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Download Living with What You Love: Decorating with Family Photos, Cherished Heirlooms, and Collectibles fb2

by Monica Rich Kosann
Download Living with What You Love: Decorating with Family Photos, Cherished Heirlooms, and Collectibles fb2
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    Monica Rich Kosann
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    Potter Style; 1 edition (April 20, 2010)
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Monica’s clients-celebrities. But throughout this book, I want to make my message clear: It is more important to choose what you love, whether it’s a photograph that was professionally commissioned or one that you took on a special day. The same can be said of the heirlooms and collectibles that you bring out of storage and into the light. Some will evoke an instant response, perhaps because they’re associated with a particular person who was important to you, or perhaps because it brings back good memories.

Famed portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann has spent. Started thinking about lighting and how I'm going to showcase my family photos and arrange my books.

Having helped countless families artfully present their family photography, heirlooms, and collectibles, she now divulges the secrets to her skill in this book.

All on the family wall - Volumes of memories - Family places - Personal spaces - Staircases to remember - Intimate landscapes - Devoted spaces.

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foreword by alexa hampton photographs by steven randazzo. clarkson potter/ publishers new york fpo. But through- If the intrepid family photographer unloaded the out this book, I want to make my message clear: It film and delivered it to the drugstore or post office, is more important to choose what you love, whether Kodak did its part and returned the prints. In many it’s a photograph that was professionally commis- families the delivery was eagerly anticipated. sioned or one that you took on a special day.

By Monica Rich Kosann. Crown Publishing Group, 2010. This book is not for the minimalist. Feeling at home in your house is the goal of author Monica Rich Kosann. As a fine-art portrait photographer she visits hundreds of homes plying her trade. Rich Kosann doesn’t worry about clutter and has an entry, Have fun with your clutter. Her favourite staircase is located in this section.

Monica Rich Kosann 18K yellow gold one-of-a-kind locket with . 3 carats cushion-cut sapphire and . 1 carats .

The foray into jewelry, particularly her famed lockets, was a logical step.

Famed portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann has spent a career helping people add a final layer of personality to their home once the interior designer’s work is done. Monica’s clients—celebrities, designers, socialites—want to find ways to add warmth and love to rooms, celebrating what they cherished most—be it family, pets, jewelry, books, or travel. Having helped countless families artfully present their family photography, heirlooms, and collectibles, she now divulges the secrets to her skill in this book. Living with What You Love shows you how to integrate your treasured objects with your home’s décor.With inventive ideas as simple as arranging a vignette of vacation souvenirs, and as complex as covering an entire wall with family photographs and memorabilia, Living with What You Love offers the skilled guidance of Monica’s trained eye. There’s inspiration for everyone, and for every type of space, whether small or grand. Anything can be a stage for display: a coffee table can be arranged with collectibles; kitchen shelves a showcase for heirloom stoneware, while walls are a canvas to be covered with happy times.Full of stunning photographs of the homes of real families, those of well-known interior designers, and Monica’s own, Living with What You Love is a gorgeous and helpful guide that will help you bring your most cherished possessions into your everyday life. MONICA RICH KOSANN is a nationally recognized fine-art portrait photographer, who has worked with many prestigious families and celebrities, as well as a designer of jewelry and home accessories.  Her work has been profiled extensively in national print, such as Town & Country and Elle Décor, and television media, including NBC’s Today Show and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. Her collections are sold in fine jewelry stores and gift shops nationwide, as well as at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and her own shop within Bergdorf Goodman.  Visit her web site at www.thefineartoffamily.com. 

I keep hoping one of these kinds of books will offer imaginative, workable ideas on how to live with COLLECTIONS of things--not just the household stuff we have in our lives that we love and want to surround ourselves with. But how to decorate with the accumulation of passionate collectors--dolls, books, clocks, Hepplewhite settees, antique clothing--or help someone who collects all of it-- and make sure the setting doesn't look like a warehouse or an antique shop. My 5 year old granddaughter can come up with the cover of this book--a few photos on a fireplace mantle. Show me an arrangement of a collection of items without the mantle. Very many of us don't have a mantle. Show a collection of items arranged for best possible effect and still not have us trip over the stuff. Reckon it's time for me to write a book. You've heard it all before in this book. Cracks me up how these 'decorators' think they're ideas are new.
I don't usually buy design books, but this book is a very special sort of decorating book. Anyone who has ever wanted to find a way to display those photos that have been stored in the shoe box for years will find it here. The photos are gorgeous and the author writes in a friendly, straightforward manner that makes it easy to find ways to apply her suggestions in any space, large or small. I can't think of a better gift to bring to a friend's house for the first visit.
Good for ideas.
"Living with What You Love" is a jewel, and certainly more than a coffee table book. It does a terrific job of taking everyday things hidden in cabinets and drawers, and helps you put together those items in incredibly creative ways. Its a terrific way to make your home look arty and wonderful, but at the same time gives you great feelings as you pass by these treasures. Its also a great way to "decorate" your home in a low cost way, which is always exciting. All the best with continued success in this series!
A lovely book with beautifull photos in different settings to inspire you to do the same.
When I first came across Monica's work a year ago, I was instantly touched and drawn in by her unique message. She inspired me to look inside my home (the one where I grew up) and, for the first time, see things as more than just objects filling a room. Unbeknownst to me, I've been surrounded by these amazing heirlooms my whole life. Monica helped me discover a new-found appreciation for my parents' past (including all the things they've accumulated over time) and how much it has affected and shaped me. In my own apartment, I find myself looking for ways to hang up special photos that tell the story of my roots. I'm so glad Monica took the time to write down her thoughts and advice about how to embrace our family heritage and passions so I can continue to find ways to tell my one-of-a-kind story. I picked up my very own copy of her new book today, and I have to tell you, it's even better than I thought it would be. I love it! You will not regret buying this book.
I just moved apartments and was looking for innovative ways to personalize my living space -- and this book gave me all the inspiration I needed. Also, I had a hard time putting it down because the photography is so beautiful. It's a must have! I can't wait to start decorating!
"Living with what you love" is creative and design freedom. Reading this book inspired me with confidence to attack my home. It is not about expensive pieces, interior decorators or what is right. It is all right, it is all real and it is all me. The tips throughout - and the amazing images - just start the ideas flowing. It's also a great reminder to get off your laptop and into the real world where real memories can be created.