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by Beryl Taylor
Download Mixed Media Explorations fb2
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    Beryl Taylor
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    Quilting Arts (June 1, 2006)
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    Crafts & Hobbies
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With a sense of humor and creative abandon, renowned mixed-media artist Beryl Taylor shows you how surprisingly easy it is to turn fabric, stitch, and embellishment into artistic treasures to keep and share. Using her own art as examples, Beryl gives step-by-step instructions for making projects like greeting cards, wall hangings, and books using the latest mixed-media techniques, all the while encouraging readers to follow their own instincts and experiment.

In Mixed-Media Explorations you'll learn how to: apply basic design principles like layering, highlighting motifs, and creating grids to give your art depth and meaning; use six simple embroidery stitches to add interest and texture; turn favorite papers into fabrics that can then be stitched or quilted; "age" your art by etching, burning, and tearing; create richness with metallic threads, paint, and rub-ons; "embed" fibers and found objects; use everyday items like brown grocery bags, wallpaper scraps, and bleach to create texture; stitch through metal.

I originally bought this book to get more information about Ms. Taylor's Paper-cloth, thinking that here, in the book where it all started, I'd find projects aplenty. Well, I did, but paper-cloth was only one small part of what turned out to be a complete mixed media exploration. I guess I could have got that from the title, but I was single minded in my purpose. What most surprises me is that I've played with the rest of her projects and ignored the paper cloth completely!

The photographs are incredible. Such beautiful work!

Her techniques surpass the ordinary. I've never heard of using Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel on cloth, for example. And her materials very often include the ordinary, seed beads and little plastic flowers and cutout paper tags. Her colors tend toward the pastel romantic, shades of Victoriana Steampunk, and her complicated designs break down into smaller, simpler components. She lets us in on some of her design modules, so that we might not be so terribly intimidated by the amazing work she does. "See?" She seems to be saying, "it's not all that difficult, it's just a lot of little parts! You can do this."

Then turn a page and sigh. Man, this stuff is gorgeous. Still, the techniques are there. The photos are clear. Mine didn't look as perfectly wonderful as her photos, but then, maybe some of hers didn't make it to photo quality either. My point is, these explorations are reproducible in your home studio, as they were in mine, they're fun and they're beautiful.
This book is so full of visual stimulation that I cannot wait to try most of the ideas within. There is a wide range of mixed media techniques ranging from simple to quite complex, and each one has wonderful photos accompanying it. The projects involve the use of various kinds of materials, which you may not have if you are just starting to experiment with mixed media. I already had most of them, as I've been working (or maybe playing) with art techniques for a while now, but I believe that even a beginner would find ideas that they could use. Plus illustrations give you an idea which ones are most appealing to your particular taste. In conclusion, if you're a visual person, as I am, you will absolutely love this book!
I liked the book. It's filled with techniques, some old, some new. The photo's are very inspirational. I love looking at her work, it always gets my creative mojo going.

The best thing I got out of this book was that her complicated and detailed pieces are actually made up of lots of little pieces (I'm saving scraps now!). I also found a technique for using water soluble paper on rubber stamps that I tried with good success. I was already familiar with her cloth/paper from a video I had, and enjoy that technique.

Downside is that she uses a lot of xpandaprint, which I haven't been able to find in the US. And it contains a lot of projects to replicate. I don't do projects from books, I don't like to recreate peoples art. Those chapters did have instructions that looked clear and patterns to print out. I did find looking at those chapters inspirational and they made me want to jump up and go play my own way, so that was good. There is a long chapter on book bindings, not my thing but looked complete and instructional. Ditto the part on hand stitching stitches.

Overall, it's the kind of book I'll take to bed and flip through when I need inspiration or ideas, as I'll get both from it.
I LOVE THIS BOOK. I can't say that strongly enough. I own quite a few art books - but this is in my top three. I can't even think of what the other two are...but I know I love a couple of other books, too. This was one of my first purchases in the art book area - and I still lovingly look through it often.

Beryl Taylor is so talented. The pictures in this book are just amazing - she creates really gorgeous, deceptively easy projects. Looking at her art, one thinks it is complicated and delicious...but the truth is, she simplifies things - and they remain delicious. What I wouldn't give to spend some time in this creative genius's mind.

The creations she showcases in "Mixed Media Explorations" are jaw-dropping. Stunning. Gorgeous. True eye candy. Mrs Taylor generously shares her techniques and information - however, she has a certain style...skill...talent...that I doubt can be emulated. She is honestly my favorite artist ever, simply because of this book. I have seen her on Quilting Arts - and she's laid back and easy going. The ideas and talent just seem to seep out of her. It's...phenomenal. She is one of the pioneers of the altered art category/craze - she boldly created and demonstrated her art well before this type of art gained such popularity.

I would recommend this book a hundred times over, especially if you aren't familiar with Beryl Taylor or her work. Obtaining this book will empower you to make unique and beautiful pieces - creations you will be proud of. Even beginners will astound themselves with what they are able to create by following Mrs Taylor's instructions. Looking through the book, the pictures are amazing - and make the book a precious treasure.

Have I mentioned I love this book???
A nice book but a bit disappointing to me. I guess I had higher hopes as far as unique ideas and inspiration. The book is rated so highly too. I thought it was okay but I am glad I got mine for a normal price as opposed to some I saw online. I enjoyed my FABRIC ART COLLAGE book by Rebekah Meier so much more. Love that one so check that out first if you are looking for great ideas and techniques.
Even if I never complete an item as gorgeous as those in this book, I will enjoy looking at the photos. It is the ultimate in fabric, and mixed media art. The colors are delicious, and even in a limited range of hue, they inspire to experiment and create. I have tried the paper cloth, and hope to gather the materials and make some other pieces even half as beautiful as those in this book. What a talented fiber artist!!