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by Patricia J. Duncan,Jorge Ramos
Download The Other Face of America: Chronicles of the Immigrants Shaping Our Future fb2
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    Patricia J. Duncan,Jorge Ramos
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    Rayo / HarperCollins; 1st edition (January 2002)
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Jorge Ramos has won eight Emmy Awards and the Maria Moors Cabot Award for excellence in journalism.

Jorge Ramos has won eight Emmy Awards and the Maria Moors Cabot Award for excellence in journalism. He has been the anchorman for Univision News for the last twenty-one years and has appeared on NBC's Today, CNN's Talk Back Live, ABC's Nightline, CBS's Early Show, and Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor, among others. Además ha sido invitado a varios de los más importantes programas de televisión como Nightline de ABC, Today Show de NBC, Larry King Live de CNN, The O'Reilly Factor de FOX News y Charlie Rose de PBS, entre otros. Es el autor bestseller de Atravesando Fronteras, La Ola Latina, La Otra Cara de América, Lo Que Vi y Morir en el Intento.

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This book gave me a better understanding of many aspects of the current state of immigration into the United States. I specifically liked how Ramos mixes personal stories and statistics. I also, appreciated the attention that he gave to each of the individual Latino groups.

Author(s): Jorge Ramos, Patricia J. Duncan (Translator). The Other Face of America (ebook). Published November 13th 2007 by HarperCollins. ISBN: 0066214165 (ISBN13: 9780066214160).

News, author interviews, critics' picks and more. Describes the hopes and fears of immigrants to the United States from Mexico and other Latin American countries, and discusses their experiences in the United States, racism, linguistic change, and future developments. Read an excerpt of this book.

Immigrants in America are at the heart of what makes this country the most prosperous and visionary in the world. Writing from his own heartfelt perspective as an immigrant, Jorge Ramos, one of the world s most popular and well-respected Spanish-langua.

Immigrants in America are at the heart of what makes this country the most prosperous and visionary in the . Contreras from Sioux City IA, USA. Published by Thriftbooks.

Jorge Ramos ; translated from the Spanish by Patricia J. Duncan. Main Author: Ramos, Jorge.

Other Face of America by Jorge Ramos, 2002, HarperCollins Publishers .

Published 2002 by HarperCollins Publishers.

Immigrants in America are at the heart of what makes this country the most prosperous and visionary in the world. The optimism that goes along with this sentiment was at its peak until recently, when tragedy struck at the World Trade Center. Once again, the foreign-born in America have become objects of suspicion, and instead of adopting laws that would extend our borders to them our country has suddenly swung its gates shut. But do we really know who makes up the bulk of immigrants in America? Jorge Ramos does.

Writing from his own heartfelt perspective as an immigrant, forge Ramos, one of the world's most popular Spanish-language television news broadcasters, listens to and explores stories of dozens of immigrants who decided to change their lives and risk everything -- families, jobs history, and their own culture -- in order to pursue a better, freer, and opportunity-filled future as citizens of the United Starts.

By telling the personal stories of the immigrants' journey to America and their subsequent effects on American culture, Ramos advances the notion that immigrants have created a country within a country. and ultimately are the soul of America's continued good fortune.

With the clear tone of a seasoned journalist; Ramos brings to life the tales of individuals from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, among other countries, and explains why they first immigrated (war, poverty, exile, and so on), what their dreams are, how they deal with racism, and what they believe the future hill hold for them and for their children.

Not since the early twentieth century has immigration been such a transformative force in America. Immigrants from Europe who flooded into the United States helped shape what many refer to as the "American" century and ultimately transformed the world. America's second wave of immigration is now a reality, and like the previous one this wave will again transform American society, and the world forever.

From the recent Vieques controversy to the interesting notion that Spanglish has become a uniquely American phenomenon to the blossoming creativity of Latino communities in places -here ten years ago there were none, Ramos shows that there is a new face in America, one whose colors and countries of origin are as diverse as the country it has adopted as home.

