. He also wrote many others: The Forest;Roger Caras' Treasury of Great Dog Stories;Cats Of Thistle Hill: A Mostly Peaceable Kingdom (about his sanctuary and the cats who lived there); Forest: A Dramatic Portrait of Life in the American Wild and others.

Caras wrote for the interst of the everyday person and cat lover. He made shrewd and insightful observations himself, but went to scientists and veterenarians for more information about the cats' nervous system, their miraculous eyes and hearing, the role the whiskers play, and the amazing collapsing collar bones which allow cats to get into (and get stuck in!) tiny holes, literally anything their whiskers can pass through they'll try to get into.....and not always get out of without help from us, the clumsy, smelly, loud creatures who live with them!

Its an excellent book for cat lovers, for someone getting a cat or kitten for the first time, or just for someone wanting to learn more about cats.
I cannot recommend it enough!
A Cat Is Watching was the earlier of Roger Caras' pair of books about most people's most familiar companion animals, domestic felines and canines. He writes from lifelong knowledge--sometimes specifically about the Cats of Thistle Hill Farm. Caras' stories and observations are engaging, and even as someone who has lived with cats and known cats for a long time, I learned some new information. B&W photographs and drawings enhance the book and I love the chapter headings that each feature a line drawing of part of a cat's anatomy! Including an extensive index also was a smart move. This is the kind of book you might enjoy on a rainy afternoon or evening or carry to the beach for some pleasure reading. A Cat Is Watching definitely is worth finding at the book shop or yard sale, or borrowing from the library more than once.