Very realistic accurated the writer talk about everything that is happening actually and in the near future amazing stories about people experience , it is a book where he explains every topic very clear I like very much this author that why I have an order pendient that I will get on March is his next book thank you Jorge Ramos
This book gets all five stars because it proves what America lacks and what it's good at. The way he writes is like no other I've seen! I reccomand this book to anyone, who likes to share or live through what immigrants have to go through to have their American Dream come True!
Loved the book....i loved his writing
Very nice book! :-)
I think overall Ramos does an excellent job in this book. He candidly and honestly portrays the variety of experiences of Hispanic Immigrants. He has a great appreciation of the wide variety of cultures that fall under the title of Hispanic, as well as the particular challenges faced by each of them in America. In all honesty I could have done without his ode to Spanglish, as well as one or two other chapters, but overall I think this is a worthwhile read. The only other thing, at it may have already happened is that it needs to be updated!
In The Other Face of America, Jorge Ramos, explores the important issue of Latino immigration. Using oral histories he shows the human side of immigrants attempting to provide for their family and improve their quality of life. He counters the argument that illegal immigrants are here for welfare benefits and demonstrates that they contribute more than they take away. These are important issues but unfortunately Ramos is not up to the task of addressing it proffessionally
While immigration is a complex issue, Ramos sees a world that is Brown and White with no grey areas. He sees his "world as mixed brown and inclusive" and "their world as white, exclusive and dominant."(xiv) He states that anti-Hispanic racism pervades the daily life of all Americans. (xxxi) Instead of showing a variety of causes and viewpoints, all is reduced to xenophobia and racism. He doesn't even bother to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. Apparently White Americans treat both the same. Journalists are held to similar standards as historians. That is, thoroughness of research, objectivity, logic and unbiased writing. Even though he is a respected journalist he feels "compelled to voice his opinion". (xix) Even with that caveat readers still assume he is still maintaining high journalist standards. He even claims to not be biased (xx) and then throws his bias around liberally. "During the height of Irish and Italian immigration never was there an anti-immigrant sentiment so noticeable and so great as in 1994."(48) A quick trip to the library would have Revealed "No Irish need apply" signs and riots all over the country. I dont remember that in 1994. Is this bias or just bad research? Neither should be tolerated from a reporter.
This is an important issue and what is needed is good solid reporting not one sided opinion. Ramos seems too lazy to do the research. He simply threw together a number of essays written over the years and calls it a book. Thus we hear no less than six times why the birth rate of Latino families is greater than American families. He can not even be bothered to edit his work so he ends up repeating himself. It is unfortunate that this respected reporter has not taken the time and effort to explore, analyze, research, and evaluate the immigration issue.
A very biased book (at least he admits it). What is good about it? The depiction of life as an illegal immigrant and how immigrants help the American economy. What is flawed? Much more than I am willing to write here. The statistics he uses--conveniently picks and chooses to support his argument. His statistics don't paint the full picture. He doesn't distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. He seems to find no problem with illegal immigration--that's what really bothers people. He believes that it's Mexicans that Americans dislike. It's not Mexicans, it's illegals! All he does seem to do is whine about what is not right. He states there is no way to fix it and suggests that since it can't be fixed, to open our borders fully. There is no advocation about increasing the number of work permits or any cracking down on people who hire the illegals. Not much thought went into providing solutions. Anyone can criticize, but the good ones come up with solutions.
Guy tries so hard to sway you to his side that it does not come across as legitimate. He obviously has an agenda that he is pushing. I feel bad giving money to the libtard but it was required reading for a class I took. Needless to say, the teacher was a communist like so many college professors are. I've watched this yahoo on CNN and MSNBC. He spouts off a lot of information he tries to pass as facts that a quick internet search would reveal as false. I don't care about immigration but it needs to be done by following the process rather than jumping the border and cutting in front of the law abiding immigrants.